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Alabama Christmas Charities


I have a friend whose husband has just been laid off. Also their daughter was just killed in a car accident a month ago and they now have custody of her two small children plus 2 of their own. They have no way to buy Christmas for all 4 kids is there any program that can help them?

By Michelle from Prattville, AL


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By Joan [13] 11/24/2010

The charities that do Christmas help will have items on the news when they are ready to start taking apps. Otherwise there is a nationwide helpline, that has a list of most charities, their number is 211. However, anybody can afford to go to a dollar store and buy a couple little gifts for each child. Your friend's husband should be getting unemployment benefits, and the grandkids should be receiving social security benefits, depending on the actual financial condition of the family they should qualify for food stamps. Also where is the kid's Dad, at the very least he should be paying child support.

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By katrina [5] 11/24/2010

Far better to create memories than "gifts"; however I used to get wonderful stuffed animals from Salvation Army for 59 cents each; easily washed; tho all looked like brand new. Christmas cookies are such fun all will remember; I will try and find and post a Merry Christmas recipe for cookies; oodles of them; cut and bake the cookies, let cool; then make "frosting" of all kinds with food coloring; let the fun begin!

Mess? Yes, but easily washes up. I used to have neighborhood kids over yearly to make these! And if they get say $3 each: they can go to the $1 store and choose their own things! My grandkids used to love to do this: note: it will take a great deal of patience as they change their minds 1000 times each!

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By Patty [2] 11/24/2010

I would check with local churches. If they are not able to help then they can point you in the right direction. My prayers are with you all the Holiday season.

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By nonofurbiz 11/24/2010

If you are in Madison county then try this: it is Christmas charities year round.
I really hope this helps because I also know what it is like to go with out presents.
2840 Jordan Lane
Huntsville, AL 35816
Phone: 256-837-2373

Hours of Operations
Monday through Friday
7:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M

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By Lee Taylor [15] 11/27/2010

I have volunteered for a national charity called Love, INC . They have branches all over the country. They/we do everything from household repairs to financial help. Please contact one near you by clicking on this link and then clicking on your state. They will be more than happy to help and to guide you in any way they can.

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