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Removing Motor Oil Stains From Carpet

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Jug of used motor oil.

Motor oil stains on carpet are unsightly. They can also be tough to remove. This is a guide about removing motor oil stains from carpet.


Solutions: Removing Motor Oil Stains From Carpet

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Tip: Removing Oil Stains From Carpet

My husband was good at tracking mud and oil into our carpet, until I finally made him clean it up. The stains were a nightmare. Not so much the mud, but the oil that he tracked in along with the mud sent me through the roof. I was tired of buying poisonous chemicals off the market shelf so I tried an old remedy from my ex-mother-in-law (clean-freak, yet great cook).

I used baking soda on the stains and sprinkled lemon juice onto the baking soda. Watch it fizz! It actually soaks up the substance. I tend to leave it overnight some times on tougher stains. Voila! The stain disappeared, the house isn't bombarded with bad fumes and no more head-bumps from the ceiling.

By anaise from Magnolia, TX

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Here are questions related to Removing Motor Oil Stains From Carpet.

Question: Oil Stains on Carpet

How can I get black oil stains off my beige polypropylene carpet? I would appreciate any ideas that you know actually work. Thanks for your help.

By mummzy from Wales


Most Recent Answer

By Dottie [2]07/17/2009

The product Quick and Brite is a miracle cleaner. It's safe enough to eat. You can get it at the link above. You rub it full strength into the stain and let it set for awhile. Then start blotting it out. I have used this on several oil, coffee spilled several times on the car carpet, blood all the things that can ruin things. It has even taken out stains that have been washed and dried several times and 'set in'; thought things would always be 'work clothes' It's definitely worth investing in and it goes a long way. Good Luck

Question: Removing Engine Oil on Carpet

I need help for removing engine oil from carpet.

By Rachel


Most Recent Answer

By Judy [2]05/22/2012

We've had success with Snap industrial cleaner. It's a product from Market America made in US. You can get it from a distributor in your area or from It's inexpensive and has many uses. We also use it to clean mag wheels.

Question: Motor Oil Stain on Carpet

How do I get motor oil out of carpet?

By debonaire from Rock Hill, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/08/2005

How do you remove an old motor oil stain from a car carpet?

Deb from NE