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Removing Paint From A Porcelain Bathtub


I am looking for ideas on how to remove paint from a porcelain bathtub. Previous owners covered the tub with white paint to make it look "new" before selling the house. I want the old porcelain back!

lulugirl765 from Wisconsin



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By amanda 05/21/2005

Paint stripper should work, test in an inconspicuos area first, or you might consider shelling out for an archival product like "peel away seven" I have used it to remove many many layers of paint from mouldings and hardware. it's a safe way to remove lead paint too

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By lindamarie624 [1] 06/29/2014

Goof Off, the stuff is great. Takes any kind of paint off the tub, I used it, tried so many things before. And it doesn't damage the tub. It even took paint off of my blouse!

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