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Worms Eating Tomatoes

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growing tomatoes

Tomato plants are attractive to many different types of worms. This is a guide about worms eating tomatoes.



Here are questions related to Worms Eating Tomatoes.

Question: Worms Eating Tomatoes

What are those short, fat, gray worms eating my tomatoes? How do I get rid of them?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By kjdaly from Ferndale, MI


Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams [23]07/23/2009

Pick them off & mash them with your shoe & spray them with malathion, you can get it from Lowe's or garden center. It's good to keep almost all insects out of a veggie garden & flowers, good luck.

Question: Tiny White Worms Inside Cherry Tomatoes

I have found tiny white worms living inside my cherry tomatoes. The tomato looks perfect from the outside, but when you cut it in half you can see it moving around in all of my tomatoes. I haven't noticed them until yesterday so I have been eating these things, what are they? Are they harmful? And how do I get rid of these things? I am so grossed out. Please help!

Hardiness Zone: 6b

By Dani from NJ

Solutions: Worms Eating Tomatoes

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