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Removing Ink from Leather

An ink pen in a blue leather purse.

Whether its a jacket, purse, or other item, ink stains on leather can ruin an items appearance. It is important to not further damage the leather when trying to remove the ink. This is a guide about removing ink from leather.



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Tip: Magic Eraser for Removing Ink From Leather

My children's school work got wet and the ink transferred to my light beige leather car seats. I could read the school work on my seats. I went to this site quickly before I left for work. I grabbed a few items suggested: alcohol, hairspray, soap and worked on the spots at red lights. Nothing worked.

I went into work and someone told me about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It's by the cleaning products in the store. It worked! No fading. I even tried it on a old rust spot on my sink I could never get out, and it worked. I had to submit this today.

By Ami from Shorewood, IL

Tip: Removing Ink Stains From Leather

A client of mine accidentally made a long ink pen line on the leather in my Cadillac. I tried all of the suggested removal methods and they did not remove the ink. Finally, I decided to call Dr. Vinyl in Naples, FL to have the area redyed.

The owner, Mark, first suggested applying plain Chapstick on the ink line and letting it sit for several days. It will gradually remove the ink. Remove the Chapstick. If there is still evidence of the ink, reapply the Chapstick and let it sit until the ink disappears. It worked! Remove the Chapstick with leather cleaner and apply a leather conditioner. I hope that it works for you.

By olendon from Naples, FL

Tip: Removing Ball Point Pen From Leather

Try hairspray! I had a blue pen and the ink went on my fingers. I went to push the stool in and it went on the stool. I tried Jif, bleach and alcohol, they all didn't work. When it came to hairspray, it came straight off with just one wipe down.

So if you have any leather that has been marked with ink, don't stop and think that it's a scar for life. Let me tell you that hairspray was the best product I ever used!

By Olivia from Bexley, NSW

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Here are questions related to Removing Ink from Leather.

Question: Remove Ink From Leather

I need information for removing ink from leather.

By Sue

Question: Removing Ink From Leather

To remove ink from leather, spray with hairspray then wipe away. Test first on an inconspicuous place

By katesnanna from Brisbane, Australia

Question: Ink Stain on Leather

How do I get ink off a leather truck seat?

By Penny from AR

Question: Removing Ball Point Ink from a Leather Seat

How do I remove ball point ink from leather?

By nfeeney

Most Recent Answer

By Elaina Monteiro06/20/2011

Try rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. However it may take off the leather dye, too, so check first on an inconspicuous spot.

Question: Removing Ink Stains on Leather Car Seats

I have ink stains from pens on the rear leather seats of my SUV. The stains are ample and my seats are a light camel color. How can I remove the ink without ruining the leather or affecting the color?

By my2kids from St. James, NY

Question: Removing Ink from a Leather Jacket

How would I remove a blue Biro mark from a white leather jacket?

By Jemma

Most Recent Answer

By SoLution08/08/2011

White toothpaste works for me but be sure to test a hidden area first.

Question: Removing Pen Ink from Leather

I have tried all the tips and tricks suggested but nothing has worked! Any other idea on how to remove blue pen ink from tan leather?

By Silver C

Most Recent Answer

By Annette05/17/2011

This will sound unlikely but as long as it is leather and not suede; just spray the ink with a little hair spray/lacquer and it should rub off with a cloth. It works on a lot of different surfaces but don't try it on anything which has a nap, like suede and fabric.

I have used this often and it does work, this was a tip I picked up from watching the 'How clean is your house' team, Kim and Aggie on tv.

Question: Removing Ink from Leather Car Interior

I had my Jeep serviced and when I got home I noticed a blue ink line on the driver's door. Knowing it would do no good to ask if he did it I decided to try to clean it myself. So far I've used: 70% alcohol, hair spray, African Black Soap, mouth wash, WD-40 and virtually every other suggestion I've read on here and nothing has touched it. Is there anything else suggested?

By Sally F from Henderson, NV

Question: Removing Ink from a Leather Purse

How do you remove an ink mark from a cream colored leather purse?

By Joy

Question: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

How do I remove black ball point pen from a leather car seat?

Thank you.

By Charlene from Columbus, OH

Most Recent Answer

By cc01/04/2011

I just had this problem ten minutes ago, hairspray worked, rubbing alcohol and wd40 did not. Acetone is suppost to do the trick.


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Archive: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

Some how or another, my wallet got ink all over it and it looks really tacky when I carry it around (it's a wallet-on-a-string). Anyway, it is a light tan colored wallet with black ink soaked into it. Any one out there have a trickey way of getting out the ink without damaging the wallet? - Marni from Los Angeles, CA

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

Try antibacterial hand gel. Rub on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes and rub off. This worked really well on my granddaughter's tennis shoes. (10/20/2004)

By jeangnome46

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

THANK YOU Jeangnome. You just saved our tan leather couch! (10/26/2004)

By kim.

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

You are very welcome Kim. I learned this hint quite by accident at work. I am a janitor and clean banks, Dr's ofices etc. I was trying to remove adhesive from a glass door and just happened to grab the antibacterial gel. It worked like a charm! Now I try it on just about every stain or sticky mess I can find. I've used it on many different surfaces and it hasn't harmed any of them. So glad I could help. (10/26/2004)

By jeangnome46

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

The antibacterial gel worked wonderful on my mother's tan leather couch. She had purchased expensive leather cleaning solutions and nothing had worked until we tried the gel. Thanks. (05/24/2005)


RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

You could try a little hairspray. Spray some into the cap and using a tissue or cotton wool, dab gently and the ink stain should come out. I tried this on my cream leather sofa, worked great. (07/06/2005)

By karen

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

Thanks so much for the hairspray tip. My daughter wrote all over my tan leather chair and the hairspray removed it instantly! (10/30/2005)

By shelley

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

The antibacterial gel worked AMAZINGLY well getting some large ink stains off the tan leather seats of my wife's Jaguar! Big red stains and they're gone! Thanks for the great tip!! (12/03/2005)

By Bruce

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

I tried several things then stain stick and antibacterial moisterizer together and rubbed took a while but most is gone now. (03/26/2006)

By pauline reeves

RE: Clean Ink Stains Off Tan Leather

Thanks for the tip it worked awesome... the stain is completely gone. (08/08/2006)

By dave

Archive: Ink Stain on Leather

How can I clean an ink stain off my tan leather seat?


RE: Ink Stain on Leather

the anit-bacterial gel did remove the ink mark off my green couch, although it took a layer of the leather off... now the couch is kindof peeling where I put the gel.. and you can notice a little discoloration.. but probably better than before with the ink stains... just be careful before you try this and maybe try on a spot in the back or something. (08/24/2006)

By Ben

RE: Ink Stain on Leather

I just tried the anibacterial soap on an ink stain that was on my truck seat. It worked great! You can barely see it. (08/28/2006)

By Donna

RE: Ink Stain on Leather

I used a combo of the anti-bacterial hand gel and hairspray to get almost all of the ball point pen ink stain off of my tan leanther sofa. Then, I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser soaked in hot water to finish the job. The hairspray seemed to also start to remove the grain of the leather, so I would use it sparingly and with caution. Thanks for all of your tips! 9/5/06 (09/05/2006)

By Stacy

Archive: Remove Ink From Leather

I have some leather purses with ink on them. Can anyone tell me what I could possibly use to remove the ink?


RE: Removing Ink From Leather

Well I was luckier, and my daughter wrote with ball-point ink on navy blue leather. But I found something to get it off; Murphy's Oil Soap and a toothbrush. It also takes ink off of wood cabinets and lipstick off leather (my little one is quite the artist). Dip a wet brush in the soap and scrub away, not too hard, or it could remove some of the color from your leather. (10/18/2002)

By 007mp229

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

I have always used hairspray in the past to remove ink on carpet and clothing and it has worked out great. I don't know about leather though. (04/19/2005)

By Pam

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

I have tan leather couches and have removed blue ink many times using hairspray. (05/06/2005)

By Ashley

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

I've found that Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo removes pen marks very well without discoloration on my cognac leather colored chair and ottoman. Just damply wet a wash cloth and squirt the shampoo directly onto the cloth and rug in circular motion and wipe clean. Don't wet the shampoo. (09/08/2006)

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

My daughter wrote all over our couches with a black pen, and I scrubbed following each stroke she drew with nail polish remover and a white cloth, and it worked! (07/29/2007)

By uh oh

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

Do not use magic eraser. It erases the leather and not the ink. (08/30/2007)

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

If you have a Creamy Yellow Leather sofa use hairspray. I used Tresemme hairspray, left it on for 5 seconds, and rubbed with a tiny amount of force. This actually works. It saved me from getting shouted at from Mum and Dad, too! (09/07/2007)

By Nathen Whelband

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

Try using baking soda with a small portion of water. It worked for me. These were deep embedded ink markings on my sofa. (12/01/2007)

By kiffara

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

Rubbing alcohol works good. (02/20/2008)

By Richard

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

Thank you! I have a brand new cream color leather micro fiber couch, and my child wrote on the arm rest with a blue ink pen. I found this website and read feedback desperate for help! I used Paul Mitchell freeze and shine and the ink came right off in 10 seconds with a little rubbing from white towel. Our couch is about 4 days old, and when we bought it we got a discount because of a few ink spots on the back of the couch. So I decided to give it a shot of hairspray as well. It came right out! I don't know how long that ink was in there, but it had to be awhile. (10/12/2008)

By Wendy

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

I tried everything to get ink out of my light colored leather sofa, and the only thing that worked was the only thing I thought would not; Hairspray! I don't know what chemicals are in it to cause that reaction, but it really works. Thank goodness! (12/21/2008)

By Gladie

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

There are a lot of furniture repair companies that can remove stains from all types of fabric/leathers. I am not sure where you are located, but the one I used is They were great and really inexpensive. I called them when I moved into my new place and the movers got some ink and other miscellaneous stains on my microfiber sofa. While they were there I had them remove some liquid marks on my dining table as well. (12/29/2008)

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

My friend gave me a brand new green handbag but it had been written on with ink pen by some kids. Once again, hairspray, any kind, got it right off the shiny faux leather hand bag. It looks great! (01/09/2009)

By Amanda M.

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

Baby wipes! I have used this on my mother's leather sofa when my daughter made ink marks. I have used them to clean crayon marks, and even dried spray paint on my hands! I will always keep them on hand, even after she is potty trained. I keep them in a Ziploc bag to keep them from drying out, and have re-hydrated them with water if my husband left them open. Good luck. (10/23/2009)

By hardesty1

RE: Remove Ink From Leather

I have tried the hairspray to remove ink from my leather sofa, and it only set the stain. Today I tried the baby wipes and removed the 'new' ink drawings from my grandson. It worked at removing them without having to work hard. Thanks for the tip! (11/01/2009)

By jfrazer01

Archive: Removing Ink From Red Leather

My car seats are red leather. I have a 1/2 inch blue ink stain on my back seat. How can I clean it off?


Archive: Ink Stain on Leather

How do you get ink stains off a leather couch?


Archive: Ball Point Pen on Leather Ottoman

I'm freaking out. My year old wrote with ink in quite a few areas on my new leather ottoman. I tried aftershave and hairspray and it's taking some of the clear coat off of the leather and leaving a rubbed off white mark.


Archive: Remove Ink From Leather

How do I remove ink marks from light brown leather?


Archive: Remove Ink From Leather

My son bought a suede jacket for his fiance and it has ink on it. What do we do to get the ink out?


Archive: Removing Ink From Red Leather

How do you remove blue ink from a red leather settee?