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Cleaning Bathtub Rings

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I am disabled and have a terrible time cleaning the bathtub. We have a big garden tub that has a step you can place your knees on if you clean. However, I have a problem getting the ring around the tub off. Is there something that you squirt on and leave for 5 or 10 minutes and then the sponge wipes the ring away. Or is that wishful thinking? I need help quick. Going to try and get the husband who is vacationing this week to clean it for me. So, I need help asap.



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By Mirl56 (Guest Post)09/03/2007

I find that rinsing the tub out after a shower helps a great deal w/keeping rings and soap scrum at bay.

By zaida (Guest Post)08/12/2007

I clean homes for a living and I've found that Oven Cleaner sprays are the most powerful! If you have soap scum since 1949, you might want to try to clean it with that, it's a harsh chemical so you will need goggles and a mask but leave it there for about 20 min and then wipe away with a damp cloth and rinse.. you will see the difference!

By Jennifer (Guest Post)07/28/2006

i thought that i had found this tip from this site but just to pass this along.... I just moved into a newly built apartment and we noticed the tub getting a green ring around it. it was very tough to clean and we tried a few products. someone sugguested a used dryer sheet and i gave it a try. It's wonderful!!! all the green marks instantly wiped away! All i did was wet the sheet and started wiping. like Magic!

By Joyce (Guest Post)07/21/2006

The best tub cleaner I have found is Super Clean,this can be found in automotive department at Walmart or other department stores.

By Judy Harris [28]07/09/2006

I use Tilex Soap Scum Remover Spray. I find it works better than other products I've tried. Another hint is to use your toilet scrubber brush. It has a handel that will help you to reach with less strain on your body. I hope this helps.

Judy (bjptl)

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)06/30/2006

i use a spray bottle with a solution of dawn dishwashing liquid and ammonia (50/50). my husband works in grease all day and his tub wring is a killer! this spray also works on laundry stains!

By Debbie Dzurilla [28]06/29/2006

Lori, why not let the hubby clean the bathtub for you all the time. If you are disabled and it's so hard for you, just see if he'll start doing it. Otherwise, I'd suggest buying and using a Mr Clean Magic Reach or whatever it's called.

Also, there are products for washing yourself that do not contain soap....seems like the body washes do not and so you might not get the ring around the tub with a different type of body washing product. Just a thought! I only use Johnson's Head to Toe on our's a liquid body and hair wash and their tub never has any fact, it always looks clean and shiney!

By Elisha Bundschuh (Guest Post)06/28/2006

Another thing you could try which is easily obtained at any hardware store is called "naval jelly." It is also good at removing rust from porcelain, steel, or cast iron/enamel plumbing fixtures (older tubs, sinks, tiolets).

By sweet peaches (Guest Post)06/28/2006

I had the same problem and have had 3 major back surgeries,couldn't bend over to scrub that big ole tub,so I got my plastic broom out and ran a little water in the tub used a small amt of baby shampoo[bought just for that purpose] and it cleaned like more scrubbing and I had a clean tub.usually I wash the ring down before getting out of the tub,saves me scrubbing later on.

By Jill [4]06/28/2006

I really like Spic-n-Span "BAM". I use a toilet-bowl scrubber as it has a longer handle--it is like the non-scratch scouring pads.

Sometimes hard water contributes to the bathtub ring, and no matter what body soap/cleaner product you use, you'll end up with some sort of ring. You can REALLY minimize it if you rinse the tub after use, while it is still wet.

By Mary [12]06/28/2006

Mr. Clean Magic Reach telescoping wand is a Godsend for me. You don't have to reach, the cleaner is built in and the scrubber pad does all the work. It's fantastic!

By (Guest Post)06/28/2006

I bought a product in the cleaning aisle in Wal-mart called 'Scrub-free'. Works great. Spray on, wait 5 or 10 minutes and easily wipes off. Good luck.

By Linda (Guest Post)06/28/2006

I always use a toilet brush that I keep just for this purpose to clean the tub. Less bending is a good thing!

By Klr208006/28/2006

Try "The Works". It comes in tub and tile cleaner and toilet cleaner. You can get it in a spray bottle or squeeze bottle. It will clean it in a second. You can look at your local "Everything's a Dollar" type store. That's where I get mine. The Dollar General carries it too and sometimes Walmart has it.

By Meari [8]06/28/2006

I have tried many, many, many products for the easiest fastest cleaning of tub rings. The one that I find works the best is Scrubbing Bubbles, hands down. I can spray the ring while I'm getting ready for work. Within 5-10 minutes, I'll take a wet wash cloth and wipe it down. Rinse and it's shiny clean!

By Pattie Hartley [2]06/28/2006

I use Kaboom Shower Tube and Tile Cleaner. It comes in a bright purple spray bottle with a green top. I just spray it on and wipe with a rag or sponge after about 10 minutes. It works wonders. I buy mine at Walmart. Good Luck.

By Cate Kohr06/28/2006

Using bath salts (vaseline, calgon) may be less slippery for you as you are disabled. They too, prevent bathtub rings. Also, take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (or generic equivalent) to the tub with you. As the water drains, wet the sponge and run it around the tub. It will clean it perfectly without any effort.

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