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New Jersey Christmas Charities

Girl in a red coat giving to the Salvation Army.

Every year ThriftyFun gets numerous requests from people looking for help for their families for Christmas. Since we do not have the resources to offer direct help, we have set up this guide to help people find charities in each state. This is a guide about finding Christmas charities in New Jersey.



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Tip: New Jersey Christmas Charities

The Camden Rescue Mission features a "Lend a Helping Hand" program during the winter holidays with a focus on providing aid to families in need. Their organization gathers and distributes food, toys, and clothing.

Kinnelon Borought Food Pantry provides holiday food baskets to families in need.

Second Chance Toys gathers and distributes gently used plastic toys to children in need.

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Here are questions related to New Jersey Christmas Charities.

Question: Getting Christmas Help for Teenagers in New Jersey

My 5 teenagers and I lost our home and currently live in a motel in Absecon, New Jersey. Every place I call says my kids are too old. Anyone have an idea?

By Diane

Most Recent Answer

By Tami Michel11/21/2013

I am a Registered Nurse from Tampa, but I am from NJ and know many people with very big hearts who would like to help you over Christmas fill your wish list for your teenagers. Please contact me back. We would like to help make your Christmas special.

Happy Holidays, Tami

Question: New Jersey Christmas Charities

Charities that offer help during the holiday season in New Jersey. Please post feedback about any charities you may know about.

Editor's Note: Do NOT post here if you need help. ThriftyFun does not have resources to give direct help to those in need.

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)12/05/2006

check with the churches in your area they can help you

Question: Workplace Adopt-A-Family

My workplace is looking for a family in need in NJ. Last year we did the Adopt-a-Family, which worked out very well. Last year I actually knew of a particular family. This year I do not, but I would like to keep the program going. Any suggestions?


Most Recent Answer

By Julie J.12/06/2013

I am a family of six. I wish I could find someone to adopt my family. Thank you.

Question: Christmas Help in New Jersey

My sister recently lost her job. She's a mother of five. We also have a brother with disabilities age 16. It's very hard to buy them gifts this year. I recently had a baby girl and I have a 3 yr old son, so I am a currently stay at home mom. I feel so sad for the children this year it just breaks my heart that they will wake up with no gifts. They don't even have a tree. I wish I could get some advice for where to look for help. God bless.

By Melinda

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb12/11/2013

Most of the charities that are nationwide and provide Christmas help quit taking applications mid-November, this is so that they can do their budgeting. They also have age cut off limits of 12-13 years, and most of them don't let disabilities change their minds. Most of them also want proof of income, because what one person considers low income might not actually be low income. Also the the disabled boy should be receiving disability income, which should be going to your sister because I suppose she is caring for him.

Talk to your social workers at the Department of Social Services (I assume you both have them.) Also speak to your pastor, sometimes they will take up an anonymous special offering for a needy member of the congregation. One thing I have learned over my many years kids only need one gift each, and it doesn't have to have a designer label on it or be fancy electronic gadgets.

Question: Christmas Help in New Jersey

I have a friend who has two small children at home and her fiance just lost his job this week. They live pay check to paycheck so they were waiting till after they paid their rent to Christmas shop. After paying their rent his was laid off. She has an 11 year old boy and a 15 month old girl. She say's she's contacted several charities and all have full lists and cannot help. Does anyone know of any charities that don't have full lists and can help this family?

By Angie from West Windsor, NJ