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Keeping Electric Range Drip Pans Clean

Dirty drip pan and stove top.

One way to not have to spend hours cleaning the drip pans on your range is to keep them clean. This is a guide about keeping electric range drip pans clean.



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Tip: Buying Stove Burner Covers

Always buy two sets, because inevitably you or someone in the house will burn one of your covers! Keep the burned one on the stove as a reminder, when company comes over put a new one on! For some reason, the visible burned cover makes everyone aware, so you have less accidents.

By Syd

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Question: Keeping Electric Range Drip Pans Clean

How can you keep electric range drip pans clean? You can use turtle wax on gas range drip pans, will it work with electric drip pans? I want to keep them from staining.

By Deborah from Clay City, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J06/15/2010

I have lined mine with foil, keeps from having to replace them as often. Do not wax or anything else. You might find yourself with a nice big fire.