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Cleaning Suede

Blue Suede Couch in Carpeted  Living Room

Suede looks great and feels so soft, until it gets something spilled on it. Cleaning suede, without damaging it, can be a real challenge. This is a guide about cleaning suede.



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Tip: Removing Adhesive From Suede

To get sticky adhesive off suede items, gently run with a pink eraser then wash the suede in the laundry as usual on the gently cycle.

By Monica from Cortez, CO

Tip: Removing Stains in Suede

I have a lovely dark brown leather wallet with suede sides. Somehow it got light make up stains on it! I have taken spots out with white powder before, the powder absorbs grease. Because this was dark, I applied a powdered eyeshadow of the same color. After applying and scraping the spot a few times, the spot was gone! You might be able to do this trick with suede shoes, etc.

By Pam from Los Angeles, CA

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Suede.

Question: Cleaning Stained Suede

I have a request on how to get stains out of a tan colored suede vest. I took to the dry cleaners but they wanted 35 bucks to do it. Any way I can do it myself?


Most Recent Answer

By ju-ju (Guest Post)09/10/2006

I read somewhere to try a fine-medium grit sandpaper. Well, I did just that today. Excellent results removing dirt, stains, and it rejuvenated the nap of the suede. Best part was, no chemicals or dollars$$$$

Question: Cleaning Suede Shoes

I tried a Thrifty tip on how to clean suede shoes in a jiff using hydrogen peroxide. I tried it, but nothing happened. Am I missing something? Should I try something else?

By Margot from Claremont, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Wendy05/10/2010

If I use a good stiff brush on mine it gets rid of any dried on dirt, etc. If you slightly dampen the whole shoe with water (I just used an old slightly damp rag) then brush it and let it dry it should pull up any nap that has flattened out and/or gotten shiny. It will change the color of your shoes slightly, a bit darker, but if you do the whole shoe it won't make much difference. I have several pairs of suede dress shoes and this is how I take care of mine.

Question: Cleaning a Stain on Suede Shoes

I dropped a cupcake on my suede shoe. How do I remove the stain?

By Tanisha

Question: Candle Wax on Suede

How do I remove candle wax on suede?

By Maxie P.

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi12/20/2011

Put the item in a plastic bag and in the freezer. In a couple of hours, the wax should come right off. When frozen, candle wax is very hard and brittle and not longer sticks. At this point it is easy to deal with.

Question: Cleaning Suede Shoes

What is the best way to clean suede shoes?

By Linda

Most Recent Answer

By Shawty04/14/2012

Well I have a wide variety of suede shoes and found the best way to clean them is use a kinda of rough kind of soft material and dust them. ^.^

Question: Cleaning Suede

Does anyone have an easy solution for cleaning suede?

By Sabrina

Most Recent Answer

By Cajun11/08/2009

If the suede is light colored (tan) a sprinkling of corn meal rubbed in will clean it.. An Nunley10 says, the dye process is questionable; so 'travel at your own risk'. Oddly enough the best Cleaners in Memphis were named Nunnelly :) (three 'N's) and they did clean all leathers.

Question: Cleaning a Suede Couch

I have stains on my suede couch from spills. Can anyone tell me how to clean my couch?

By Deborah W.

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna12/29/2011

Home Pro Spotter professional strength for carpet and fabric cleaner is wonderful. It lifts most stains right out with a slightly dampened cloth and lightly rubbing action. Can be purchased through a carpet cleaning business or over the internet. It is not very expensive either.

Question: Urine on a Suede Couch

My husband and I just got a brand new suede couch. Well last night my three year old fell asleep and peed all over it. It soaked through the cushions and the worst part is the cushions are attached, so I can't take them off to clean them really well. How do I get this awful smell off the couch? I only have a few hours till my husband gets home from work. I would love to have it all cleaned before he gets home cause he wouldn't be a happy camper.

By Courtney from Carlisle, PA

Best Answer

By Jess09/23/2010

I would be careful about cleaning real leather suede, many products might damage the finish. If you just bought it, I might contact the company or see what cleaning instructions they might have provided.

If it is microfiber fabric that emulates suede, I would try a product called Kidz and Petz. It is an enzyme cleaner similar to Nature's Miracle, but I think it does a better job. It can get into the cushion and treat the odors that went in deep.

Of course, whatever you do, test a small inconspicuous area first.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.

Question: Fat Stain on Suede Shoes

I have a lovely pair of purple suede shoes and have dropped chicken fat on them. How can I get rid of the stain? Thanks.

Nita from UK

Most Recent Answer

By jean (Guest Post)02/03/2009

You can try the baby powder treatment. Sprinkle baby(talcum) powder on the stain, covering well with a heavy layer. Let sit over night. Brush all powder off with a suede brush. Repeat if needed. This worked for me when I got movie popcorn butter from the dispenser on the sleeve of my suede jacket. It also worked to remove a salad dressing stain from a suede skirt. If all the powder does not brush off, tumble the item in the dryer with an old towel on the air cycle. This will remove all traces of powder. This worked for me. Hope it helps.

Question: Butter Stain on Suede

How can I get a butter stain from my suede jacket?

Shannon from Newport, MI

Question: Removing Blood From Suede

How do you remove blood from suede?

Keanni from Los Angeles, California

Question: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

I have a micro suede beige sofa which I purchased a couple of years ago. But with two little boys it has become stained and there is even a nail polish stain on the sofa, thanks to a my two year old.

By Kat from Orlando, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Pearl02/10/2010

I unzipped and washed my microfiber cushion covers in the washing machine and they came out spotless.

Question: Liquid Eyeliner On Suede Boots

Today I was putting on my liquid eyeliner when I accidently dropped the bottle and the liquid landed on my new suede boots! Help! I just bought my boots. How do I get the stain out!

Most Recent Answer

By cb (Guest Post)01/29/2007

i just got liquid eyeliner on my new ugg boots how do i get it out?

Question: Cleaning Suede Jacket Collar

How do I clean oily residue from a suede collar on my jacket?

By Ivie from Port Huron, MI

Question: Cleaning Suede Pocketbook

Any tips for cleaning suede pocketbook?

By Tonella E.