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Removing Paint from a Porcelain Bathtub

Porcelain bathtub.

Painting the walls near your porcelain bathtub can result in paint getting on it. It is important to avoid scratching the porcelain when trying to remove the paint. This is a guide about removing paint from a porcelain bathtub.



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Question: Removing Paint From A Porcelain Bathtub

I am looking for ideas on how to remove paint from a porcelain bathtub. Previous owners covered the tub with white paint to make it look "new" before selling the house. I want the old porcelain back!

lulugirl765 from Wisconsin

Most Recent Answer

By amanda05/21/2005

Paint stripper should work, test in an inconspicuos area first, or you might consider shelling out for an archival product like "peel away seven" I have used it to remove many many layers of paint from mouldings and hardware. it's a safe way to remove lead paint too