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Rhode Island Christmas Charities

Girl in a red coat giving to the Salvation Army.

Every year ThriftyFun gets numerous requests from people looking for help for their families for Christmas. Since we do not have the resources to offer direct help, we have set up this guide to help people find charities in each state. This is a guide about finding Christmas charities in Rhode Island.



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Tip: Rhode Island Christmas Charities

Adopt-A-Family in Woonsocket has been helping the "working poor" and other families in need in the northern Rhode Island area for over two decades, providing toys and clothes for the holidays.

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank may be a resource for food items for holiday meals.

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Question: Rhode Island Christmas Charities

Charities that offer help during the holiday season in Rhode Island. Please post feedback about any charities you may know about.

Editor's Note: Do NOT post here if you need help. ThriftyFun does not have resources to give direct help to those in need.

Question: Rhode Island Christmas Charities

I am a mother of 3, who has been through so much this year. My kids had a horrible experience this year. Please if you know where I can get any help for Christmas it would be so much appreciated.

By Amandqa from W Warwick, RI

Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Eldridge12/09/2011

It's probably too late to apply for Christmas gifts from a charity, but if you are able to, you can earn some money to buy presents for your children. You can offer to clean someone's house or watch their children, rack leaves, shovel snow, etc. Who knows, it might turn into a regular money making opportunity for you.

Maybe you have something around your house that you can sell by putting an ad in the free press. If you only earn $30.00, you can take that money to the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent store and buy 10 different gifts for each of your children.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to make your home filled with Love and happiness. That's what children really need.

Question: Rhode Island Christmas Charities

I would like to know how I can get help for Christmas in Providence, Rhode Island. Thank you.

By Larry

Most Recent Answer


My sister and mom said go to pro-cap in pProvidence and ask about toys for tots and they said there are a couple churches. Good luck I posted this again cause it kept saying my other one didn't post. I hope this one does.