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Cleaning Suede

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Does anyone have an easy solution for cleaning suede?

By Sabrina


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By Cajun [59]11/08/2009

If the suede is light colored (tan) a sprinkling of corn meal rubbed in will clean it.. An Nunley10 says, the dye process is questionable; so 'travel at your own risk'. Oddly enough the best Cleaners in Memphis were named Nunnelly :) (three 'N's) and they did clean all leathers.

By carla [25]11/08/2009

I once used psst (a spray on dry shampoo for the hair) and a suede brush on a jacket with good results. Try on an inside seam or a spot that is not obvious first for any discolorations. because suede is finicky a lot of cleaners refuse to accept them. Good luck, carla

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