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Removing Mustard Stains from Clothing

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Man Holding Burger with Mustard Stain on his Tie

Mustard stains are notoriously difficult to remove from clothing. While it may not be easy you can get the stain out and have your clothes looking as good as new again. This is a guide about removing mustard stains from clothing.



Here are questions related to Removing Mustard Stains from Clothing.

Question: Mustard Stain on Shirt

What can I use to clean a mustard stain from a white cotton shirt?

J. Losasso


Most Recent Answer

By Kayla (Guest Post)06/03/2008

Well if it's a white shirt you should deff use bleach with hot water, theres a 100% chance that this will work for you, my mom uses it alll the time and if it's coulored clothes use something like oxy deep now that stuff works!

Question: Removing Mustard Stains from a White Cotton Shirt

How do I remove mustard stains from a white cotton shirt?

By Lisa from Colfax


Most Recent Answer

By Lee S. [1]08/23/2011

Clorox stain remover pens, or cheaper route dawn dish soap on stain.

Question: Mustard Stains on Clothing

How do you get mustard out of a polyester and cotton shirt?

By Joyce from Woodinville, WA

Solutions: Removing Mustard Stains from Clothing

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Archive: Mustard Stain on Clothing

My daughter got a big (and i mean big) mustard stain on her favorite kitty princess t-shirt, and i didn't notice that it did not come out until after i dried it. I need to know if there is anything that i can use to remove this. The kitty seems to be an iron on, so i need something that will not harm that. My daughter and I thank you in advance for any suggestions.

jmz2005 from Illinois

RE: Mustard Stain on Clothing

Try Zout. It's in your supermarket in a blue bottle over by the pre-washes. I've been using it since it first came out back in the 80s and I swear by it. It's even gotten stains out that have been through the dryer several times! And it has never harmed any of my clothing. If Zout can't get it out, you can forget it - it won't come out. (06/02/2006)

By jrslady

RE: Mustard Stain on Clothing

I use glycerine, found in any pharmacy. A small bottle cost me about $2 and it really works on mustard stains. I was shocked. One pretreat and wash is all it took. Sandy/Pittsburgh (06/02/2006)

By Sandy from Pittsburgh

RE: Mustard Stain on Clothing

Tide has a product out I purchased two years ago, and it is fantastic. It's call Buzz. It's a little machine by which you take anything out of anything even old stains get lost. (06/03/2006)

By Joan in CT

Archive: Mustard Stains on Clothing

How do I remove a mustard stain from a sweater that is 65% viscose and 35% nylon?

Beth from Madison, AL

RE: Mustard Stains on Clothing

Use an oxygen cleaner like oxyclean. Soak the stained piece of clothing in the recommended concentration of the cleaner and water. If your washing machine has a soak cycle it helps to use it. While the article is soaking turn off the washing machine and allow it to soak as long as it takes to clean the article of the stain. (01/13/2007)

By Phlip

Archive: Mustard Stains on Clothing

How can mustard be removed from clothing?

By steve123 from Gaithersburg, MD

RE: Mustard Stains on Clothing

Mean Green. (08/05/2009)

By lorraina

RE: Mustard Stains on Clothing

Carbona makes a line of special stain removers you can find in Shoprite supermarket. I would try it first. Whatever you use. Use it in cold water and do not put item in dryer until you are certain it is out. Heat sets the stain. (08/06/2009)

By dvg

RE: Mustard Stains on Clothing

Try glycerine, found in any pharmacy department. It has worked for me many times. (08/13/2009)

By Sandy/Pittsburgh