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Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Face Christmas Ornament

Adding shiny store bought ornaments to your Christmas tree makes it look great. However, some of the most cherished ornaments you will have are the ones you and you family make. This is a guide about homemade Christmas ornaments.


Solutions: Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas Dog Ornaments

An ornament of a Christmas Dog

Fun little dog ornaments, a cute gift for the dog lover and fun to do a "litter" for fund raising. I picked up different colors of garland at thrift stores and garage sales so there were a variety of colors. I even made a few girlie pooches with pink ornaments!


  • satin ornament
  • red felt
  • white and black pom poms
  • plastic doll eyes
  • ribbon
  • garland
  • hot glue gun


  1. Cut out ears and attach pompons. Also cut out tongue.
  2. Then in this order, hot glue to the ornament:

    • ears
    • topknot pompoms
    • eyes
    • white and black nose pompoms and tongue
    • garland
    • ribbon on topknot

By kittkat [4]

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Tip: Applesauce Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments


  • 1 cup cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp. ground cloves
  • 1 Tbsp. nutmeg
  • 1 Tbsp. allspice
  • 1 Tbsp. ginger
  • 3/4 cup applesauce


    In medium bowl, combine cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg. Add applesauce; stir to combine.

  1. Work mixture with hands two to three minutes or until dough is smooth and ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  2. Roll out dough into 1/4 inch thickness.
  3. Cut dough with cookie cutters. Using straw or pencil, make small hole in top of ornaments.
  4. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet at 150 degrees F for 1 hour.
  5. Remove from the cookie sheet and bake on the oven racks for another 1 1/2 hours.

Use to decorate gifts, hang on tree, etc.

By Robin from Washington, IA

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Gold Glitter Ball Ornament

Create glittering holiday ornament to dress up your tree. Add bow and holly leaves for finishing touches. Glitter ornament.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • paper mache ball
  • gold glitter
  • holly leaves, 3D sticker
  • green satin ribbon
  • spray adhesive
  • hot glue
  • scissors


  1. Place newspaper on work surface to catch excess glitter.
  2. Spray adhesive onto paper mache ball.
  3. Sprinkle all over with gold glitter, shaking off excess. Let dry.
  4. Cut ribbon to desired length and tie in bow. Cut ends at a slant.
  5. Hot glue bow at top of ball.
  6. Attach the 3D holly leaves sticker at the center of bow.

Source: KandCompany sticker

By Maricel from Fairfax, VA

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Skate Ornament

White felt figure skate tree ornament. White ice skate ornamant.

Approximate Time: Half an hour


  • scraps of white felt
  • 2 paper clips 2 inches long
  • embroidery thread for laces
  • needle with large eye
  • fabric glue


  1. Cut out two pieces of felt in a boot shape as shown.

  2. For each skate, slip the felt through the paper clip and glue along the side edges to secure.

  3. Using all six strands of embroidery thread, use an overcast stitch to make the laces, leaving enough thread to tie in a bow so that you can hang it on your tree.

By preserverpreserver from Manitoba

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Spool Christmas Ornament

Start now and make ornaments for your tree. A lovely way to use up your empty thread spools! Works equally well with plastic or wooden spools, big or small. Great to use as package decorations or to give as gifts to friends/co-workers! Ornament with wreath motif paper.

Approximate Time: 10-15 minutes


  • Christmas gift wrap paper
  • empty thread spool
  • glue
  • chenille stem/pipe cleaner
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • small Christmas ball ornament


  1. Cut a strip of Christmas gift wrap paper wide enough and long enough to cover the body of the spool (the area where the thread used to be.) You can also use scrapbook paper or ribbon if you prefer.

  2. Glue the paper strip to the spool overlapping the edges

  3. Sit the thread spool upright on the wrong side of another piece of your paper and trace around the spool end.

  4. Cut out two circles of paper and glue one to each end of the spool.

  5. Cut a tiny opening in the bottom circle of the spool covering. This will be made at the location of the spool hole.

  6. Put a little glue around the top of the small ball ornament and stick it into the spool hole. (I used hot glue for this part so I wouldn't have to wait for the ball/spool connection to dry.) If regular glue is used, allow ornament to rest on its side until ball/spool connection is fully dry.

  7. Cut a chenille stem to 6 inches (longer or shorter if you prefer) and bend in half.

  8. Put glue on the stem ends and insert into the top circle of the spool covering at the location of the spool hole. You can feel the hole if you press on the end of the spool with your finger. (You can also use a ribbon or other type string as a hanger.)

Ornament with snowflake motif paper. These ornaments are super cute and very lightweight. Use your imagination to create truly unique ornaments.

By Pam from McMinnville, TN

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Gold Rose Ornament

Gold Rose OrnamentThis charming, round Christmas ornament is fun and easy to make yourself. It comes out as a fancy golden rose ball with a traditional bow. Don't feel limited to keeping the roses gold though, you can make several of these ornaments using different colored roses too!

Approximate Time: 20 minutes without drying time


  • Styrofoam ball, 2 inch
  • gold fabric roses, about 40 (1/2 inch big)
  • gold seed beads, about 40 (1/8 inch big or smaller)
  • sheer gold ribbon, 12 inches (1/3 inch thick)
  • gold wire edged burgundy ribbon, 20 inches (1 inch thick)


  1. Cut rose stems until they are 1 inch long.

  2. Take a rose and place a little glue at the end of the stem.

  3. Poke the stem into the Styrofoam ball.

  4. Repeat process, placing roses close together, until the whole ball is covered.

  5. Take a tiny bit of glue and dab it into the middle of a rose.

  6. Glue a gold, seed bead to the middle of the rose.

  7. Repeat process until all roses have beads and let dry.

  8. Fold the sheer gold ribbon in half and knot the two ends together, leaving only a tiny bit of ribbon at the edges.

  9. Glue the ribbon onto the top of the ornament.

  10. Tie burgundy ribbon into a bow with long ends.

  11. Glue the bow over the place where the ornament and sheer ribbon meet.

  12. Let dry.

By Aysha from Boise, ID

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Little Snowmen Ornaments from Yogurt Bottles

Finished snowmen.

Everytime I drank one of the Dannon Drinkable yogurts this year I thought the bottles were shaped like little snowmen.

So, I saved them along with various plastic caps from milk and creamers that I glued on top and just added little magic marker eyes and buttons and tied on various ribbons and other scrap materials I had in my wrapping or fabric box and. I made little snowmen ornaments from the recycle bin. It's frosty and his friends.

Easy enough to be made by children too!

Great for around the house, under the tree or on the tree with a hook or string!

You may roll up cash and insert it inside as a money gift wrap, as well, if you don't glue the hats on.

I like them simple, but you can get as detailed as you'd like and could even personalize them like family members (with their names at the bottom, etc. and add them to as place cards at your table.

Ho ho ho- let the holldays begin!


    By Donna [291]

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    Quick and Easy Ornaments for Children to Make

    Finished ornament.

    These darling ornaments are easy for children to make and can also be used for last minute gift ideas or for Christmas tags. They are inexpensive and quick and easy to make. I had most of the supplies on hand.

    Approximate Time: 20 minutes each.

    Yield: 1


      Quick, easy and inexpensive Christmas ornaments or package tags.
    • 1 make up wedge
    • 1 green or red ink pad ($.50)
    • 1 round cardboard coaster or cut a piece of cardboard into a circle
    • 6 in ribbon
    • 2 stick on Christmas themed foam shapes
    • 1 hole punch


    1. Gather supplies.
    2. Supplies.
    3. Take the ink and load it on your make up wedge.
      Pull the wedge over the round coaster from left to right making it look marbled.
      (If you do not have a make up wedge a sponge brush will work just as well.)
    4. Beginning to paint.
    5. Do the same to the back side.
    6. Painting backside.
    7. Choose 2 foam Christmas shapes and stick one on each side.
    8. Adding sticker.
    9. Punch a hole in the top of the coaster.
    10. Punch hole for hanging.
    11. Take a length of ribbon and fold equally in half.
    12. Ribbon hanger.
    13. Slide the center of the ribbon (the loop) into the hole.
    14. Putting ribbon through hole punched in coaster.
    15. Draw up the ribbon and pull through.
    16. Tying ribbon.
    17. Tie a knot in the top of the ribbon to hang it by.
    18. Ribbon hanger attached.

    By gem [154]

    Have fun and enjoy some crafting time with the children.

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    Tassel Angel Ornament

    completed ornamentThese darling angels will make your Christmas tree very special. With only a few craft items you can make some wonderful ornaments for your tree or some very special package trims.

    Approximate Time: 10 minutes each


    • tassels
    • 6 inches of 1 and 1/2 inch ribbon
    • silver chenille sticks
    • red chenille sticks
    • hot glue and glue gun
    • floral wire
    • wire cutters
    • wooden head with face painted on


    1. I always prep everything first. So cut your ribbon into 6 inch increments, cut 2 inches of the silver chenille stick and 2 inches of the red chenille sticks. Cut off a 4 inch piece of floral wire. Heat up your glue gun.
    2. hanger

    3. Thread your head on to the tassel using the floral wire.
    4. head attached to tassel

    5. Take the silver chenille piece and make a halo to fit the head. Put a dab of hot glue under the front and back edges to hold the halo in place.
    6. glue gun for attaching halo closeup of face

    7. Next form your ribbon so that the open end is facing you. This will make your wings. Pinch the ribbon together and tie off with the floral wire. Attach the wings and wind the remaining floral wire around the neck of the angel.
    8. ribbon wings side view of finished ornament

    9. Form the arms of the angel by folding the red chenille piece in half and centering it on the neck of the angel. Add a dab of hot glue to hold it in place. Fold up the ends of the chenille stick to form the hands.
    10. front view

    11. Voila, you are finished and have a darling little Christmas tassel angel.

    By Gem from VA

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    Tip: Christmas Candy Ornaments

    You will need a number of metal (or other heat-safe) cookie cutters for this recipe. It yields 12-16 small (around 2 inch) shapes, or 8-12 large ornaments. The exact yield will depend on the size of your cookie cutters. If you do not have enough cookie cutters to make all of the ornaments at once, this recipe divides easily, so you can make it in two batches.


    • 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
    • 3/4 cup water
    • 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
    • 4 - 5 drops food coloring
    • 1 tsp. flavoring or extract of your choice (optional)
    • 1 recipe royal icing or purchased decorator's icing (optional)


    1. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with aluminum foil or parchment paper, and place your metal Christmas cookie cutters on the baking sheet. Make sure that your cookie sheet is perfectly level, and the cutters fit flat on the bottom of the tray. If there are any gaps, the candy will leak out and not form perfect shapes. Spray the entire tray and the insides of the cutters with nonstick cooking spray.
    2. Place the water, sugar, cream of tartar, and food coloring in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then brush down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to avoid sugar crystals forming.
    3. Insert a candy thermometer and cook until the candy reaches 300 degrees F. Do not stir the candy during this time.
    4. Once the mixture reaches 300 degrees, remove it from the heat. If you are planning on eating any of the ornaments, you can add a teaspoon of flavoring or extract at this time. If you have a heat-safe measuring cup or pitcher with a spout, you can pour the candy into it to make it easier to fill the cutters. Carefully pour the candy into the prepared cookie cutters, filling them about 1/4-inch thick. If the candy thickens too much before you have filled all of the cutters, place it over medium heat briefly, just until it is fluid enough to pour.
    5. Once the candy has begun to set, but is still warm and pliable, use the tip of a toothpick or skewer to punch a hole near the top of the candy shapes. Once the candy is fully set, carefully push it out of the molds. Depending on the shapes you use, this can be a delicate process, so be very slow and cautious.
    6. If desired, you can decorate the ornaments with royal icing or a store-bought writing icing that will harden upon drying. Gel icings and butter creams will not work for this purpose.
    7. Thread decorative string or metal ornament hangers through the hole in the top of the ornaments, and hang them on your tree. If your climate is not too humid, you should be able to enjoy these candy ornaments for weeks. Although all the ingredients are edible, I do not recommend eating them after they have been hanging on a tree for several weeks!

    By Jodi from Aurora, CO

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    Tip: Craft: Clipart Wreath Ornaments

    finished ornamentCombine a computer printout of a wreath and the youngsters and you will make a family keepsake in no time.

    Print out a 3-4 inch wreath from your computer, let the children color them with crayons or markers and put each family member's name in the center. Leaving the center of the wreath in, let the children cut the wreath out.

    Punch a hole for hanging in the top, string with yarn and you have family keepsakes while entertaining the kids. The family members could take their wreath home with them as favors. Make sure the kids sign and date the back of each wreath.

    You could print out angels, stockings, or what ever shape they want. We did stockings, wreaths, and doves this year.

    By Ann from Loup City, NE

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    Paper Pinecone Ornament

    This is a very lovely ornament and would make a great gift. It does take some time to cut, fold, and pin everything together, but the outcome is well worth the time spent. Finished red and white paper pinecone.


    • 2 inch smooth foam eggs
    • 2 sheets of contrasting paper (I like light weight natural paper.)
      You need two 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper per egg.
    • craft or sequin pins
    • thin ribbon
    • scissors
    • ruler
    • cutting board (optional)


    1. Cut your paper in 1 3/4 inch strips.
    2. Cut strips of paper.

    3. Fold the corner of the end to make a triangle, cut the excess off and repeat with the entire strip to make a bunch or triangles. Fold the triangles in half one more time to make smaller triangles. It is essential that they are square pieces of paper folded twice diagonally.
    4. Folding paper.

    5. Make 21 of one color (white) and 20 of the other (red).
    6. Cut a 1 inch white square. Cover the smaller end of the egg with the square and pin the four corners in place.
    7. Covering with square of paper.

    8. Place four red triangles around the the small end of the egg. Place them so all four of the corners meet at the tip of the egg.
    9. Now place four white triangles 1/4 inch from the last row of triangles and off set from the previous row. Continue adding rows until the egg is covered.
    10. Adding triangles.

    11. Take your remaining white triangle and unfold it and then re-fold into a small square by folding it twice. Pin this at the very top to cover the last pins.
    12. Cut some ribbon and make a large loop, tie a knot or bow with the left over ends and pin it to the top. You may want to use more than one pin to ensure that the ribbon won't fall off when it is hung on your tree.
    13. Finished red and white paper pinecone.

      By Stella Rivet

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    Easy Christmas Lightbulb Ornaments

    bulbs with hangers

    Here is a Christmas Eve craft for my grandchildren to do while the adults are have appetizers and cocktails. Homemade Christmas ornaments for Nana's Christmas tree.

    Approximate Time: No time at all. Fun & easy!

    Yield: As many as you wish. :)


    • red and green poster board
    • scissors and hole punch
    • ribbon
    • markers, crayons, glitter and/or other decorating supplies
    smiley face bulbs and decorating supplies


    1. I bought double sided poster board. One side green, the other red. I drew out a shape of an old style light bulb we all used to use. I traced them out on the poster board and cut them out. The kids can decorate either one side or both. Punch a hole in the top and put a red curly ribbon through the hole. Draw a smiley face on it.
    2. cut out shapesbulb shape traced on poster boardhole punched
    3. Then I have the kids sit around my coffee table to decorate their ornaments, with markers, crayons, and glitter. Have them sign their names. I will date them and they will hang their ornament on my tree. It will always bring memories when I trim my tree each year.

    Source: My own idea for my 11 grandchildren!

    By Jackie H. [122]

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    Santa Ornament

    Finished ornament.

    Every few years, I teach another young crafter how to make these ornaments. My niece still has the ones we made together more than 30 years ago!

    Approximate Time: 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the age of the child

    Yield: 1 each


    • 1 white plastic drapery ring 1 1/8 in diameter
    • 2 blue beads
    • 1 red bead
    • 3 yd white yarn cut into 16 equal pieces
    • 3 yd red yarn cut into 16 equal pieces
    Rings, beads, and yarn pieces.


    1. Thread a blue, red, and blue bead onto one piece of white yarn. Tie ends of yarn to plastic drapery ring with the 3 beads in center of the ring. This is actually the hardest part of the ornament, so you may want to do these in advance.
    2. Adding beeds.
    3. Loop the remaining 15 pieces of white yarn around one side of ring and 15 pieces of the red yarn around the other side of the ring.
    4. Making loops.
    5. Use the last piece of red yarn to tie a double knot around the red loops forming Santa's hat. Tie ends together to form the hanger loop. Trim ends of red yarn. Use a comb separate the white yarn into individual strands and then trim into a beard shape.
    6. Making hat and beard.

    By The Aunt [12]

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    Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornament

    Joy Ornament made from Scrabble pieces

    Here's an easy craft for Christmas. Simply thread buttons on a thin ribbon, alternating Scrabble tiles to spell out any greeting or holiday phrase you like. Make a loop at the top to hang.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

      Noel Ornament made from Scrabble pieces

      By ~gloria [94]

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      Tip: Add Glitter To Clay Ornaments With Christmas Cards

      I was making ornaments out of air-dry clay, and putting the date on them with markers, when I had an idea I thought I would try.

      I took the ornament and pressed it onto an old Christmas Card that had glitter embellishments on it. To my delight, the clay did pick up the glitter from the card after I pressed it on there several times, it even picked up the shape of the snowflake.

      I am letting it air dry now, and it will be a beautiful decoration for our tree!

      The kind if clay I am using is Air-Dry Clay by Crayola. I bought a 2.5 lb tub about two years ago and there is still well over 3/4 left. This stuff lasts a very long time.

        By Robyn [369]

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        Tip: Cinnamon Ornament Cut-outs

        These are so much fun to make and they make your house smell just heavenly!

        Approximate Time: 10-15 minutes

        Yield: varies


        • 1 cup cinnamon ($3.00)
        • 1 tsp ground cloves
        • 1 tsp allspice
        • 1 tsp nutmeg
        • 1 cup applesauce ($.75)


        1. Mix ingredients to play dough consistency. Chill.
        2. Roll out and cut into desired shapes.
        3. Make a hole for hanging.
        4. Dry at room temperature.
        5. Note: Drying can take 1 or more days.

        By Robin [5893]

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        Craft Project: Recycled Plastic Lid Photo Ornament

        Personalized photo ornament for the perfect gift at Christmas time. Plastic Lid Photo Ornament

        Approximate Time: 10 minutes


        • 1 plastic can lid (from powdered juice mix)
        • 1 piece red crepe paper
        • 10 inches of lace
        • hot glue gun and glue
        • white glue
        • Christmas hook
        • small photo
        • scissors


          Plastic Lid Photo Ornament Step 1

        1. Cut the photo to fit inside the ridges of the lid. Plastic Lid Photo Ornament Step 2

        2. Take the lid and put lace around the edges using the glue gun. Plastic Lid Photo Ornament Step 3

        3. Measure off enough crepe paper to fill the inside of the lid.

        4. Glue the crepe paper to the inside of the lid. Plastic Lid Photo Ornament Step 4

        5. Glue on the photo using white glue sparingly.

        6. Add a touch of hot glue to the back and put your hanger on.

        7. Wrap it up and send it on it's way to that special aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa.

        By Gem from VA

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        Folded Paper Christmas Stars

        Make stars to hang on Christmas trees, easily, recycling simple household items like blank papers and used gift-wraps. Stars hanging in a tree.

        Approximate Time: less than an hour


        • paper scraps (the stiffer the better :)
        • used gift-wraps
        • pencil
        • scale
        • scissors
        • glue
        • cellotape
        • thread and needle
        Materials needed for project.


        1. First draw the star on a piece of paper, as shown.
        2. Then, cut along the edges.
        3. Draw straight lines joining the corners and intersections, as shown in image (1)
        4. First stage of drawing the fold lines.

        5. Follow image (2), cut along the red-lines, and fold along the purple and blue ones in the same direction.
        6. Drawing with cut lines marked.

        7. Fold the green lines, in the opposite direction. Refer to image (3) for the folds.
        8. Drawing, cut, and fold lines marked on part two of photo, and photo of folded plain paper star.

        9. Join the free edges together, using cellotape. Refer to the pictures to get an idea of how it would look from the front and the back.
        10. Front and back view of plain paper folded star.

        11. Using glue, cover the star with a wrapping paper. Make a small hole on the star with the needle and tie a thread through it for hanging your star on the Christmas tree, or wherever else you wanna hang it :) Completed stars, one iridescent silver and one red.

          And... its done!

          By Gunja from West Bengal, India

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        Handmade Wooden Sled Ornament

        These are so very pretty when you make them yourself. Personalize them for an extra special gift to someone you love. This is not an easy project, but the results are stunning. It has been a tradition in my family to give the children each an ornament for Christmas to add to their collection. These make an extra special gift for them. Be sure to put the date you made them on the back. top down view of sled with white letters spelling out snow affixed to top side

        Approximate Time: 8 hours for 10 or more


        • 8 Popsicle sticks (for each ornament)
        • white glue
        • wax paper
        • sandpaper
        • red paint
        • 6 inches of ribbon to hang by
        • embellishments


        1. Cover your area with wax paper.

        2. Take 3 Popsicle sticks and line them up side by side. Scoot the middle one up until it is about 3/4 of an inch past the top of the other two sticks. first three sticks with middle one higher than adjacent two

        3. Glue these in place on the sides one by one. Allow to dry.

        4. Next take 2 Popsicle sticks and line them up on the sides of the ones you have glued, but stand these up. (Refer to picture.) first perpendicular stick glued onto base sticks

        5. Glue into place and allow to dry. three base sticks with both perpendicular side sticks glued on

        6. Take two Popsicle sticks and lay them flat against the last two you just added. (These will be in the same plane as the original three, with their edges glued to the runners.) Glue into place and allow to dry. (This is the back of the ornament.)

        7. Put one Popsicle stick in the middle of the front and glue into place. This will be the part you would pull it by. Allow to dry.

        8. Use the sandpaper to remove any wax paper or glue that may have adhered to the project as you were gluing it. This is a vital step before painting the sled.

        9. Wipe with slightly wet cloth to remove fine sandpaper particles.

        10. Paint front of sled red and allow to dry. red painted sled with cross member and ribbon pull tied on

        11. Paint the back red and allow to dry.

        12. Add a ribbon tied on the edges of the middle post to hang it by.

        13. Embellish the sled with snowflakes or words and hang on your Christmas tree. top down view of sled with white letters spelling out snow affixed to top side red painted sled with snowflake decoration affixed to top side

        Tip: These can easily be personalized to suit any child or adult.

        By GEM from VA

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        Tip: Paint Inside of Clear Glass Ornaments

        To make beautiful homemade Christmas tree ornaments, pour or squeeze craft paint, your choice of colors, into clear glass bulbs. Twirl the bulbs around, holding your finger over the open top, and watch the paint swirl around. Use paint sparingly until you get the hang of it. Sometimes you can almost guide it in a pattern you like. You can put in one color, let it dry and then add a second color, or use two colors at once. Kids love making these beautiful ornaments too. Some colors I find exceptionally gorgeous are bronze, copper, gold, and silver.

        You can hang them on your tree or group them in a clear bowl or vase. Just pick a color scheme you like and you'll fall in love with these one-of-a-kind ornaments. You can even use bright or pastel colors and group them in a bowl for a beautiful summertime display.

        By dusty6788 from Silver Spring, MD

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        Tip: Craft: Holly And Wishbone Ornament

        Christmas ornament made from painted wishbone and holly.


        • 1 holly leaf with berries
        • 1 turkey breast bone painted gold
        • hot glue
        • short piece of thin wire


        Put breast bone down and glue holly on top. Place a short piece of wire on back to hang.

        By Randa from San Marcos, TX

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        Tip: Galaxy Ball Christmas Ornament

        Using a Styrofoam ball (I'd start with a med. size one), take medicine cup (like the ones they give you your medications in at a hospital) and put a small hole in the bottom of the cup, burning the end of a needle. Put Elmer's glue around the end of the cup where you would put your mouth and using glitter on wax paper turn the cup till it is covered with glitter. Let it dry.

        Put a large straight pin with the colored balls on the tips into the cup coming out of the bottom and put glue on the pin and stick it into the Styrofoam ball. Do this until the ball is covered. Leave a small place to fasten a hanger made of ribbon and a straight pin. Hang this up and it will turn and glisten. It is very pretty and fun to make.

        By Cindy from West Frankfort, IL

        Editor's Note: Unfortunately, we have no photo to go with these instructions. Please post one in feedback if you make this project.

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        Glass Holiday Orbs

        Glass ornaments with paint on the inside.These beautiful ornaments would make a lovely addition to any holiday tree. You can make them to keep or give away. You have to make them in stages, over the course of a few days only because the paint is on the inside and needs time to dry completely. The actual time spent crafting and expense are minimal considering the results you will achieve with very little effort. Have fun!

        Crafter's Note: I happened to find the glass ornaments at a yard sale, where I paid fifty cents for four. The original price was ninety-nine cents each. Retail price is still not bad considering how much you pay for ornaments these days.

        Approximate Time Painting - 15 - 30 minutes. Drying - depends on weather, in humid weather it will take a few days. The final assembly takes about 5 - 10 minutes.


        • clear glass ornaments, any shape
        • craft paints - I used acrylic craft, glass, and metallic paints
        • small plastic or paper cups
        • wired ribbon
        • craft glue
        • ornament hooks


        1. Carefully remove the gold fixture at the top of your ornament. Choose your paint colors and, using one at a time, drip some on the inside glass at the top of the ornament. Use enough paint so that it will run down inside the ornament. As the paint moves, twist and turn the ornament to swirl the paint - this takes a little patience, but you can't make a mistake. You will swirl one paint color before adding another and all of your designs will be different.
        2. When the ornament is painted to your liking, turn it upside down over a small plastic or paper cup to allow the excess paint to drain. Check the ornament every so often and wipe any paint that has collected around the top on a paper towel. Allow the ornament to sit in the top of the cup until the paint is dry.
        3. When the paint has dried, insert the gold fixture and use wired ribbon (I liked the look of wide ribbon) to tie a bow around the top. Glue the ribbon in place and add an ornament hook.

        By Marie from West Dundee, IL

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        Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

        Popsicle Stick Tree OrnamentHere's a cute tree ornament that is made from buttons, Popsicle sticks, and a little ribbon. Take 2 Popsicle sticks and form an x and glue where the two sticks connect. Take other 2 and form a + and glue where two sticks connect.


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        Candy Apple Ornament

        Candy Apple Ornament

        Get or use some red ball ornaments, a little ribbon, mini muffin paper and a popsicle stick to put together a cute little candy apple ornament.

        Just remove the hanging hook and hardware from the ornament ball and glue a popsicle stick into the hole. Glue the ball into the mini paper muffin cup and tie a little ribbon around the stick. I also add the YEAR and drill a tiny hole in the top of the stick to hang it. Great on gifts or at ornament give aways.

        Simple but oh so cute!

          Candy Apple Ornament

          By Donna [291]

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          Christmas Decorations - Santa and Other Dolls

          Make a Santa, fairy, or other dolls to decorate Christmas trees, easily, using simple household items like blank papers, cotton, and used gift-wraps. Santa and Angel Ornament Finished

          Editors Note: This could be a good craft for the kids to help make decorations.

          Approximate Time: less than an hour


          • scraps of paper (the stiffer the better :)
          • colored gift-wraps
          • cotton, wool
          • thread and needle
          • sketch pens
          • scissors
          • glue and cellotape
          Supplies for Santa Ornament


          1. Take a small rectangular piece of paper and stick a piece of red gift-wrap of the same size on it.
          2. Square piece of shiny red Gift Wrap

          3. Fold it in the shape of a cone and stick the edges with glue.
          4. Gift Wrap Cone

          5. Cut off the base. Gift Wrap Cone 2

          6. Cut a piece of paper (get a colored paper or color a white paper) in circular shape to make the head of Santa.
          7. Cone and Circle

          8. Glue cotton on the face to make Santa's hair and beard.
          9. Santa Face

          10. Draw his eyes with a pen.
          11. Make a hole on top of the cone to tie the thread for hanging the doll from the tree.
          12. Santa Ornament 1

          13. Then stick the head on with glue in front of it.
          14. I glued some cotton to the base of the cone and made a cap cutting a triangular piece of gift-wrap and gluing some cotton on it for added effect. Santa Ornament 2

          And the Santa's done! Santa and Angel Ornament

          Similarly, I made the fairy using different colored gift-wraps, gluing wool on her head for hair and gluing some gift-wraps, cut as wings, to her back. Angel Ornament

          With little tweaks, the same process can be used to make any doll of your choice. All we need is a little imagination :)

          By Gunja from West Bengal, India Santa and Angel Ornament on Tree

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          Book Pocket Ornaments

          Book Pocket OrnamentI am a library director and we no longer use book pockets, but I notice scrapbooking companies sell them and people use them for photos, mementos, etc. I have used this idea for a versatile, quick ornament that most any age group would enjoy. Possibilities are endless. Your family will pull out the items and look at them for years to come.

          Approximate Time: 20 minutes


          • one or two book pockets
          • copies of photos, copies of paper keepsakes, or copies of storybook images
          • buttons, rick rack, other notions
          • glitter, stickers, etc.
          • glue
          • scissors, hole punch
          • thin string for hanging


          1. If you're using just one pocket, begin by selecting your image and cutting it out. Lay aside.
          2. Add whatever trims you want to you pocket. Red rick rack is nice, but get creative with this little canvas! Not too many heavy items, though.
          3. Punch a hole in the top and add string.
          4. Place your item in the pocket.
          5. At the library, I copied pages from vintage books, but little kids love doing photos of themselves. You could use ticket stubs, hospital bracelet from a newborn, whatever. I suggest using copies of things. Laminate them if you want.
          6. My pockets were adhesive-backed, so I put 2 together, attaching the string in between with tape. (I put the "big sister" on one side and the "little sister" on the other. You could put a photo from the event on one side and a ticket stub on the other.

          As I said, these pockets are available with scrapbooking supplies, but if you ask your local librarian nicely, she or he may give you some!

          By Cindy from Waynesburg, PA

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          Article: Homemade Christmas Ornaments

          Photo of someone making an ornament.Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun event that can involve the entire family. By creating homemade decorations, it can involve the family even more. A night spent making ornaments could be the moment when an heirloom is created, or at least a family memory.

          Get Artsy

          Ask the artists in the family to draw small pictures on cardstock. Then, glue round toothpicks to the edge and overlap them at the corners in log cabin style. Build a few layers to create a frame around the pictures, and loop some ribbon through the top to hang.

          Family Photos

          Make a photo tree by using copies of your family photos, preferably head shots. Collect bottle tops from bottles of Snapple or similar packaging. Paint the caps in festive colors or add glitter to the backs. Leave the inside of the caps alone. Use the cap as a template to cut out the photos so they fit inside the caps. Then, coat the inside with a thin layer of glue and place the photo inside. Glue some ribbon to the top of the cap to hang.

          Vacation Memories

          Plan ahead for next year and collect souvenirs from a family vacation for the holiday tree. Collect shells and hot glue ribbon to them to hang them from the tree. Another option is to purchase the empty ornaments sold at a craft store for filling. Then, while on vacation, gather a small cup of sand for your ornament (store it in a plastic water bottle for transport.) Other souvenirs can be added to the ornaments such as ticket stubs or foreign coins.

          Have a Ball

          Stock the kitchen table with paint, white glue, scraps of wrapping paper, and other small craft pieces. Add a plastic bowl filled with white glue and a few paintbrushes. Last, set out a dozen or so ping-pong balls with a small eye hook screwed into each. Then, bring in the family. Each person should decorate a ball in whatever fashion he/she likes. Coating a ball with white glue and torn pieces of scrap paper creates a decoupage design.

          Feeding Frenzy

          Try decorating an outdoor pine tree this year and give a feast to the outdoor animals. Bring the family outside and use only edible decor. Popcorn can be strung into garland or it could be "glued" onto apples with peanut butter. Oranges simply need to be hung to add color to the tree, and apples add even more variety. Corn cobs are a favorite of wild animals, and they can hang from the tree or be fashioned together in star and snowflake shapes.

          Editor's Note: To see all our homemade Christmas crafts, follow this link:

          By Kelly Ann Butterbaugh

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          Tootsie Pop Tree Ornament

          A Tootsie Pop tree ornament.Very easy and cute ornaments :-) Have made dozens of these over the past quarter of a century and love seeing them on the trees of friends and family's homes who have kept them and still hang them :-)


          • 4 inch square fabric of choice, cut with pinking shears
          • thread of choice
          • Popsicle sticks (fancy or plain)
          • small styrofoam balls
          • needle for thread


          Place Popsicle stick in to a Styrofoam ball. Cover Styrofoam ball with fabric and tie thread around the fabric at the base of the ball.

          At the top of the Styrofoam ball, use threaded needle to create a "loop" for hanging the ornament on the tree.

          By Deeli from Richland, WA

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          Tip: Mitten Christmas Ornament

          As you know, young children tend to lose things. My son recently lost a mitten and I just didn't want to throw away the remaining one. So I decided to turn it into a Christmas tree ornament. I sewed on a ribbon to hang it with. I wrote with glitter glue, his name, the month, and year. Now it goes on the tree, and will be put up every year. Years from now, he'll ask about it and I'll have a memory to share and a date to go with it.

          By Nicky from St. Thomas, ON

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          Santa Belly Ornament

          Santa belt ornament

          Approximate Time: 15 minutes


          • glue
          • red Christmas ball (plastic if working with kids)
          • gold glitter glue
          • black glitter
          • paper plate


          1. Very easy; take red Christmas bulb and make band around entire bulb.
          2. Roll ornament in black glitter, which I put on paper plate or you can sprinkle on. (Note is you don't want to used glitter make band using felt or velour scrap material). Let dry.
          3. Come back and use gold glitter glue and draw belt buckle.

          Notes: If you are doing with kids use plastic bulbs as the glass may shatter if they use too much pressure.

          By Crafter from MA

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          Tip: Ice Cream Cone Ornaments

          Quick, easy, and fun for children to make.


          • cones (ice cream cones)
          • solid colored Christmas ball ornaments
          • small white pom-pom's
          • clear fishing line or string
          • glue (white - like Elmer's - is fine)


          Glue the ornament to the mouth of the cone.

          Cut about an 9 inch piece of fishing line or string and knot the two ends together (mom or dad may have to help with this).

          Glue the pom pom to the top of the ornament with the knot of the line/string underneath the pom pom.

          Voila! A brilliantly colored ice cream cone ornament for your tree! A tree decorated entirely with and nothing but the ornaments (and maybe some beads draped around the tree) is really cute.

          By Susan from Birmingham, AL

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          Tip: Turn Wind Chimes Into Ornaments

          This is a tip for wind chimes that can't endure wind and don't have too much chime. Such as ones that are constructed of plastic, nylon string, and thin aluminum tubes. The tubes are usually decorative and have 2 holes on one end. Find a 'piece' such as a bead, an old jewelry stone or an ornamental piece of that broken chime. The piece should have a thread space. Measure your string, thread, twine, cord, etc., as you would like your ornament (tube and piece) to hang. I triple mine.

          1. Thread piece.
          2. Knot to your preference.
          3. Thread the 2 ends of string through the 2 tube holes.
          4. Pull both ends of string through the inside of tube
          5. Top off your ornament as you like. I use a paper clip sprayed with a cheap adhesive and dipped in glitter.

          6. Finish off by securing string with a dab of hot glue.

          By Cindy from Key West, FL

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          Tip: Glittery Wooden Clothes Pins for Christmas Ornaments

          Spray pin with cheap white paint and use what ever coloring items you want. Good for chip bag clips, refrigerator magnets (glue a strip of magnetic piece to pin). I like glitter for Christmas tree ornaments. When clipped on to pine tree the tree lights really reflect the glitter.


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          Tip: Seashell Christmas Globe Ornaments

          I live at the beach and constantly pick up interesting shells and rocks. I have been wanting to use them in an interesting craft and decided I would start looking for very tiny shells and very tiny rocks. I am taking clear glass Christmas ornaments and putting a little sand in the ornament and a few small shells and small rocks. I fill to about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the ornament. I glue the top on and tie raffia or small ribbon around the top.

          I hope to use these for friends and relatives who live far away. I might add a small starfish to the front of the bow if I can find any that are small enough. I might also try some of these in a local craft fair, and might write the names of the local beaches on the bulb.

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          Tip: Kids' Santa Ornament

          Green Santa.You will need red or green puff paper (I get it at the dollar store), cotton balls, glue, a small pic of the kid that is doing the ornament, black gel pen, silver gel pen, and scissors.

          Have the kids trace their hands and cut them out. Color in the shoes and belt with the black gel pen and the belt buckle with the silver gel pen. Glue the cotton for the hair, beard, and trim on suit. Let dry, add kid's pic in center. This is so cute. You can make sugar cookie dough, roll out, kids can trace their hands, cut them out and do turkeys. This is very cute too. Fun for you and the kids.

          By Sheri from Stockton, CA

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          Spool Snowman Ornament

          Snowman spool ornament.Every year my kids and I make a handmade ornament for their tree and one extra for the family tree. This is what we came up with this year.


          • wooden spools
          • white acrylic paint
          • clear sealant
          • homespun fabric
          • jingle bells
          • paint for eyes, nose, and mouth


          1. I found these wooden spools on clearance on Hobby Lobby, but they have these at Walmart for 8 spools for $2.00. We started out by painting the spools with white acrylic paint and clear sealant. Let dry for 5 minutes each.
          2. I ripped a piece of a 12 inch homespun fabric, strung it to the jingle bell, and tied 2 knots.
          3. We strung the first spool and tied 2 knots, second spool and tied 2 knots, and strung the third spool and made a loop big enough for it to hang, then tied a knot.
          4. We added the eyes, nose with paint. The smile we used was black puffed paint. It didn't cost much to make at all, less than $3.00.

          By Bonnie from Norman, OK

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          Craft: Four Homemade Christmas Ornaments

          Here are Christmas ornaments that I made at different items. Photo of four homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

          Approximate Time 30 minutes each


          • ice cream sticks
          • pipe cleaners
          • beads
          • acrylic paint
          • hot glue and gun
          • ribbon



          For the icicle, take a white or silver pipe cleaner as long as you want. Take the crystal beads and start with the smaller ones on the bottom. After you have twisted the pipe cleaner on the end to keep the beads from falling off, then use the bigger beads as you get to the top as in picture. Twist down at top and attach hanger.

          Bead Candy Cane

          For the bead candy cane, take a red pipe cleaner and twist in the shape of the cane then twist up one end. Put your beads on, you can make it as big as you want or use any colors you want. Keep putting the beads on until you get to the end. Twist that end of the pipe cleaner around the last bead and attach an ornament hanger.


          For the sled, take 4 medium size ice cream sticks and glue together side by side then take 2 small ones or cut one of the medium ones in two and glue on bottom as in picture. Attach string to hang on tree. You can personalize it if you like. I hope you and your kids will make these and hang on your tree and enjoy.

          Candy Cane

          For the pipe cleaner candy cane, take 2 different colored pipe cleaners and twist them around each other then shape like a cane. Then take a green one and shape like leaves as in picture and twist around the cane. Attach an ornament hanger.

          By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

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          Tip: Homemade Texas Ornaments

          Here are two easy homemade ornaments. The snowman was made from a shotgun shell. Empty of course. It has a little felt cowboy hat that was purchased.

          By Frances from Tarzan, TX


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          Homemade Snowflake Glass Ornaments

          Snow filled glass ornaments with snowflake stickers.These are so easy to make and look so elegant.


          • empty clear glass ball ornaments
          • artificial snow
          • snowflake stickers
          • 1 plastic straw
          • funnel (optional)


          1. All you do is remove the lid from each ball ornament and fill each ornament about 1/2 way to 1/3 way with the artificial snow. You can either use a funnel to get the snow in the ball, or you can angle cut the end of a straw to use as a little scoop for picking up the snow and then putting down into the mouth of the ornament to get the snow easily inside. (I found this easier than the funnel as the funnel gets a bit clogged).
          2. Once you have your snow inside the ornament, put the silver cover back on (I use hot glue to seal mine so they don't ever slip off).
          3. Adhere your sticker on the outside of the ornament.

          These are so pretty, they look so fancy and you can really make a bunch of them at a very low cost.

          By Michele from East Bethel, MN

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          Tip: Christmas Traditions: Making Ornaments

          When I was a kid, I always wanted a themed Christmas tree like you see in stores or in the movies. We had the kind of tree with mismatched ornaments that had been handed down or picked up secondhand. No one can really afford to have all their ornaments match, right?

          When my oldest daughter was 2, I noticed all the fun projects she would bring home from daycare. I didn't want her to do all the fun stuff with other people. I decided that we would make good memories at home too. We started making ornaments. We pick a new color or theme every year.

          The first, year our colors were red and white. She made very simple pipe cleaner crafts like candy canes and I made ornaments with red ribbon and scraps of lace. The second year, we made white snowflakes with cornstarch dough and decorated them with beads and glitter. We've put starched string around small inflated water balloons, popped them when they were dry and then glittered them. This year, we got pretty ambitious. We are making butterflies and dragonflies with wire and pantyhose, then decorating them.

          We never spend much money on supplies, we usually just use stuff we have already in the house. We keep a few ornaments to remind us of what we've done and either donate or toss the rest of them. We also make extras for teacher gifts, again saving money. We have a beautiful tree every year and the time we spend together gives us the best Christmas memories!

          By Lisa from Lena, WI

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          Wooden Gingerbread Ornaments

          Wooden ornaments.


          • wooden shapes
          • decorative snow
          • real candy sprinkles
          • ice cream stick to apply snow
          • drill and small drill bit to make hole for hanger (if you can't find any wooden shapes with holes already in it)
          • brown paint (if you want to paint the shapes to look like gingerbread)


          1. Drill hole first if you need to do that.
          2. Paint shapes if you want, let dry.
          3. Take ice cream stick and apply snow to look like cookie frosting.
          4. Apply sprinkles if you like, be sure to do that before snow dries. It usually takes 12 to 24 hours for snow to dry, I let mine sit overnight.

          By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

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          Tip: Christmas Ornaments From Curtain Rings

          Shower curtain rings decorated as Christmas ornaments.An old curtain ring made into a Christmas decor. First I washed them then let them dry (alternatively painted them) then sketch a design on it with glue and sprinkled with glittering dusts. Attach a ribbon formed in bowtie and glue with a pearl or button (alternatively twined with tube cleaner). Tie a silver, gold, a crochet thread so it is easy to hang on the Christmas tree or in windows.

          By Lourna from Ronneby, Sweden

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          Tip: Reusing Baby Mobiles As Christmas Ornaments

          Each of my baby girls had their own infant/crib mobile. When the baby outgrew her infant/crib mobile, I took the mobile apart and made Christmas tree ornaments out of the pieces by attaching some silk holly and a pretty ribbon. So to this day, my tree has the unique mobile shaped ornaments that my girls reached out for and touched as infants. My daughters, all grown now, will have their very first Christmas ornaments to hang on their own Christmas trees when they marry. Hope others try this idea, too.

          By Tricia from Royal Oak, MI

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          Personalized Christmas Balls

          Personalized Christmas BallsCreating a personalized, ornamental ball for the tree can be as individual as you like. Mine are red balls with golden glass paint depicting a design and each loved one's name.


          • a large garbage bag or several sheets of newspaper
          • several plain Christmas balls
          • glass paint with writing tip (available at most craft or art centers)
          • metallic thread
          • scissors
          • paper
          • pencil


          1. Before you start, clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting paint on the table.
          2. Start by creating a template of the design you want to paint with pencil on a piece of paper. Incorporate the name of a loved one into the design.
          3. Take out your Christmas ball. Cut a length of thread from the spool and thread it through the hoop on the top of the ornament. Create a loop to hang your completed ornament by.
          4. Once your design is ready, open your bottle of glass paint. Remove the cap and screw the writing tip onto the end of the bottle. Copy your design onto the Christmas ball.
          5. Hang the ball on the tree or from a hanger to dry.
          6. Complete steps two to five for each personalized ball you want to create.
          7. Give your completed ornament to its namesake or hang it on the tree as a reminder of the one you love. (Originally Published 12/4/2005)

          By Christine Weber

          By Christine Weber

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          Red Riding Hood Ornaments

          Red Riding Hood ornament on tree.Few can resist these tiny ornaments - cheerful ladies with red head kerchiefs and hazelnut skirts dancing on an evergreen bough.

          Materials and Equipment:

          • a large plastic bag or several sheets of newspaper
          • a hazelnut
          • a small wooden ball, about a 1/2 inch in diameter
          • a square of red felt, about 6 x 6 inches
          • a piece of red embroidery floss, about 10 inches long
          • craft glue
          • super glue
          • a lid from a used plastic container (such as a yogurt container)
          • a glue spreader or Q-tip
          • fabric or pinking shears


          1. Before starting, clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting glue on the table.
          2. Glue the wooden ball to the top of the hazelnut. Make sure the ball is not directly on the nut tip, but is placed forward, so it looks like a head slightly nodding down (see photo). Hold in place until glue is dry and the ball is firmly stuck. If the ball is not sticking properly, you may need to use super glue.
          3. Take out the red felt. Cut out a semicircle with your fabric or pinking shears. This is going to become the head kerchief. If using pinking shears, the flat edge of the semicircle should not be pinked. The flat edge should be about 4 inches long, but you will have to determine the correct size for your wooden ball, as sizes will vary. Before applying glue, do a test by placing the semicircle over the wooden ball/hazelnut form like a head kerchief (see photo). Pinch the felt around the 'neck' where the ball and the nut meet. Cut the felt to size if it is too large or cut a new piece if it is too small.
          4. When you have the size correct, pour a small puddle of craft glue onto the plastic container lid. Spread craft glue on the wooden ball where the head kerchief will sit. Don't place any glue on the hazelnut. Place the felt on the wooden ball and press it down against the glue until it is firmly stuck.
          5. Take the piece of red embroidery floss and tie it around the 'neck' of the figure, cinching the head kerchief in as you do so. Make sure there are two even ends of floss left hanging, and tie a secure not. Turn the knot to the back of the figure.
          6. Tie a knot at the top of the two loose ends, creating a loop to hang the figure on the tree.
          7. Place your Red Riding Hood ornament on the tree and watch for wolves!

          By Christine Weber

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          Jingle Bell Ornaments

          Closeup of ornament on tree.This is simple but children love it. Decorate silver or gold store bought jingle bells with a sparkling ribbon and ring accordingly!

          Materials and Equipment:

          • a gold or silver jingle bell
          • a thin piece of metallic ribbon, about 10 inches long, color of your choice
          • metallic thread, gold or silver
          • scissors


          1. Place the jingle bell in front of you. You can use any size of bell you like. The one in the photo is about 1.5 inches in diameter, but I have also done this craft with smaller bells.
          2. Cut off a length of thread, about ten to twelve inches long. Loop the thread through the hanger on the top of the jingle bell and tie the loose ends into a knot. You can use this loop to hang the bell on an evergreen branch or a doorknob.
          3. Take your piece of ribbon and thread it through the hanger on the top of the bell. Tie the ribbon into a bow. I find ribbon with wire incorporated into it works well here, as you can fashion the bow into a more three-dimensional structure and it will stay in that shape.
          4. Hang your jingle bell on your tree or wherever you like. Be sure to give it a ring now and then!

          By Christine Weber

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          Nut Ornament

          Gold painted nut ornament.Almonds and walnuts painted gold or silver with a small bow attached are simple and lovely hung from the tree. Add a touch of glitter for extra pizzazz!

          Materials and Equipment:

          • a large plastic bag or several sheets of newspaper
          • a walnut or almond in its shell
          • acrylic decorative paint in gold or silver
          • a paintbrush
          • a lid from a used plastic container (such as a yogurt container)
          • a thin piece of ribbon, about 10 inches long, color of your choice
          • thread
          • scissors
          • craft glue
          • glue stick (optional)
          • metallic glitter (optional)


          1. Before starting, clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting paint on the table.
          2. Pour a small puddle of metallic paint onto the plastic container lid. Paint the walnut or almond shell completely. Your fingers may get paint on them, but it will wash off easily. Set the nut aside to dry.
          3. Optional: If you like the nut in the photo, add a light layer of glue (use a glue stick or glue spreader) and sprinkle metallic glitter over the nut for some extra holiday glitz!
          4. Cut off a piece of the thread, about 10 inches long. Place a dab of craft glue on the top of the nut and press the thread into it. Set aside to dry.
          5. Once the glue is dry, tie the loose ends of the thread into a knot. This will form a loop with which to hang the ornament from the tree.
          6. Tie your piece of ribbon into a bow. Place another dab of glue on the top of the nut and press the bow onto it. Hold until you feel the bow is sticking. Allow to dry completely.
          7. Hang the nut ornament on your Christmas tree. After Christmas, you can store the ornaments for the next holiday season, as they will last for several years.

          By Christine Weber

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          Tip: Pretzel Christmas Ornament

          Pretzels decorated with glitter and tied with the paper tag.

          These ornaments are easy enough for pre-schoolers to do. Just smear some Elmer's glue on the front of your pretzel and dip it in some glitter. Cut a piece of yarn for your hanger. Type up the label on your computer. You can get a lot on 1 piece of paper. Cut them out and use a hole punch on the side of the label. It says:

          "The pretzel was first made in the 7th century in Europe. It was shaped to look like a praying child's hands. May this pretzel ornament on your tree remind you of the true meaning of Christmas."

          Run the yarn through the hole in the label and then through the pretzel. Tie a knot in the yarn and you have a beautiful Christmas ornament for your tree.

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          Tip: Heart Ornaments from Scrap Fabric

          Pieced heart shaped ornaments decorated with buttons. Take old scraps of quilting if you have some or your favorite fabrics and cut out a few hearts and sew up leaving a small place to stuff them and then whip stitch them shut. Then hot glue green and red antique or old buttons on them for extra charm.

          Sew on a gold ribbon or color of your choice for hanging. I sent them to my chat friends for Christmas. They are very light and don't cost to much to send and my friends loved the.

          By Connie from Ballwin, MO

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          Wooden Snowflakes

          Wooden snowflakes painted white.Intricate wooden snowflakes are painted white and hung on the tree with silver thread. An optional touch of glitter provides extra pizzazz for those who like their holidays to sparkle!

          Materials and Equipment:

          • a large plastic bag or several sheets of newspaper
          • several three-dimensional wooden snowflake forms, unpainted (I like to use snowflakes that are 4 x 4 inches, and about 1/8 inch thick.)
          • white acrylic decorating paint
          • one spool of silver metallic thread
          • a small paintbrush
          • two lids from used plastic containers (such as a yogurt container)
          • white or silver glitter (optional)
          • craft glue (optional)
          • a glue spreader or Q-tip (optional)
          • bottle caps or buttons, one for each snowflake (optional)


          1. Before you start, clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting paint on the table.
          2. Pour a small puddle of white paint onto one of the plastic container lids.
          3. Load your paintbrush with the paint and paint one side of a wooden snowflake form until evenly covered. Place the snowflake on the plastic or newspaper paint side up to dry.
          4. Repeat step three for all the snowflakes you wish to complete. Allow to dry.
          5. Next, paint the reverse side of each snowflake. Allow to dry again.
          6. Finally, paint the rim of each snowflake. Allow to dry.
          7. If applying glitter, pour a small puddle of glue onto the other plastic container lid. With the glue spreader or Q-tip, spread glue along the edges of each snowflake. Shake glitter over the glue until covered, tapping off any excess. Allow each snowflake to dry, placing bottle caps or buttons under them, or any thing that will prevent the glue from touching the table.
          8. Once all your snowflakes are completely dry, tie a piece of the metallic thread to each one (about 6" of thread per snowflake). Tie the other end into a loop.
          9. Hang snowflakes from your Christmas tree or in a window and "Let it snow"!

          By Christine Weber

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          Crafted Christmas Ornaments Became a Business

          About 30 years ago I needed to make some items for our school PTA fundraiser. I bought some wooden curtain rings and some little angels at a craft store and glued the angels into the rings.

          I had a good time and sold them all.

          Out of those ornaments came a business that has supported me and my kids for all these years. As you can see they aren't quite as simple as the first ones.

          Now I make all kinds of sports, pets, and ornaments to celebrate any milestones of the year. I still love it.

          Mine are made of wood, using a full woodshop, but you could still make some with the curtain rings and little figures from a craft store. If you personalize, use regular acrylic paints and a 5/0 brush.

          Molly's First Christmas Ornament

          By Jeneene Brengelman from Cincinnati, OH

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          Tip: Making Yarn Sparkle

          Rub yarn in glitter to make it sparkle. Great to use for kids' craft Christmas ornaments.

          By Vickie from Canton, MI

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          Tip: Cinnamon Apple Sauce Ornaments

          Ok, it's Christmas in July, er August! Make these and store them for Christmas or use them hanging in your car.


          • 1/2 cup applesauce
          • 1/2 cup cinnamon
          • 1 Tbsp. white glue



        1. Mix together and roll on lightly floured cloth till 1/8 inch thick.
        2. Cut into desired shapes using cookie cutters or a knife.
        3. Use a knitting needle to put a small hole at the top of your ornament to place an ornament hanger later.
        4. Cook in preheated 200 degree F oven until hard, about 1 1/2 hours.
        5. By Christi

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          Tip: Elf Sitting on Spool

          I made this several years ago at Christmas time. I'll try to describe it.

          A Christmas elf sitting on the spool. Wind some knitting wool on the spool. Glue it at start of winding, wrap around and glue a tab at the end to hold it. Leave a little piece dangling down.

          You need: a small wooden bead for the elf head, green chenille pipe cleaners, the bumpy kind, felt to make a pointed hat, a little fake fur (if you have some to glue on the hat). A small ribbon bow glued to the neck area. Take the pipe cleaners and bend so it looks like an elf, stick the bead head on top and glue. Bend him so he looks like he's sitting on the top of the spool with feet dangling. Make a loop to hang the finished spool/elf on a tree. You can also make a few dots on the bead for a face.

          I hope you can get an idea of what I'm talking about!

          By Syd

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          Tip: Styrofoam Beads for Christmas Ornaments

          You can make beads to string on thread or thin elastic for bracelets or necklaces or Christmas ornaments by punching holes with a hole punch in Styrofoam egg cartons and meat trays. The black meat or frozen food trays make great beads for teens and adults. Add beads from old broken necklaces or alternate different colors of Styrofoam. Use the pastel colored egg cartons for Easter. Just thread a needle, poke in the center of your little holes and string them up. Have fun.

          By Linda in GV

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          Juice Box Book Tree Ornaments

          To make these cute Christmas tree ornaments, an adult should cut across the bottom of an empty juice box to open it up. Rinse well and dry. Tape the slit back up. For a Bible, have your child cover the box with black construction or tissue paper. Wrap it like a little gift.


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          Here are questions related to Homemade Christmas Ornaments.

          Question: Plastic Canvas Ornament Pattern

          I'm looking for a plastic canvas pattern for small ornaments in shape of slippers; one looks like a reindeer, the other a panda bear. Found them in a second hand store.

          Twila from Alexandria, VA

          AnswerWas this interesting? Yes No

          Best Answer

          By Twila Bizzoco 1 1 03/22/2008

          Panda came out best. Difficult to scan as they are 3-D. I will probably have to make a template and do some counting! Won't be difficult.

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          Question: Making Plastic Canvas Christmas Ornaments

          Does anyone have anything to share on plastic canvas Christmas ornaments that I can do to make?

          By Stacey H from PA

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          Best Answer

          By Sandi/Poor But Proud 449 2,075 07/30/2012

          This might give you a place to start! I hope this helps. Sandi

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          Question: Thrifty Christmas Ornaments?

          I want to make some Christmas ornaments. Does anyone have any good, thrifty ideas?


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          Most Recent Answer

          By Cynthia Mullen (Guest Post) 12/09/2008

          I'm from TX. We Texans are so full of state pride, we are bustin' with it! I found a TX shaped cookie cutter and I have a bunch of polymer clay. I went to Hobby Lobby tho, and found some red and blue with sparkles in it.

          So I rolled out this clay and cut out TX. shapes. At the top, in the panhandle, I took a plastic straw and punched out holes for white ribbon, and then baked the clay. After all of them are done and strung, I bought silver and gold paint pens and I plan to write a Christmas greeting on them and give them as gifts. Having a blast with it!

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          Question: Instructions for Cracker Box Ornaments

          Looking to trade Cracker Box ornament kit instructions. I need "Very Berry" and "Baubles, Bangles and Beads". I have other rare and retired instructions to trade.

          Leighton from Orlando, FL

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          Most Recent Answer

          By MathMom 1 01/19/2015

          Happy to trade Cracker Box instructions. I have about 100, some "Golden Oldies". No $ just exchange.

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          Question: Making Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Ornaments

          I saw ice cream cones with Xmas balls on top as Xmas tree ornaments. The cone was sealed with something to make it hard and sealed. It was clear. Can anyone please tell me what that sealer was? All the crafter would tell me is it is a plastic sealer solution you dip it in. Help! I want to make them for Xmas. Thank you.

          By Lois from Corinth, MS

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Pixiedust7 7 829 10/17/2010

          It sounds to me like they were dipped in decoupage plastic. Just be careful that little kids and animals don't try to eat them, whatever you use.

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          Question: Making Tin Punched Christmas Ornaments

          Does anyone know where I can find patterns for tin punch Christmas ornaments?

          By Emily from WV

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          Most Recent Answer

          By KL 3 554 12/04/2009

          Just ran across these ornaments on the WD site and they have simple shapes that you might use for templates also:

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          Question: Paint Not Sticking to Glass Ornaments

          How do I get paint to stick on glass ball ornaments?

          <p>Elizabeth from Alabama</p>

          AnswerWas this interesting? Yes No

          Most Recent Answer

          By Beth 25 1,120 12/15/2008

          I know when you are painting the outside you need to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. Perhaps you could try rinsing out the inside with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.

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          Question: Making Fabric Christmas Ornaments

          I am making primitive Xmas ornaments and would like to cut some stages. Can I mix Elmer's glue and instant coffee and brush it on the ornaments? Or can you suggest another easier alternative?

          By Janet S from Rock Tavern, NY

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          Question: Making Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

          Vintage ornament and popcorn garland on tree.I am looking for patterns for Christmas ornaments and decorations from 1900 to 1949. My mother-in-law had a beautiful set of hand made decorations from those years. Unfortunately, her house burned and she died in the fire and all the ornaments were burned. I would like to make ornaments like that and make up packages to give to family members in "Remembrance of Momma".

          Thank you for any help you can give me.

          By Jackie

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          Below are photos related to this guide.

          Making Christmas Ornaments

          Christmas ornaments I am making for Christmas to put on the tree. Made with plastic canvas.

          By Carolyn from E Northport, NY

          Plastic canvas ornaments.

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          Archive: Homemade Christmas Ornaments

          I would like to make some Christmas Ornaments for a Holiday Craft Show at our church. Does anyone have some ideas, or possibly some websites where I can get some ideas from?