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Homemade Oxy Cleansing Pads Recipes

Someone using an acne cleansing pad on their face.

Zits, pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads - whatever you call them, they are both embarrassing and difficult to treat. Store bought acne cleansers like Oxy are very expensive. This page contains homemade Oxy cleansing pads recipes.



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Tip: Homemade Facial Cleanser/Astringent

I mix equal portions of witch hazel with distilled water. In this will go a few drops of almond oil and tree tea oil. Sometimes I squeeze some aloe vera in. I use regular cotton pads with this for after cleansing and for a quick cleaning. Proportions can be changed according to skin type. I have never made pre-made pads, but it would be quite easy to have the pads soak in this and remove from an airtight container, one by one.

Source: Devised by myself over time.

By Carol from Canada

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