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Cleaning Bathtub Rings

Woman Cleaning Bathtub

A well used tub will often develop rings over time. If they are allowed to build up it can be quite a chore to get rid of these unsightly rings. This is a guide about cleaning bathtub rings.



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Tip: Natural Cleaners For Bathtub Rings

To keep bathtubs sparkling clean, use an all natural paste made from baking soda and liquid Castile soap. The baking soda is a mild abrasive, Castile soap dissolves soap scum and it's safe for all surfaces. I use Dr. Bronner's liquid Castile soap in lavender to give the bathroom a wonderful scent and since it's also recommended for bathing you don't need to worry if it all doesn't rinse away. For really tough hard water stains on porcelain, a light scrubbing with a pumice stone while running the water works like a charm.

Source: I own a cleaning business and all our products are green and natural, so we've done a lot of research and experimentation to see what works and what doesn't.

By Patricia from Gulfport, MS

Tip: Bath Gel To Clean Tub Rings

I use bath gel to clean bathtub rings. I get a cheap one or use one I have but don't like. This works much better than gritty cleansers, etc.

By Monica from northeast PA

Tip: Use Inexpensive Shampoo to Clean Bathtub Rings

I have found that using an inexpensive shampoo when cleaning rings from the bathtub, that the rings and soap scum will come right off.

Source: I learned this from ThriftyFun.

By Jane from Smackover, AR

Tip: Toilet Brush For Scrubbing Tub

I bought a brand new long handled toilet bowl brush and any old detergent. My arthritis hurts too bad to get on my knees and bend over for long periods. I wipe when I get out the tub. It's done in a minute or two.

By kimsukie from Florissant, MO

Tip: Use Liquid Comet And Car Wax For A Clean Bathtub

I used a liquid Comet cleaner with bleach and a SOS pad. After a good clean, wax it with car wax. No more rings and easy weekly cleaning. I wax every 3 - 4 months.

By Summer Joni D. from Oak Grove, KY

Tip: Clean Bathtub with Krud Kutter

We have a very large fiberglass shower unit that had the ugliest dark stain of unknown origin (probably not been cleaned in long time) on the bottom part. I had tried everything I could mix or muster up to use.

Then one day I read on here about the Krud Kutter for wallpaper removal (BTW great for that zipped 4 layers in no time). I used the Krud Kutter full strength and a plastic scrubbie. Every bit of it came out, without much "elbow grease".

Krud Kutter is well worth the price for a gallon. It cleans everything and is biodegradable with no obnoxious fumes either!

Source: ThriftyFun of course!

By Barby B. from Tennessee

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Bathtub Rings.

Question: Cleaning Bathtub Rings

I am disabled and have a terrible time cleaning the bathtub. We have a big garden tub that has a step you can place your knees on if you clean. However, I have a problem getting the ring around the tub off. Is there something that you squirt on and leave for 5 or 10 minutes and then the sponge wipes the ring away. Or is that wishful thinking? I need help quick. Going to try and get the husband who is vacationing this week to clean it for me. So, I need help asap.

Most Recent Answer

By Mirl56 (Guest Post)09/03/2007

I find that rinsing the tub out after a shower helps a great deal w/keeping rings and soap scrum at bay.

Question: Ring Around the Tub

I have a ring around my porciline tub. I have tried almost every product out there. Does anyone have the answer?

Most Recent Answer

By Cyndy (Guest Post)07/08/2008

This morning I googled how to get rid of ring around the tub. After using scrubbing bubbles, mr clean eraser, home made paste (vinegar/peroxide/baking soda) nothing was working. Well it did but very little. I have a umblicial hernia and bending after a long period of time stinks for me so I read above someone who suggested a pumice stone. I was weary but I was desperate at this point since it was now 2pm and the tub was still not to my liking. So I tried the pumice stone and WOW it took out all the ring around the tub instantly. I didn't even use anything with it. Then I sprayed some fantastic and wiped it all clean. Its so shiney too! I plan on keeping up with that darn ring cuz waiting too long and letting it sit turns out to be a huge chore! grrr One more bathroom to go but that will hopefully not take me the entire day :)

Question: Hard Water Stains on Porcelain

How do you remove accumulated calcium stains or lime stains from a porcelain tub?

By Nora from Lake Ozark, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Lilac01/04/2011

A bottle of Lime Away should do it. It is sold everywhere.


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Archive: Use Baby Wash to Avoid Bathtub Rings

To avoid having to deal with a bathtub ring, use baby wash in the water. I use Johnson's and Johnson's, I don't know if others work. I have never had to deal with a bathtub ring.

By judy

RE: Use Baby Wash to Avoid Bathtub Rings 02/19/2005
As long as a product doesn't contain real soap, it won't leave a ring. Baby bath is but one of many soapless detergents which could be used.
By (Guest Post)
RE: Use Baby Wash to Avoid Bathtub Rings 11/23/2005
I like the baby products because manufacturers are more careful about the ingredients. If you have sensitive skin you are less likely to get contact dermatitis from a baby product, and yet they are less expensive than most hypoallergenic products. I use the baby wash instead of bar soap too and it does eliminate the soap scum!
By (Guest Post)