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Georgia Christmas Charities

Little girl giving to Salvation Army.

Every year ThriftyFun gets numerous requests from people looking for help for their families for Christmas. Since we do not have the resources to offer direct help, we have set up this guide to help people find charities in each state. This is a guide about finding Christmas charities in Georgia.



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Tip: Donate To Angels with Faith Ministries (GA)

Angels with Faith Ministries (501c3 non-profit charity located in Winder, GA 30680) announces that our annual Christmas Angels Program will kickoff on November 1st to provide Christmas gifts, holiday food baskets and warm clothing to children in need andtheir families all over Georgia.

You can adopt a family for Christmas and either meet and work with them personally or through us, Either way, it is tax deductible for every cent that you spend. You can also donate toys (new and lightly used), warm clothing, shoes, coats, baby needs, food for holiday baskets, bikes, gift cards, electronics, working computers of all kinds; or make monetary donations via paypal on our websites or by mail or in person.

We have volunteers available to pickup donations in georgia. Each year, we receive hundreds of families in dire need of Christmas assistance from DFCS, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Operation Christmas Child, the Military, Empty Stocking, schools, churches, businesses, caring neighbors, and some who come to us themselves. Once the bigger charities stop taking applications in October or get full, they start sending families to us.

Since we receive no funding at all and rely strictly on the tax deductible donations of angels we truly need your help this year. We do not turn anyone in true need who lives in Georgia and isn't receiving Christmas help from anywhere else (we do check) away because every child deserves to have a wonderful Christmas, food and warm clothing.

We are a small group of volunteers working hard to make a difference in the lives of families in true need, crisis or after disasters. Since we do not have any overhead costs and our volunteers do all of our promotional, website and other work, we can give 100% of ALL donations directly to helping those in need.

Please be a Christmas Angel this year and adopt or sponsor a family or families in need in Georgia for Christmas or make a tax deductible donation to help us provdie Christmas to hundreds of Georgia children. ALL donations are tax deductible, our federal EIN number is 27-1972461.

Our websites built and run by volunteers are and


Phone: Lori (director) 678-754-1541 Rev Michael Tuck 678-754-2337 or volunteer Avis at 678-887-1988

By christmasangels2012 from Winder, Georgia

Tip: Georgia Christmas Charities

The Empty Stocking Fund, through a combination of toy drives and the generosity of local businesses, has been providing gifts to Atlanta's underprivileged children during the holidays since 1927.

Angels with Faith Ministries is a small, not-for-profit organization that provides services to families in need during the holiday, including gifts, holiday gift cards and a Sponsor-A-Family program.

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Here are questions related to Georgia Christmas Charities.

Question: Christmas Charities

I am a grandmother of 52 years of age. I am currently raising my four beautiful grandbabies. Brooklynn age 1 month, Bricetin age 3, Brieanna age 4, and Brendon 8. I have no transportation to get my babies to appointments, however I am thankful enough to have a government funded apt. I have no child support that I am receiving on any of the children at this time, therefor making our lives very difficult.

I see at this time no hope for even a small Christmas. That is why at this time I am begging on my hands and knees for anyone, anywhere to please find it in your hearts to please help me to provide some help with my babies Christmas. We would be so thankful from the bottom of our hearts. So please take my angels into consideration, it takes so little to make a child so happy. Thank you.

By Margie H. from Rome, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Joan B.11/07/2011

Call 211, it is a national Helpline that keeps a list of agencies that provide different types of help for people. The Salvation Army usually provides Christmas help, but in some area of the country they along with other charities band together and form one large organization for providing Christmas help. Where I live that is where 211 comes in handy.

Do you have a social worker, if so they should be able to give you ideas of where to get help. Also ask the pastor of your church if there is any way the church could help. However, all any kid needs is one gift, each. Also you could go to a dollar store and get each one a little gift. A color book and a 8 count box of crayons could be wrapped individually and make two gifts for a child.

For the younger ones use scraps of fabric and make simple stuffed bears. You could probably get scraps of fabric from friends. One year I made a stuffed lamb for my oldest daughter using a free pattern out of magazine and for fabric I used a pretty flowered bath towel that we had received for a wedding present. All I had to buy was the stuffing and I used old buttons for eyes that I made sure were sewed on really good. For regular fabric types you could use a permanent marker to draw on eyes, nose and mouth.

All we have ever given our kids, even now that they are in their 40s is one gift each, and that applies to our grandkids who range in age from 15-25 years. I have never spent more than $20.00 each on them. If I find a $20.00 item on sale for $20-15.00, it still counts as a $20.00 item. I also start shopping in January and have been done for at least a month. I have to plan ahead to do Christmas.

Question: Georgia Christmas Charities

I am on disability and have 2 children, ages 12 and 6. I have no means to provide them with Christmas gifts and I was wondering if you are aware of anyone that may be able to assist me. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

By Carol from Atlanta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Lori T.10/11/2012

Angels with Faith Ministries 501c3 non-profit charity announces the kickoff of our Christmas Angels Program on November 1st through which we provide Christmas to 100s of area children who would not otherwise have anything under the tree on Christmas morning.

Since we receive no funding we rely strictly on the tax deductible donations of our community & this year we expect over 1000 children. We have volunteers to pickup donated toys (new& lightly used), bikes, baby needs, gifts for older children, warm clothing, food for holiday baskets, computers, laptops & other electronics such as mp3 players, ipods, tablets, etc. Donations can also be made via paypal on our website:

We are hosting a 1 day Christmas Angels festival & Toy drive fundraiser event at Jug tavern Park & Pavilion on December 1st from 7 am until 7 pm. We have live music being played all day by local groups country, gospel & Christmas music, free moonwalks, facepainting & of course Santa for the kids. A Cutest Kids contest (everyone is welcome to enter those cute kids see details on our website) with the grand prize being donated by Disney World Orlando, games, a bake sale (donations needed by November 30th please), silent auctions for authentic autographed Nascar, music & sports legends, raffles all day for those who donate new toys, bikes (new or lightly used), food, gift cards, or by credit card, check or cash for every donation you will receive a raffle ticket for these drawings to be held every 30 minutes for great prizes donated by area merchants.

We will also have our Angel Tree from which you can choose a family or families to adopt or sponsor for Christmas & choose to meet & work with that family personally or through us. All donations are tax deductible & 100% of all donations go directly to providing Christmas gifts, warm clothing & holiday food baskets to Georgia children. Please come out & show your support & love for Georgia's littlest angels! Applications for Christmas assistance available through DFCS & also children's hospital, disabled military groups, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, etc & can also be emailed to us here after November 1st. You must live in Georgia, have a true financial need for assistance & you must not be receiving Christmas help from anywhere else, we will check.

If you are a vendor & would like to reserve a spot to sell your arts & crafts, Christmas items, etc. please call asap deadline is November 22nd we have 15 spots available for a $25 donation you can have a spot for the busiest shopping weekend of the month. You must provide your own tables & all vendors must remember that we are a Christian charity so no profanity, etc. will be sold.
Lori, director 678-754-1541/Rev Michael Tuck 678-754-2337 volunteers Avis 678-887-1988 Vickie 770-990-4579
email angelswithfaithministriesgeorgia AT

Question: Christmas Help

Do you know any where I can get help for my family? My household consists of my disabled mother who uses her check to pay all the bills, my fiance who is out of work currently, myself who is unable to find employment and 3 children, a girl 4, boy 2, and a girl 2 months old.

By Christina

Question: Christmas Help

I have no money or help with my 4, 1, and 2 month old kids. My 4yr old is disabled. Can you please give me ideas as to where I can get help on food, clothes, shoes, and toys? I am on a very low income.

By JP from Atlanta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb12/15/2012

Most of the charities that do things like that have a cut off date of right around Thanksgiving for applications. Examples: the Salvation Army, Toys For Tots, etc. At thrift stores you can usually find some real nice things, some of them are even brand new, for very little money. There are also dollar stores. Each kid only needs one gift. Talk to the pastor of your church, they will usually take up a special anonymous offering for somebody in their church.

The older ones would be satisfied with a coloring book and crayons, these items could be wrapped separately and make two gifts. Also there must be grandparents, aunts and uncles that would be giving them gifts. Next year buy one item a month and put them away for Christmas. Kids don't need the latest styles and fancy electronic stuff. You can try the Salvation Army, they might be able to help you, especially with free clothing. I know where I live they are advertising on newscasts that they are short of gifts for the names that they have.

Question: Christmas Charities

I have a friend that is in real need of Christmas for her children and I need to find out how to help her by finding an organization out there to help. I would help, but I do not have the funds to. She has 3 children and their father is not doing anything to help with them. The last 2 Christmases she has not been able to buy them anything and I mean nothing. I feel so bad for her and need help trying to help her because it breaks my heart watching her work her butt off. The only thing I am able to help her with is clothes for her kids. Please can anyone help me because I can't seem to find anything. I found Salvation Army but can't find a phone number.

By Katie W.

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb09/21/2013

If there is a Salvation Army in your area they have to be listed in the phone book. However, your friend will have to go in and apply for help, not you. There is Toys for Tots, and others. That being said, there again I think there is paperwork to be filled out and probably income guidelines.

Most of the organizations that help with Christmas do have an age limit of 12 years. However, your friend could do some shopping every month all year. I have been doing that since my first got married in 1964. Buy one thing a month, and I know she can do that, even if it is only from a dollar store.

Also there are times you can get brand new stuff at thrift stores, even used things that are in excellent condition. Doesn't your friend have any family members that give gifts to her kids? Basically all any kid needs is one gift from the parents, and maybe one from each of the siblings.

Depending on the age of the kids for little kids a color book and 16 count box of crayons would be enough and they could be wrapped as two separate gifts. These items wouldn't have to be brand name ones. As far as that goes no kid needs to receive electronics or brand name clothes.

Question: Christmas Help in Georgia

I am a 26 year old single mother of a 6 year old boy. Jeremiah is in the second grade, but reads on a 6th grade level. He is very smart. I lost my good job on 06/13/13 and was denied unemployment. I lost my job due to a lie. I don't have the proper funds to give him a Christmas, but I trust God. Jeremiah's father is not involved and does not help. I am reaching out to ask for help. Where can I find Christmas help in Newnan Georgia? Thank you and God bless.

By Latoya from Newnan, GA

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb10/20/2013

Go to the Salvation Army, they are in all areas, maybe not actually in your town, but nearby. Also there is Toys for Tots. Do you have any case managers with Social Services, if you do they might know of more organizations in your area. Doesn't your child have grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. that will be giving him gifts? If that is the case that should be enough. Kids don't need a lot of gifts. You must have some type of income, because you need some to pay bills, etc. You can sometimes find decent things in the various types of dollar stores. Thrift stores also have some new items donated, and some things that are used but in like new condition.

Question: Finding Christmas Help for Children

I had a stroke a year ago. Please tell me where I can find help for Christmas. My son is 15 and my daughter is 13. I also need help with some food. Thank you and God bless.

By Lisa

Most Recent Answer

By mz james11/26/2013

My family and I are looking to help a couple of families for the Thanksgiving holiday right now. We have a basket with food if you would like it let me know and I can take it to this charity that's hosting this site and you can pick it up from there. I ll be checking for answer. Thanks

Question: Christmas Help for 2 Teenagers

I need help this year for Christmas for my 2 teenagers. Their dad can not afford to get them anything. We live in a hotel in Newnan, Georgia. If someone knows where I could get help please let me know.


Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb11/12/2013

Most agencies that do Christmas help, have a cut off age of 12 years. Teenagers are old enough to understand that times are hard. Also there isn't a kid alive that needs more than one gift from each person. Don't your kids have grandparents, aunts, and uncles that give them gifts? If you attend a church talk to the pastor, sometimes they will take up an anonymous offering to help people. Living in a motel how do you provide meals for your family? You could try the Salvation Army, they might make an exception for age, but I don't know for sure.

Question: Help for Christmas

I have kids ages 6, 11, 13, and 14. I really need help getting Christmas! Where can I go in or near Rome, Georgia?

By JW from Rome, GA

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb11/13/2013

Most of the organizations that provide Christmas help have a age cut off limit of 12-13 years. The younger ones might be able to get help from the local Salvation Army or Toys for Tots. I don't know how the Toys for Tots program works in order to be considered. The last I heard at the Salvation Army you had to fill out an application.

WalMart always has decent t-shirts for no more than $10.00 each for the older kids and no kid needs more than one gift, for they can also make do with a t-shirt or for real young kids a coloring book and eight count size of crayons.

There are all kinds of inexpensive items a person can buy ahead of time, one thing a month. I live off $700 a month total retirement income and buy gifts for my two adult kids, four adult grandkids, two year old great grandson, two sisters, an aunt and a cousin. I spend $20.00 each and I have been done with my shopping for about six months. If I find a $20.00 items on sale for less and I know it is something a person wants or can use, I get it and count it as a $20.00 item. Buying one item a month is the only way I can do it.

There are times I get started for the next Christmas before the Christmas I am done shopping for. If you are this hard up you must have a social worker, if so talk to that person and see if they know where you can receive help. Also if you attend Church talk to your pastor, sometimes they will take up an anonymous free will offering to help a member of the church.

Question: Christmas Help

I am a single mother of 3 boys living on a fixed income with no support from Dad. I recently moved to Georgia and don't know what to do to get help around here. My 2 year old has cerebral palsy among other health issues. Every bit of extra money I get goes right back out in trips to Atlanta to the neurologist. Right now I have one toy a piece for my boys and it's looking like that's all they will get. Please point me in the direction to get help for my babies. Thank you so much!

By Chasity G

Most Recent Answer

By Amber Horton C.12/18/2013

Were you able to find help? If not, I know some places that will help even at the last minute. Just let me know.
Thanks, Amber

Question: Christmas Help in Georgia

This is my first Christmas I have had with my daughter since she was two years old. I am really excited, but just started a new job which is part time. So I am struggling on what I am going to do about her Christmas. I don't know where to turn for help for I am not one to ask for it that often. If any one knows of any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it thank you so much.

By T.F.

Question: Christmas Help in Georgia

I am 38 years old and on disability due to a heart condition. Among other things I've been in an out of hospital 10 times this year. I have three teenage girls and a grandbaby. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital the first of November and, as soon as, I was released I got a call my dad died unexpectedly. Needless to say I missed my window of opportunity to get help with Christmas. This is the first year I have needed help for Christmas. I don't have any family here, so I am scared and lonely. I don't know what to do for food or gifts for my children; not too many people help teenagers. I'm not the kind to ask for help; I am always the one helping. Thank you for listening to just a piece of my story. If anyone knows of anyone that can help us this late please let me know. Thank you.

By Sonja r

Question: Finding Christmas Help in Georgia

I am a 30 year old single mother of four children (boy age 13, boy age 6, girl age 11,and a girl ag:4). We just moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Douglasville, Georgia, approximately 1 1/2 months ago. I have my nursing assistant certificate and I have been desperately seeking employment. It's been a struggle, but I have God to help me thru each forthcoming hardship!

I am awaiting child care assistance also for my stay at home 4year old. I do not have any funds, friends, or family here, and I am in great need of help with providing a Christmas for my children. It's saddening to the core of my heart, to not be able to provide a tree, decorations, and/or a gift for my children. My family and I could truly use help. Rather it's a toy per/child or prayer, it would be our Christmas blessing. Prayer is always welcome, through prayer blessings and great things occur. May God bless us all. Happy holidays to all!

By Ilicia from Omaha, NE

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb12/03/2013

The charities that provide Christmas help are the same nationwide and they have cut off dates for taking applications of mid-November. You might have to get two part time jobs flipping burgers or in retail or something. Where are you living without any income? Won't the kid's grandparents, aunts and uncles send them gifts? I assume you have a social worker at your local Department of Social Services talk to that person and see if they know of any help. Also talk to your pastor, sometimes they take up an anonymous offering to help a needy member of the Congregation.

Question: Christmas Help in Georgia

I'm in desperate need of help with food and Christmas assistance for my daughter.

By Kevin from Columbus, GA

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb12/20/2013

Most of the charities that provide Christmas help have a cut off date for taking applications of mid-November and that is to allow for budgeting. They also have age cut off limits of 12-13 years, and you didn't say how old your daughter is. You should be able to go without something for yourself and spare $5.00 to buy some type of little gift.

If you have a social worker through the Department of Social Services speak to that person and see if they have any ideas. Also speak to your pastor, sometimes they will take up a special offering for a needy member of the congregation. That will have to be done immediately because this coming Sunday is the last Sunday before Christmas. As far as food goes make arrangements to go to your local food pantry and get some food. It might not be what would make a typical holiday meal, but it would be better than nothing.

Question: Christmas Help in Georgia

Is there anybody that can help me and my fiance get assistance with Christmas for 4 girls from 9-15? Also any help with food would really be helpful as well. Thank you and God bless. Merry Christmas.

By Kevin from Columbus, GA


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Georgia Christmas Charities

Charities that offer help during the holiday season in Georgia. Please post feedback about any charities you may know about.

Editor's Note: Do NOT post here if you need help. ThriftyFun does not have resources to give direct help to those in need.

RE: Georgia Christmas Charities

-United Way phone: 770-775-7725
-Salvation Army phone: 770-412-6561
-Five Loaves Two Fish Food Pantry: 770-228-1260

Most churches will host a Christmas for a family, all you have to do is get in touch with the church. (11/16/2005)

By Jean in GA

RE: Georgia Christmas Charities

If these are not in your area, call them anyway. I am sure they can point you in the right direction. (12/01/2005)

By Jean in GA

RE: Georgia Christmas Charities

Is your son on SSI? Your disabled child would receive almost $600/month to meet his needs and medicaid to cover his medical needs. If not, you need to apply for his social security benefits at the local social security administration office. You can apply for Food-Stamps, Medicaid, and TANF (cash assistance) at your local welfare office.

Your local HUD/housing authority can help with your shelter cost. Your local United Way is a clearing house for all the charitable agencies in your area and can provide you a list of addresses and phone numbers for all of those agencies. Most communities have daycare services for children with disabilities that is paid for with the child's medicaid. This service would allow your child to receive specialized care and rehab services that he needs while you work. Good luck. (12/01/2005)


RE: Georgia Christmas Charities

Help for the holidays. Georgia Cares Program: 404-463-3350 (10/28/2006)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Georgia Christmas Charities

Salvation Army helps. Police departments do a shop with a cop at Christmas time. Catholic Charities help. They also have people that sponsor children. (10/15/2009)

By lindsey0509