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Removing Paint from Carpet

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Using drop cloths to protect the carpet is helpful, but occasionally some paint can drip through. This guide is about removing paint from carpet.



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Tip: Shaving Cream To Remove Paint From Carpet

My husband and I painted our bedroom forest green. What we didn't realize was that the paint we dripped on the drop cloth was seeping through. We had a ton of dark green paint spots on our near white carpet. What took them all up was Barbasol shaving cream. Spray it on, mush it around and wipe it up with a clean white rag. Some spots only needed it once, others had to be done multiple times. Let soak and scrub.

By Hilary S from Livonia, MI

Tip: Latex Paint On Carpet

Chocolate Brown latex paint on light carpeting. Yuck! Cold water and my wet vacuum! I saturated the spot with water and sucked it up. Worked like magic!

By Katums

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Here are questions related to Removing Paint from Carpet.

Question: Emulsion Paint on Cord Carpet

A couple of months ago a tin of emulsion paint was spilt on my cord carpet. We wiped up alot of it but it has stained the carpet badly. Does anyone have any ideas for getting dried paint off cord carpet?

Elaine from England

Most Recent Answer

By Jill (Guest Post)02/10/2005

Have you tried goop? Is the carpet a large piece? Can you pick up the carpet and work over a pan outside? I would try paint thinner, and anything else after that if it did not clean. Go to an artists shop and find what they have to remove paint.

You can then use soap as long as you can rinse and rinse and rinse the section of the carpet. If you get soap in your carpet, it will attract dirt and there will always be a spot. I would work what I was using into the fibers with a soft brush. I use a large brush to groom my carpet and cause the strands to stand up after I clean it.

Water will sometimes shrink your carpet when it dries. Some installers use this method of laying the carpet so they don't have to stretch it. I do not recommend this. When I used to clean carpets that had been layed using this method, they were bumpy til they dried.


Question: Removing Paint From Carpet

My daughter spilled a large puddle of paint on the carpet. Does anyone know of anything we can do to remove it? It has dried now.

By Christine

Most Recent Answer

By cece01/08/2011

Depends on if its latex or oil base, also the carpet color. If its oil based then peel as much up as you can then use mineral spirits and a clean white cotton cloth. If its latex hot water and laundry detergent with a stiff brush then blot with dry cloth and repeat also vinegar works wonders.

Question: Removing Paint from Carpet

How do you get a wall paint off your carpet?

By James

Most Recent Answer

By Cajun06/21/2011

I'd recommend "Di-solv-It", this stuff has worked in nanoseconds where other products wouldn't touch the problem (use an old fork to scrape the paint loose). I had an alien substance at the bottom of my refrigerator that Goo-gone, etc. wouldn't budge; I thought I'd have to sandblast it out, one spray of Di-Solv-It and it lifted immediately and absolutely no harm to the fridge. (Available at Wallyworld and other establishments where size 22/24 Spandex pants frequent.)

Question: Removing Paint from Carpet

How do you clean paint out of a carpet? It is orange paint on a cream carpet.

By Freya from London


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Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

My cat knocked over a quart of white bathroom paint onto my brown carpet, I was not home at the time it happened, so it had dried some by the time I discovered this. Any suggestions as to how I might be able to remove this paint without futher damage to the carpet?

Thanks in advance!


RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Try spraying WD-40 on it. Wipe with clean cloth until all paint is gone. Then, clean the area with carpet cleaner. (09/21/2004)

By truleelee

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Greased Lightening will remove paint from most anything. I have used this in the past and it works well. (01/20/2005)

By glacre

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

If your carpet is nylon, go to your local home depot and get this stuff called Goof Off professional strength in the spray or squeeze can, apply it with a toothbrush and gently scrub, paint will dissapear as if it was never there. also works great on clothes. (11/13/2005)

By Gary

Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

How do I get dried paint out of carpet?

Brandi from Omaha, NE

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Odorless mineral spirits will remove the paint. Then shampoo with carpet cleaner. (04/20/2007)

By Ann29

Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

I spilled white paint on me beige carpet. How can I get it out? Toni from Owensboro, Kentucky

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

The best thing ever is called OOPS. Menards and Home Depot stores carry it. Whenever I paint, I always keep some on hand. (06/05/2007)


RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Goo Gone, but check for colorfasting first in an inconspicuous place. (06/05/2007)

By doityourselfer

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

I have light color carpet and I spilled brown paint and it has gone hard. Any answer to how to get the stain out? (07/26/2007)

By Dillon

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

I work maintenance in the property management industry and have spilled latex paint several times on carpet. I swear by Simple Green. You spray it unconcentrated into the carpet and then scrub it with a brush. If its a small enough area you can just rub it out with the tip of your toe. You may need to clean your carpet afterwards but it works very well. (10/20/2007)

By Steve C.

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

I spilled a bit of paint about the size of a credit card in my baby's room. I just tried scrubbing, soaking, spraying with every cleaning solution I owned. I even went and got Goo Be Gone. I tried cutting it out with a razor blade! Nothing worked, at all. I poured nail polish remover and it took it right out! I actually cried, but I'm just emotional. (10/21/2007)

By Leah

Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

Is there a way to get dried latex paint off carpet and clothes?

Nelliemary from WV

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

I want to thank Leah, I used the nail polish remover and it work very well. I even used it for an old paint stain that I had and the paint came off very easily. Thanks again! (02/02/2008)

By Alma

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Try Shout or nail polish remover, both got white paint out of my tan carpet. (03/27/2008)

By Jessica

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Hydrogen Peroxide can take out paint -- it's what I'm using right now. I don't have the other products on hand, but am going to give them a try to see if they work better, once the peroxide runs out. I accidentally got paint on my carpet when I was painting the stairs, and its coming out okay. I'm having to scrub it with a white cloth, and it's stubborn, but it is coming out.

You may want to test for colorfastness though, I'm using it on light-colored (beige) carpet, and it doesn't seem to be a problem, but it's possible that on dark carpet, it might remove some of the color. (05/22/2008)

By Kathy

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

So it's official:
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Simple Green
  • Oops (05/30/2008)

By Carpainter

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

If the paint is still wet, pour club soda over it and then cover that with a bunch of salt! Worked like a charm. (08/08/2008)

By Ana

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

My son decided to throw a paint can and it came open when it hit the carpet. We read this post, so we picked up some nail polish remover. With time scrubbing and more than one application, it came up. Make sure you get acetone nail polish remover. (11/26/2008)

By C. Stopford

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Non-acetone generic brand worked well, too. (12/27/2008)

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

I had no nail polish remover but had pure acetone, worked like a charm. I took bright pink paint off of light tan carpet. (01/01/2009)

By Branden

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Ok I have a new one to add to the list. LA's Totally Awesome found in Dollar General Stores. I had heard of using nail polish before but I didn't have enough to cover the stain I made. By the way, I learned the hard way to make sure the plastic is covering all areas. I had a bed sheet in place where I was missing plastic, spilled some paint.

A friend told me about LA's Totally Awesome and I went out and bought some. Worked great! My stain was about 24 hours old, as I didn't realize the paint bled through the sheet. Hope its OK to post a website It shows the bottle so you can see what it looks like. But again, I bought it at Dollar General for like $2. I don't know what's in this stuff because there is no chemical smell at all and it worked great. Mind you the paint I spilled was Valspar Red Velvet Cake! The instructions were to mix 5 cups of water to 1 cup of the product. It made a foam when I used the scrub brush, so I have to get a rag to wipe up the excess. But it worked (01/02/2009)

By Ms T.

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

I tried Dawn dish detergent and with a little elbow grease the black paint my husband got on our beige carpet came out. There are a few spots that were stubborn and I will finish it off with the nail polish remover tomorrow, when I can go get some. Thanks to whoever suggested Dawn dish detergent it worked wonders. I didn't think I would ever got the black paint up. (01/27/2009)

By Megan

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Hot water that's it, plus a little bit of elbow grease. (02/17/2009)

Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

After painting the interior walls of my house, my son stepped in the paint tray and walked on the carpet. Any ideas on how to get the paint out of the carpet that doesn't cost and arm and a leg?

By Tracy3015 from NY

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

Remember that products like WD-40 and nail polish remover are highly flammable, so be sure to totally remove them. WD-40 can be removed with GOOP hand cleaner, but I'd try the nail polish remover first. (05/17/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: Removing Paint From Carpet

There is a product called Re-Mov Carpet Cleaner And Refresher, it will take just about any type of stain off your carpeting or clothes including latex, black shoe polish, grease, and is safe to use. There web site is Good Luck. (05/25/2009)

By Silicone Man

Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

How can I clean paint stains out of the carpet?


Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

How do I get paint out of the carpet?


Archive: Removing Paint From Carpet

How do you remove paint from carpet?