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Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice

Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice, Man Cleaning Snow and Ice off of Windshield

During the winter it can be a real chore to get all the snow and ice off your windshield before heading out in the morning. Keeping the snow and ice off your windshield in the first place makes getting on the road that much easier. This is a guide about keeping your windshield free of snow and ice.



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Tip: Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice

Use an old set of car floor mats to cover your car's windshield in the evening and you won't have any ice to scrape in the morning. Carpet remnants also work.

Tip: Ice Proof Car Windows with Vinegar and Water Spray

When the temperature is going to go down below freezing, spray a 3 to 1 solution of water and vinegar on your vehicle's windows. It keeps them ice proof.

By Cinnamon from Williams Lake, BC

Tip: Keeping Ice off the Car

Winter in Alaska where we live can be so harsh! No matter where you live, though, scraping ice off of your car in the early morning is just no one's idea of fun. This is the BEST WAY to keep your windshield frost free.

Wipe the windows and windshield of your vehicle down with white vinegar, undiluted, after you park your car for the night. This will prevent frost from building on your car, and who doesn't LOVE that?

By AlaskanAurora from Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Tip: Homemade Windshield Wiper Covers

Take a pair of old socks and keep over your wipers. Then if it snows or rains the ice won't get stuck on them.

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

Tip: Car Snow Shovel

Here is a tip for anyone that lives in a snowy area. Sometimes we get so much snow that besides having to dig out the car to get it on the street, our cars look like they are wearing big white hats. Which is dangerous because when that snow blows off as you are driving it can blind the person behind you. Here is an easy tip to make you a safer driver.

Take a small dustpan and attach it to a small piece of dowel. Slide a piece of old hose over the end where you would put your hands. 2 small wood screws to hold on the dustpan. You now have a light weight shovel to get the snow off your car. This with a little longer handle would make a great play snow shovel for that little helper that always wants to do what you are doing.

By Debra in Colorado

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Here are questions related to Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice.

Question: Using Vinegar on Car Windows to Prevent Ice

How does it work when spraying vinegar and water on car windows to prevent icing?

By Marion

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn Fed12/13/2011

I have heard that often. I would try not to get it on the paint though. Vinegar seems to oxidize or ruin a paint job but it is an excellent window cleaner. I am a great big fan of vinegar!

The recipe is three parts of vinegar to one part of water. It is necessary to dilute the vinegar lest it harm your windshield wipers or the rubber around the windows. Spray the car whenever you park it outside.

Blessings, Robyn

Question: Vinegar for Icy Windshield

Were do you store the vinegar? Can you keep the vinegar spray bottle in the car? Does it freeze? I park on the street and have a 1 year old, and MPLS gets very cold. I am hoping you say it doesn't freeze so I can keep it in my car! :-)

By Jamie

Most Recent Answer


Vinegar will freeze at 28 degrees.

Question: Using Vinegar to Keep Car Windshield and Windows Ice Free

Regarding keeping the ice off of windshields and car windows, how often do you have to put vinegar on the windows and windshield? Thank you for your time.

By Kathy F from Hazelwood, MO

Most Recent Answer

By frances10/16/2011

I use this vinegar idea with good success. In the winter, I keep a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and spray my windshield each evening. Hope this helps.

Question: Using Vinegar to Remove Ice on Windshield

How do I use vinegar to get ice off my windshield?

By S Saveing

Most Recent Answer

By joan11/15/2011

Vinegar makes the glass sparkle. Windshield antifreeze sold by the gallon is still your best bet.


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Archive: Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow

I found a great use for those old flannel lined plastic tablecloths (although and unlined one or used shower curtain would probably work). I live in the Northeast and we have had a lot of snow recently. I have been following some snow-shields for the car's windshield on Ebay (because I could not find any in the stores at all) and they have been really expensive.

I had several old, faded, plastic tablecloths that I had not thrown out (because I figured there must be a use for them). You just put it across your windshield, covering wiper blades so they don't freeze. Open one front door and put it inside the car; and then stretch it and do the same on the other side.

This has saved soooo much time trying to get the snow and ice off the windshields you wouldn't believe and the best part is it is FREE. I just shake off snow, fold the tablecloth and leave it in the car - replacing it on the windshield when I get home.

By Betty