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Cleaning Wood Furniture With A Sticky Film

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I would like to know how to remove sticky residue from a wood coffee table?

By Bae from LA


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By Cyinda [214]12/12/2009

My mother in law's furniture was sticky like this. We never figured out if it was because of her smoking or because of years of furniture polish.

I made her furniture look brand new by using straight ammonia to clean it & using a scrubbie sponge & a toothbrush to get into the groves. Sometimes I'd use the back of the sponge & sometimes the front. After I finished cleaning the gunk off, I let it dry then replaced the finish by using Old English scratch-covering furniture polish. It comes in a dark & a light finish.

When we'd re-done her house & furniture, she couldn't believe the furniture was her's because it looked so nice & like brand-new!

* After the furniture is totally dry after cleaning, apply the polish with a soft cloth, then wait about an hour for it to soak in, then remove the excess polish with a soft absorbent cloth. Lastly, buff it until it shines & looks like new!

* Don't use "sudsy" ammonia, use only regular.
* Make sure the windows are open if you use straight ammonia!

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