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Cleaning the Bathtub


How do I clean my bathtub with ease? I spend a lot of time bending and reaching while cleaning the tub. I was wondering if the Mr. Clean Reach mop (short handle) will help. Also, what can I spray on my tub daily to minimize cleaning?

By Onesummer


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By Joan [13] 03/25/2010

Some of the catalogs that I get, that I refer to as "junk" catalogs have long handles tub scrubbers in them. I have one that is like a scrub brush and it has an adjustable handle. It is really handy.

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By R.Smith 03/25/2010

Use a product called Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner or a less expensive product called Daily Shower Cleaner Spray. Tilex is available at Walmart and most supermarkets. Daily Shower Cleaner is available at Dollar Giant stores. After using shower rinse down with clear hot water. Then spray tub with Tilex or Daily shower. I have not had to "scrub" my tub for six years. No, its not dirty!

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By kathleen williams [76] 03/25/2010

I use a long handle sponge mop & a mixture of vinegar & baking soda, (half & half of each) to clean with, good luck.

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By Della 03/29/2010

I use the mr clean magic reach, and I am very glad I bought it. It has a handle that you can change the length on. I have a lot of arthritis, and fibromyalgia that makes it very difficult for me to clean the tub too, with all the pain.
This thing has made it so much easier for me. With the swivel head, you don't need to be a contortionist either! :)
It has made all the difference for me. I do recommend you try it.
God bless, Della

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By Lelia Jo Cordell [51] 04/01/2010

Someone put a good tip out just this week about this. They said to basically mop out your tub, although I think something lightweight would be better.
As for reducing soap scum between cleanings; a dear friend recommended vinegar water in a 3.1 ratio - 3 parts water, 1 part white vinegar. Fill a small spray bottle, and spritz your tub, shower and all, after each use. In other words, Tilex on a shoestring, I guess you could say.

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By ddc700 [1] 04/21/2013

I spray the tub with shout laundry stain remover and I use a magic erase sponge, I bought at the dollar store. I have knee pain and fibromyalgia so this make cleaning the tub and sink much quicker and easier.

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