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▲︎ Cleaning Bedrooms


Cleaning Bedrooms

This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your bedroom clean and organized.

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Use Silk Pillowcases Inside Cotton
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Beach Towel To Protect Pillow

Hubby has oily skin and, being bald, he has no hair that absorbs at least some of the oil on his scalp. I bought several used beach towels at the Thrift Store and made them into pillow cases that I put over the pillow to protect it before slipping on the pretty top pillow case.

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Red Wine Stain on Memory Foam

How do I get it out of my memory foam mattress?

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King Size Pillows Too Short for Shams

My king pillows are too short for my king shams. Any ideas on how to fill out the rest of the sham?

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Removing a Black Currant Stain on a Mattress
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Simplify Stripping Bed Sheets

The one thing I hate is stripping the bed sheets and re-making the bed. I have a tip that saves time and adds padding. I put every single fitted sheet I have on the mattress over one another.

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Cleaning a Posturepedic Mattress

How do I clean and deodorize my Sealy Posturepedic mattress? It smells like sweat!

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Removing Blood Stains on Memory Foam Mattress

How do you get blood stains off a memory foam mattress?

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Protecting a Mattress
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Tablecloth as Waterproof Bed Pad

If you need a temporary waterproof pad, use a flannel-backed plastic table cloth with the flannel side up. Works great.

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Drying a Memory Foam Mattress Quickly

If your mattress is very wet, cover with towels and walk up and down on it until the excess is soaked up. Finally stand mattress on side next to radiator and rotate as necessary. It will dry within the day.

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Make That Bed Before You Shower

I learned that I could make my bed in the time it took for the water in the shower to get warm. Smooth the sheets and fluff the pillow as you get out of the bed. Turn on the shower. Then make the other side of the bed including spread or comforter.

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Washing Down Pillows
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Keeping Sheets and Bedclothes From Sliding On The Bed

I have a memory foam mattress, and I cannot keep the sheets and bedclothes from sliding to the left. Every morning, I have to totally remake the bed, because the sheets and everything else wind up near or on the floor.

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Cleaning a Mattress
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Cleaning a Memory Foam Mattress
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Bed Making Tip for Bed Wetters

If you have a child who soaks the bed in the night, just put a rubber sheet on to protect the mattress. Then add another sheet and then another rubber sheet, and finally another sheet on top of that.

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Keeping a Foam Bed Topper Flat

I have one of those foam bed toppers on my bed. After I put the sheet on, the foam wrinkles up, almost folds in several different places. Any ideas on how to keep it flat?

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Folding Sheets for Easier Bed Making

Try this way of folding a queen size top sheet so that it can be laid by the top of the bed and unfolded to end up exactly where it should be on the bed.

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Bed Making Tips
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Tips For Making Beds

I have an easier way of making a bed up. When I make my bed in the mornings, I don't go around the bed five or six times. I do one side of bed completely before going to the other side.

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Hydrogen Peroxide For Stains

Pour on hydrogen peroxide on the stain, and immediately scrub with towel. Let dry and reapply if needed. My mattress took two treatments.

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Cleaning Stains on a Mattress
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Fragrant Bed Pillows

I love it when the air around me smells fragrant. Here's a tip for good smelling bed linens. Find a fabric softener sheet whose scent you love, and cut it in half.

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Getting Kids to Keep Their Rooms Clean
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Urine Stains on a Mattress

How do I remove urine stains on a mattress?

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Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

I cleaned a pillow top mattress with Spray Nine and it definitely got out the pee smell. This is to all those dads out there with Spray Nine.

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Remove Urine Odors From Mattresses

How do I get the smell of pee out of a mattress?

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Bed Making Tips

Kids don't make beds anymore or they don't make them properly. I have two tips just for the bed.

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Herbal Sachets for Fresh Smelling Sheets

I don't like to buy all of the expensive softeners and perfumes to make my linens smell good because they don't smell natural. It's almost always chemical.

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Cleaning a Pillow Top Mattress

How do u clean a pillow top mattress? I am not concerned so much about stains, but just a typical cleaning?

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How Can I Keep Sheets on the Mattress?

I have a question on what to do with the twin size bed sheet sets. I have several sets that do not fit on the new mattresses. Any ideas on how to keep them on? Thanks for your ideas.

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Use Tape To Keep Bedding In Place
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Cleaning Up Hair Ball Off Pillow Top Mattress

Our cats get hair balls, they throw up and this time they did it on the bed. We washed the sheets and mattress cover but it went through to our pillow top we bought from Wal-mart to go over our sleep number bed.

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Use Flat Sheets Over Comforter

With a king sized bed, washing bedding is a major task - and washing blankets and comforters sometimes necessitates a trip to a laundromat to use the high capacity machines.

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Making a Bed

When making your bed, put the fitted sheet on one corner of the foot then go around to the opposite side to the head of the bed and put the sheet on and finish. You will never again make your bed any other way, no more of the sheet slipping off.

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Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

Can anyone tell me how to clean and disinfect a mattress given to me? Then I'll buy one of those mattress cases and mattress pad. Thanks

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Cleaning Mildew on a Mattress

have mildew on a mattress, how do I clean it?

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Baking Soda And Sunshine For Freshening Pillows

Baking Soda And Sunshine For Freshening Pillows. Pillows are hard on our washers. To clean them, either take them to the laundromat and use their machines.

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Cure for Slipping Bedskirts

A cure for slipping bedskirts. If you have a problem with slipping bedskirts on your box springs, put an old fitted sheet on the box springs and hand stitch the bedskirt to the sheet. . .

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Smoothing Out a Pillow-top Mattress

I need suggestions on how to plump up or smooth out the lumps and "ditches" on my pillow top mattress. It was an expensive mattress and we turned it frequently but I am still embarrassed by the way it looks during the day. No matter what kind of comforter or bedspread I use the bumps and dips still show.

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Preventing Mattress Odors

To prevent any musky or unidentifiable odors when I change my linens I dust the mattress with baby powder. You can use the baby powder from the dollar store. Make the bed as usual and know that you will sleep like a baby. By Pat from Peoria, Az.

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Throw Up Stains on Pillow Top Mattress

I used to bottle feed my baby on my bed. But now I have baby throw up stains on my pillow top mattress. How can I remove the stains?

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Getting Smoke Smell Off a Mattress

I hope someone can help me. I was given a new mattress (but) it was in a room at the other end of a house that caught fire. How can I get that smoke smell out.

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Freshening Dresser Drawers

To freshen your dresser drawers, put a used fabric softener sheet in them.

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Cleaning Mildew From Mattresses, Rugs, Upholstery

First, remove loose mold from outer coverings of upholstered articles, mattresses, rugs, and carpets by brushing with a broom. Do this outdoors, if possible, to prevent scattering mildew spores in the house. Wash broom before re-using.

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Cleaning a Messy Room in 5 Minutes

How can you clean a very messy room in 5 minutes?

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Ink Stain On White Mattress

Ink pen opened by cats and chewed have stained brand new white mattress with dark blue, sticky pen ink. I have blotted it. What should I do next?

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Removing a Pee Stain From a Mattress?

How do you remove pee stains from mattress? dgrubb36

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Keeping a Lump Free Mattress

If you want to avoid lumps in your mattress just turn your mattress once a week. No more lump problems!

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Cleaning My Room!

Can you help me help clean my room I can't do it. -Dinmond

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