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Cleaning a Ceiling Fan

Photo of a ceiling fan.

With ceiling fans being up high and out of reach, we tend to neglect cleaning them regularly. When we do finally get around to it, the layer of dust can be quite thick. This is a guide about cleaning a ceiling fan.



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Tip: Panty Hose to Keep Ceiling Fan Clean

An easy way to keep ceiling fans clean. Cut the legs off old pantyhose and put one on each blade, stretching them until the whole blade is covered. You'll have extra at the motor end so twist this until it's a tight roll then tuck it back into the "leg". When the pantyhose gets dusty, just remove and wash.

We live on the edge of a gibber desert where it's very dusty so our fans are always dressed in their best. No longer plain white, they look very colourful. They're currently wearing purple and black.

Works well in the city also, where fans pick up city grime.

By magicalmarilyn from Millstream, Western Australia

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Question: Cleaning a Ceiling Fan

What is the best way to clean a ceiling fan?

Onesummer from Atlanta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By cajunangel (Guest Post)11/07/2007

Dollar General sells a circular brush cleaner with long handle for cleaning fans. It's wonderful and very inexpensive. Haven't tried putting any spray cleaner on it but probably could.

Question: Removing Grease Film on Ceiling Fan

I have two white ceiling fans in my kitchen and I clean them with Comet liquid but it still doesn't get the grease film off. What can I use to clean them?

By Momma Dobson from KS

Most Recent Answer

By Carol04/18/2010

I like "Greased Lightening". This even removes burned on grease from a broiler pan!