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Ohio Christmas Charities

Girl in a red coat giving to the Salvation Army.

Every year ThriftyFun gets numerous requests from people looking for help for their families for Christmas. Since we do not have the resources to offer direct help, we have set up this guide to help people find charities in each state. This is a guide about finding Christmas charities in Ohio.



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Tip: Ohio Christmas Charities

People in Need, a United Way agency, provides a number of holiday service programs through the Holiday Clearing House, including toy and clothing distribution to needy children and adults, as well as provisions for holiday meals.

Freestore Foodbank distributes food during the holidays to Cincinnati area families in need.

Catholic Charities in Toledo may be able to provide some assistance during the holiday season.

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Here are questions related to Ohio Christmas Charities.

Question: Ohio Christmas Charities

I'm in Dayton Ohio. I am on unemployment and was granted custody of my 5 year old granddaughter. She has had a horrible life and I want to make it better for her, but with my income being so low, I don't know where to turn for help with Christmas.

I also take care of my mother. If anyone knows where I can get help in the Dayton Ohio area please email me through this site.

I'm really far behind in all my bills and my home is falling apart. All I can do is just cry. I try not to let my mother or granddaughter see me cry. I don't wanna upset them. Thank you so much.

By JO from Dayton, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Taylor11/10/2010

Here is a link to a national charity called Love, INC ( In the name of Christ). They have offices in every state. Call one of these offices in Ohio and they will help you, even if it's not in Dayton. They take care of everything from home repairs, bills, car problems, everything!

I know you feel overwhelmed. You are not alone. Jesus is right there with you. Call on Him. He is bigger than all your problems. He loves you and wants to help you. You just have to ask for His help. Don't let the huge-ness of your problems destroy you. Take it an hour at a time. Try to get through the next hour, and then the next. If you have a bible, get it out and read it. You will find strength and comfort in there. And pray. Pray all day long. I will pray for you and your family right now as I type this. Things will get better. I promise. Your blessing is right around the corner. You can't see it, but it's on the way! Hang on.

Question: Looking for Christmas Help

I am a 40 year old disabled veteran and I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I am on a set income and am in desperate need of help this Christmas. I am really embarrassed to have to reach out and ask for help, but it is breaking my heart that I can not give my kids any type of Christmas. My oldest daughter who is 17 and the mother of my two grandchildren is a cancer survivor. She had neuroblastoma cancer on her spine and she has two artificial ribs and epilepsy and now is facing another severe surgery on her spine. Her son who is 2yrs old has also had surgery for a birth defect.

I am ashamed as a mom because I should be able to provide Christmas for my children, but I can't this year and I am praying so hard for a miracle. God knows we as a family have been through so very much. On top of my daughter's illnesses and my grandson's surgery I also had to have a complete hysterectomy 3years ago due to ovarian and uterine cancer. Things have been very rough and even tho there are times where all I do is cry I keep my head up and I continue to pray for a miracle. Please if you can tell me how to find help for our family so they can have a Christmas they deserve it will be a true blessing for us. Thank you and God bless.



Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Ohio Christmas Charities

Charities that offer help during the holiday season in Ohio. Please post feedback about any charities you may know about.

Editor's Note: Do NOT post here if you need help. ThriftyFun does not have resources to give direct help to those in need.

RE: Ohio Christmas Charities

In Trumbull county, there is the Salvation Army for the entire county and the Church Mouse for Newton Falls, OH. Anywhere in Ohio, I would call your local United Way! Also, contact community referral at 330-393-1565 for a complete list of community resources. (11/18/2005)

RE: Ohio Christmas Charities

Check with your local Salvation Army, local churches, the local fire department, Catholic Social Services, the Jaycees (if your county has a club), the Welfare Department, the homeless shelters (someone told me that they help people with bills and gifts at Christmas time), and check with the children's schools. Call the school and explain your situation. They usually have a program each year where they will buy gifts for so many needy children who attend their school. Hope this information helps. May God Bless you and your family and have a wonderful holiday season! (11/25/2005)

By Jean

RE: Ohio Christmas Charities

Contact your local United Way for a list of charitable agencies who will help. Call your mortgage holder and sit down and discuss your temporary situation and ask them to redo your mortgage. They don't want your house any more than you want to lose it. They would rather work with you so you can make your payments in a timely way. Good luck. If you are not already on state assistance you need to apply for food stamps, Medicaid, and TANF at your local welfare office. Call your local HUD/Housing Authority and see if they have a program that can help with your mortgage. (12/01/2005)