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Wearing New Dentures

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New Dentures

Getting accustomed to false teeth takes some patience. This guide is about wearing new dentures.


Solutions: Wearing New Dentures

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Tip: Medijel for Denture Pain

I had all my teeth out in Jan 2014, lower and upper. My dentist told me to go to him on the 8th week exactly to get impressions made for dentures, I did this and he took them. Two weeks later, I went in and they were made but did not fit properly. He took them for another 8 days or so and did the cutting down, etc. So in total, I waited for 16 weeks before he eventually gave them to me.

The top set are totally no problem at all. They fit perfectly and he waited until the gums had gone a bit harder. I can wear them without any problems, no fixing gooey mess, etc. The bottom ones are so painful I can't do it. He told me they would take a long time to harden and it seems he is right.

However, I found that Medijel gel works really well as it numbs the area. I get it from the pound shop, BTW. It is quite expensive from a chemist. I now put in the bottom set for a few hours a day. You really have to wait until the gums are healed. Yes, I did get shards of tooth coming out all over the gums after the op. Keep on trying and don't give up. If our Grannys did it we can, and I am 47. They got so thin with acid erosion that they were loose. It is not great but keep on going and if they are not tight, go back and sort it out.

Sorry this is long but it proves that persistence pays off. Go get medijel gel and rub it around the gums every few hours. When it wears off, take them out and then have a rest . Good luck peeps, cos it will get better. I ate mashed up stuff for 16 weeks but, hey, I lost weight.

    By jellybaby1966 [1]

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    Here are questions related to Wearing New Dentures.

    Question: Can't Close Lips Completely With New Dentures

    I got immediate dentures (top and bottom) Friday after having 19 teeth extracted. It is now Wednesday and I still can't close my lips properly. When should I be able to? I went yesterday for adjustments for sore spots and was told I am healing well and my bite is fine. I am just really embarrassed that I can't close my lips and if I force them closed I look like I have a huge wad of chew in my bottom lip and my top looks the same!

    By April


    Best Answers

    By sharon504/04/2014

    Tell your dentist they need to shave the top part of the gums down there's too much up there that you can't close your mouth.

    Best Answers

    By Robyn [366]03/21/2014

    The permanent ones you will receive later should fit perfectly, but the ones you wear right now are just temporary ones. ... eeth-extractions-ready-dentures.html

    Question: New Dentures Don't Fit Properly

    I just got my 2nd pair of upper dentures, but there is only 12 teeth on it and my previous ones there were 14. My problem is I've had them realigned 3 times. But when eating I keep biting the back of my tongue.

    I asked why there was only 12 teeth and the dentist wasn't sure why, but I'm thinking this may be the reason for my problem. Also I now have a noticeable lisp which is embarrassing. What can be done to correct this? Can I request them to make them right?

    By MC


    Best Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]02/03/2014

    Did you pay for the new dentures? Not that it matters, but sometimes the dentist's staff will be less diligent - clearly the lab made a mistake and your dentist should be fixing the error!

    No-one should put up with faulty dentures, especially ones that have come back minus two teeth and with the added 'bonus' of making you lisp. Telephone to the office and tell them you are extremely distressed, and need the problem fixed 'yesterday'.

    I had a similar problem (lisp) and it wasn't until I reminded the dentist and staff I'd paid for those out of my pocket and wasn't satisfied to have a lisp at my age that they fixed the upper plate. He had the nerve to say 'Oh sorry, I thought you were one of the pay-scale patients'. Oh brother did I let him have it for that one - No-one should be made to accept poor dentistry based on low-scale payments!

    I moved countries, I now live in the UK. Truthfully it's the same here, and if my British dentist ever pulls that less-than-his-best on me, I'll pitch a major fit!

    Question: Eating with Dentures

    I have a full plate on the top and mini implants/partial on the bottom. How do you properly bite into food (sandwich, pizza, etc.) so the top plate stays in place?

    By NH

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lilian05/15/2013

    It helps to push finger food (like a burger) against the upper denture when you bite down on it.
    I learned that as a tip on a denture site I was on.
    It's a group of new and experienced denture wearers giving each other tips on how to cope.

    Question: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    I had to have all teeth removed that were left after accident. Also I had dentures put right in. My face is swollen, mouth and gums hurt. I need to find away to eat. Please no more jello or pudding. Oatmeal is running to going. What else is there? Please help!

    By Doris from MO

    Most Recent Answer

    By Vickie S.06/14/2015

    I felt the same way, my swelling was so bad I couldn't chew oatmeal. I pulled out my emulsifier blender & drank a quarter of a watermelon. For dinner it was watermelon, blueberries, strawberries & a banana with a fresh sweet potato on the side. If you haven't tried fresh fruit smoothies, try them. Endless varieties that are so beneficial in many aspects of your health.

    Question: How Long Should I Wear New Dentures?

    How many hours a day should I leave my new dentures in? I had new dentures and extractions on the same day and am having a lot of pain in my ear.

    By Dolorita from Joliet, IL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Holly [367]08/02/2010

    I learned that dentures, when left out, will cause fit problems for patients in a hospital. So, contact the dentist, feel better, and get them re-adjusted if need be!

    Question: What to Expect When Getting Dentures

    I just got 5 upper teeth extracted. I can't seem to eat anything without pain. How do people do it? I have to go back to my dentist May 10, 2010. He will make my upper teeth then I bring them to the oral surgeon, he will then remove the last 5 uppers and put my dentures in. How long does it take to get the dentures made? Does this mean I will still be waiting for teeth after May 10th? I just don't understand.

    By Christine from Hamilton, Ontario

    Most Recent Answer

    By Beth [25]03/25/2010

    You may have a temporary plate while the permanent one is being made. Off hand I don't remember the name of it, but there is a mouth wash you can buy over the counter to help heal mouth wounds. Your dentist or oral surgeon may even provide it.

    Question: How Soon to Get Fit For Dentures

    I had to have all my teeth pulled, all 18 of them; they were all bad. My dentist told me to wait three weeks to get my dentures for the swelling to go down. He said that they would give me more trouble if they made them right then. He said that they would fit better if I wait. I've been reading a lot of articles were people have been getting them right away. So what is better to wait or get them the same time the teeth are removed. Please help. I go back the 24of this month to get them. I am scared to death.

    By Lori

    Most Recent Answer

    By Carol Chileen [2]04/22/2013

    I had 19 teeth pulled and they put my teeth in my mouth that afternoon. I had a bit of an unpleasant night but no trouble after that. I went to Affordable Dentures and got their New Denture Wearer Package and then I got a reline after just a few weeks and an new set of teeth after 12 months. I have had them for over 3 years and they fit fine. It can be scary but I am so glad I went that route!

    Question: Gap Between Upper Denture and Roof of Mouth

    I just got my dentures. It was a 4 month process, but I'm happy! I am happy my dentist waited until I was healed and happy for a new smile.

    Is there suppose to be a small gap between the back of the upper denture and the roof of your mouth? I seem to have one and it's hard to eat or drink because food and liquids slip into that gap and I choke sometimes.

    By Paula

    Most Recent Answer

    By Paula Foster [1]03/08/2015

    They were falling out from the get go. I have to use a lot of adhesive in order to get them to stay. My bottom plate also is very loose and I'm not sure if I can use adhesive on those or not. I barely wear them because of this.

    Question: Can't Get Partial Dentures Back In Mouth

    Two weeks ago, I got 7 or 8 teeth pulled. After I got the teeth out, the dentist put partials in to replace the missing teeth. I did what the dentist said which was to sleep in them and then to remove them the next night. I did what I was told, but now I cannot get the teeth back in the lower part of my mouth. What do I do to fix this problem?

    By Donnisha from Louisville, KY

    Most Recent Answer

    By notcoolmom03/17/2015

    So sorry this happened. I took a dose of generic Benadryl. It takes down the swelling in insect bites and makes folks drowsy. That, for me, was a winning combination when I needed to get used to my dentures.
    I can't take aspirin or NSAIDS and this works better for what I needed it for anyway/ Happy ZZZs to you, and congrats on you new smile! :)

    Question: New Dentures

    I just had 14 teeth extracted on Thursday and they put my permanent dentures in before they woke me up. How often should I be removing them? I'm worried about leaving them out or in too long, worried about swelling, etc. Also the teeth are not straight. The top teeth are leaning slightly to the left, and the bottom are really leaning the opposite way. It's very obvious. The oral surgeon said the fit is great, but the bite is way off. I'm hoping this can be fixed. Does anyone know?

    I'm having heart surgery June 20 which is why I did my teeth first. I'll be on blood thinners forever after. Also, the lab made the mistake of leaving the invoice in the box with my dentures. They charged my dentist $264. My dentist charged me $1172. I am hoping this amount includes the next set of teeth that are 10 months down the road. I think that markup is insane. Well, anyone with any experience with this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

    By Sandy from Pittsburgh

    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [30]06/05/2013

    Hi - first off it does not matter what your dentist paid to have the dentures made (although you may not like it) as he is charging you for many more services than just the final molding/teeth.

    You should be getting free fittings and certainly advise about the way your dentures fit and feel.
    You agreed to his price before you started this procedure so you really cannot "complain" about the cost - but - you should have been given a paper or something stating what that payment covers. Check on this and consult your dentist about the help you need with the bite or pain or anything dealing with the procedure as all of this was probably stated in the papers you signed.

    Good luck - but get started soon.

    Question: Leaving In New Dentures

    I had all of my upper teeth pulled and I put my dentures in right away. My question is how long should I leave them in? I have heard to leave them in two weeks or a week before taking them out because of swelling. When can I take them out?

    By Joyce

    Most Recent Answer

    By Joyce Horner [5]03/17/2013

    My dentist told me to take mine out to clean and put them right back in. His words were,"Your teeth live in your mouth, not in a cup by the bed." I've had mine for about 25 years. I don't use any of the glue stuff. He said not to or they would never fit right. It was several years before I could leave them out for overnight without my mouth swelling and them not fitting right for several hours after I put them back in. They will be uncomfortable for quite awhile but if you had bad teeth for very long, keep in mind, it will get better! Smile!

    Question: Wearing New Dentures

    I recently had my teeth removed and temporary dentures put in immediately after. I was not really given info after being sent home only to come in if I have sore spots. And now the dentist is on vacation. I'm curious if I have to take them out at night? It hasn't been a week yet. I do take them out 2-3 times a day to do a salt rinse and to clean. I'm nervous having them out while my mouth is healing.

    By VJ from KS

    Most Recent Answer

    By JordiesMom04/12/2015

    I had my upper teeth pulled and dentures put in immediately. I was told to never take them out. I didn't take mine out for two weeks and didn't have any trouble. I would rinse them with the salt water as you have been doing but do sleep in them at night since your gums will swell at night and influence the shape of your gums and the fit of your dentures. I do agree though, if you can get in touch with any of the office staff they are usually well versed in the routine instructions the dentist usually gives. Good luck!

    Question: Getting Used to New Dentures

    When biting down on food from the front of the dentures is it common that the back of the dentures come loose?

    By Doug B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/25/2015

    As your gums heal (from the extractions) you'll experience more of this sort of thing - healing gums 'shrink' as the swelling goes down and the shrinking goes on for up to a year. You'll have been scheduled for appointments over the first year to make adjustments as needed (owing to the shrinking) so be sure to tell your dentist your plate is loose at the back when you bite down. He/she can make adjustments to improve the fit and if you're healing very quickly, you may be completely re-fitted before the year is over.

    I've been wearing an upper partial plate for a few years now and still need to use an adhesive even after two complete refits as my sinus' and allergy problems cause my gums to swell and shrink intermittently - getting a tight fit is nearly impossible without the adhesive.

    A quick fix until your next appointment is to use a denture adhesive. There are three types of denture adhesives on the supermarket and drugstore shelves: powder, gel or paste, and strips. I use a powder fix because it's so strong and easy to remove at the end of the day but you may find one of the other types work better for you.

    Look for a zinc-free product unless you know for sure zinc doesn't bother you - I learned this the hard way and believe me the headache (if you're zinc sensitive) is horrific!

    Question: New Denture Soreness

    I've just got my top dentures put in, 6 weeks after the extractions. They are feeling better as days go on, but I have already got sore spots. They seem to grip a bit on my upper inside lip. It pinches where there is a stringy bit of skin above the front teeth.

    By Kristy C.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Paula Jo C. [7]11/21/2014

    My husband had the same problem and he went back to the dentist and had his 'plates' readjusted by our dentist 'for free'. Call your dentist and find out IF he can and will help you. After all, if you bought them from him, he should stand behind them ... good luck!

    Question: New Upper Dentures Impair Speech

    I got my teeth pulled both upper and lower over 3 months ago and have had my new dentures for 1 week. The bottoms seem to be OK, but I am having trouble with the uppers. Small areas are sore so I am trying Orajel. My real problem is my plate in the roof of my mouth seems really thick. My speech is really impaired. Much more than my friend said her speech was when she got her dentures. Can it be thinned out?

    By Dana

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]11/08/2014

    This is not a "do it yourself" item. Go back to your denturist and explain your problem. My mother's denturist does this sort of adjustment free of charge, as it is expected to have to do adjustments as your gums shrink over time. If you have to pay for this service, it is still worth it.

    Question: Getting Used to New Dentures

    I just got my dentures yesterday. I have both upper and lower dentures. Would it be okay to get use to them one at a time? Like lowers first than uppers? Especially when eating. I tried a banana first. It was not pretty.

    By Celina C

    Most Recent Answer

    By Myrna [14]10/27/2014

    Try mashing bananas and other foods like cooked potatos and carrots, etc or blend meats like chops or steaks. If this is your first set and put in immediately after extractions, your mouth will be very sore. If this is another set of dentures, try wearing them daylight hours and remove at night to give gums a rest and prevent soreness.

    Question: Getting Dentures

    I had all my teeth pulled 5 weeks ago. Is it too soon for an impressions to be made for conventional dentures?

    By Joan J.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [428]09/28/2014

    Your dentists should have made them when you were there. At least that is what mine did. I had 8 uppers done in one day, then the impression was done, then the dentures were done that night. I sure hope you get the dentures you need.

    Question: Is Gargling With Salt Water Damaging to Dentures?

    I recently had extractions and rinsed with salt water. Now I see white deposits on my new denture. Is salt damaging to my denture. How can I fix this?


    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]04/05/2014

    I don't know anything about dentures, but it seems to me that they should not be bothered by salt water. How would you eat salty foods if they were to be damaged by it? Perhaps a quick phone call to your denturist to discuss the proper cleaning options would be in order.

    Question: Temporary Dentures Don't Fit Well

    I had 6 extractions yesterday and temporary dentures put in straight away. The dentures fit one side pretty well, but don't fit probably the other side. Is this because the gums are so open after the extractions?

    By Michelle


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    What is good to eat the day I get my dentures and after?

    By J.R from FL

    RE: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    I'd suggest soft foods, scrambled eggs, soups, puddings, etc. But really, anything that doesn't hurt. You have my sympathy! (07/07/2010)

    By JustPlainJo

    RE: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    Yogurt is good, ice cream is another thing that feels good on swollen gums. It does take some getting used to, but now I can eat anything, even an apple without using anything to hold my dentures in. (07/07/2010)

    By Laniegirl

    RE: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    Mashed potatoes and gravy, cream of wheat cereal, oatmeal, tomato soup, puddings, jello, ice cream, sherbet, lots of orange and other juices, etc. (07/07/2010)

    By florida gal

    RE: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    Applesauce, scrambled eggs and everything else the others mentioned. (07/08/2010)

    By Beth

    RE: Eating After Getting New Dentures

    Anything soft as the others have said. Ask your dentist when you pick them up, they may already have a list of food suggestions. (07/08/2010)

    By Maryeileen