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Wearing New Dentures

Getting accustomed to false teeth takes some patience. This guide is about wearing new dentures.

New Dentures
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April 7, 2014 Flag
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I had all my teeth out in Jan 2014, lower and upper. My dentist told me to go to him on the 8th week exactly to get impressions made for dentures, I did this and he took them. Two weeks later, I went in and they were made but did not fit properly. He took them for another 8 days or so and did the cutting down, etc. So in total, I waited for 16 weeks before he eventually gave them to me.

The top set are totally no problem at all. They fit perfectly and he waited until the gums had gone a bit harder. I can wear them without any problems, no fixing gooey mess, etc. The bottom ones are so painful I can't do it. He told me they would take a long time to harden and it seems he is right.

However, I found that Medijel gel works really well as it numbs the area. I get it from the pound shop, BTW. It is quite expensive from a chemist. I now put in the bottom set for a few hours a day. You really have to wait until the gums are healed. Yes, I did get shards of tooth coming out all over the gums after the op. Keep on trying and don't give up. If our Grannys did it we can, and I am 47. They got so thin with acid erosion that they were loose. It is not great but keep on going and if they are not tight, go back and sort it out.

Sorry this is long but it proves that persistence pays off. Go get medijel gel and rub it around the gums every few hours. When it wears off, take them out and then have a rest . Good luck peeps, cos it will get better. I ate mashed up stuff for 16 weeks but, hey, I lost weight.


July 27, 2016 Flag
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I had my teeth out in the begining of January. I just got my full set of dentures 4 days ago and I have pain at the bottom behind the lower lip. It is sore and red. What can I do to ease the pain? How long will the pain last before it's all over? Should I contuine to wear the dentures or wait until it feels better?

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August 19, 20160 found this helpful

I am having the same troubke, I went back to dentist & the whittled some of the denture off. It still bothers me. It is swollen so denture still touches the spot. I think once my swelling is down, I will be ok

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August 22, 20161 found this helpful

I got an immediate set on my top on 8/1/16 and I also have sore spots on my gums so what I've been doing is salt water and I got Colgate Peroxyl mouth sore rinse Alcohol Free mild mint and it's amazing it doesn't hurt my gums at all I recommend trying this Its kinda pricey but there is different kinds of it like Orajel makes some too just make sure it's alcohol free I hope this works for ya I'm right there with ya with the pain  Good Luck

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July 25, 2016 Flag
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I'm getting all my top teeth pulled and my insurance only covers one pair of dentures so I will have to wait for my gums to heal before I get dentures. How long does it take for gums to heal? I can't remember if the dentist said 4 weeks or 4 months.

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September 21, 20160 found this helpful

I had my teeth out and in same time they made all impressions first you can't walk round with no teeth the set lasted about 6 months then I had another set made perfect only way to do it

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March 19, 2014 Flag
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I got immediate dentures (top and bottom) Friday after having 19 teeth extracted. It is now Wednesday and I still can't close my lips properly. When should I be able to? I went yesterday for adjustments for sore spots and was told I am healing well and my bite is fine. I am just really embarrassed that I can't close my lips and if I force them closed I look like I have a huge wad of chew in my bottom lip and my top looks the same!

By April

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April 4, 20141 found this helpful
Best Answer

Tell your dentist they need to shave the top part of the gums down there's too much up there that you can't close your mouth.

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March 22, 20140 found this helpful

I don't know anything about dentures, but I suspect that yours are not fitting properly. Perhaps you need to consult another dentist, or push your own dentist for an explanation of this poor fit.

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September 6, 2016 Flag
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Why do I keep biting my bottom lip with my new dentures?

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February 2, 2014 Flag
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I just got my 2nd pair of upper dentures, but there is only 12 teeth on it and my previous ones there were 14. My problem is I've had them realigned 3 times. But when eating I keep biting the back of my tongue.

I asked why there was only 12 teeth and the dentist wasn't sure why, but I'm thinking this may be the reason for my problem. Also I now have a noticeable lisp which is embarrassing. What can be done to correct this? Can I request them to make them right?


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February 3, 20142 found this helpful
Best Answer

Did you pay for the new dentures? Not that it matters, but sometimes the dentist's staff will be less diligent - clearly the lab made a mistake and your dentist should be fixing the error!

No-one should put up with faulty dentures, especially ones that have come back minus two teeth and with the added 'bonus' of making you lisp. Telephone to the office and tell them you are extremely distressed, and need the problem fixed 'yesterday'.

I had a similar problem (lisp) and it wasn't until I reminded the dentist and staff I'd paid for those out of my pocket and wasn't satisfied to have a lisp at my age that they fixed the upper plate. He had the nerve to say 'Oh sorry, I thought you were one of the pay-scale patients'. Oh brother did I let him have it for that one - No-one should be made to accept poor dentistry based on low-scale payments!

I moved countries, I now live in the UK. Truthfully it's the same here, and if my British dentist ever pulls that less-than-his-best on me, I'll pitch a major fit!

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September 13, 20160 found this helpful

Very interesting. I would be considered "LOW SCALE PATIENT". I have had constant pain with my lowers even thought I went back 3 times for adjustment. I have had my dentures 5 years, I guess I will have to live with what my "poor status" has reaped. Thank you for your insight. Good luck to you...

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April 11, 2016 Flag
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I got temporary full dentures 4 days ago. This is the first time for me to wear dentures. I could not wear the dentures due to the pain they caused. I am supposed to wear them at least an hour a day for the next two weeks.

I was able to wear them 5 or 6 hours by using SeaBond denture adhesive strips. It seemed to cushion or whatever just enough. Plus it really holds the dentures in place. I was only able to remove them by eating a hot omelette. The dentures quickly and easily released and I could easily get them out without gagging.

But now, I question if I will be able to eat hot foods, like soups, omelettes, etc. when wearing dentures. Obviously not with the Sea bond strips. But is there something that works better as far as making the dentures not hurt and keeping them in place, even when eating hot soup or other hot foods?


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April 12, 20160 found this helpful

I've had full dentures for about 20 years and the best thing I've found is Fixodent. Not much of a problem with hot stuff, the thing that 'melts' the fixer seems to be chocolate.

I do sometimes need to reapply some days. They do take a while to get used to - I kept saying to myself "No more toothache, yaay!" When you get the permanent ones they will feel better. Good luck.

Marg from England.

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August 6, 20160 found this helpful

I find secure dental adhesive the best tred all the other ones but this one lasts for 12 hours get it from Amazon hope this helps

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May 11, 2013 Flag
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I have a full plate on the top and mini implants/partial on the bottom. How do you properly bite into food (sandwich, pizza, etc.) so the top plate stays in place?


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May 15, 20130 found this helpful

It helps to push finger food (like a burger) against the upper denture when you bite down on it.

I learned that as a tip on a denture site I was on.

It's a group of new and experienced denture wearers giving each other tips on how to cope.

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August 5, 20160 found this helpful

I have just had new dentures top and bottom

No sores yet.slept in the top ones have a good bite but the roof of my mouth plate is much bigger and have to keep swallowing. Will this get right eventually?

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March 5, 2015 Flag
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I just got my dentures. It was a 4 month process, but I'm happy! I am happy my dentist waited until I was healed and happy for a new smile.

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