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Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice

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Use an old set of car floor mats to cover your car's windshield in the evening and you won't have any ice to scrape in the morning. Carpet remnants also work.


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By joan [7]11/15/2011

I use a flannel backed table cloth so no scratches on the paint. I also use a length of webbing (strap) across the cloth so I can close the doors on each end. I try to tuck part of the cloth under the wipers. Works good unless real windy.

By christy10/17/2011

Do you spray inside or outside windows of the vehicle?

By Virginia B. [4]10/16/2011

I've also used cardboard held down with the windshield wipers. But I'm looking forward to using the vinegar! On all the windows!

By AuntieBim [3]10/16/2011

Oh, wow! I've always got a couple old flannel/plastic tablecloths kicking around. As you say, we keep 'em "just cuz" and now I know (one reason) why! Gonna hunt 'em up and toss 'em in the car. Always trying to figure out some way to ease the snow-off-the-car burden, and this is great. One of those "why didn't I think of that" moments! Got some time before our snow hits, but when it does I'll be ready! Thanks so much, Betty!

By Linda A (Guest Post)11/05/2008

How do you keep the windshield covers from blowing off during a storm?

By Lisa Knight [1]11/05/2008

I just read the the tip by Betty about keeping frost and ice off your wind shields. I thought it was great. I live in Mo. moved here 3 yrs ago from La. I hate freezing to death trying to scrape my windshields. I will go to the $ store today and buy two flannel backed table cloths for my car. I leave for work at 1:30 to 3:00 in the morning who wants to scrape ice that early in the morning. Thanks again Betty.

By Will (Guest Post)09/24/2008

I found and purchased a "cool" (no pun intended) product called a FrostShield. Just place it on your windshield at night and in the morning when you take it off you will not have to scrape frost off of the windshield. I found it on the net at

By ~ Wendola ~ [1]10/03/2006

Sounds great to me!

Thanks for sharing...


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