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Cleaning Vinyl Records

Cleaning a Vinyl Record

Vinyl records are known for their wonderful warm tone and nostalgic sound. However, a dirty record will not have those desirable qualities. This is a guide about cleaning vinyl records.



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Tip: Cleaning Very Dirty Records with Soap

For records that are in real bad shape, you can use dish soap and a cotton cloth. Pour some soap on the record and run the cloth around the record with the grooves. Do this with it under running water, and make sure you rinse out all the soap.

I did this once and it worked very well. I was a little disappointed the paper in the center of the record got wet, and was discolored when it dried, but the record sounded a lot better.

Source: Heard this on a radio show some years back when cassettes were starting to be the rage. :)

By Suntydt from Tazewell, TN

Tip: Cleaning Vinyl Records

To clean the grooves of old records, Dip a shaving brush in a mixture of equal parts distilled water and triple distilled vodka. Brush the mixture into the grooves of the record and dry with a tack cloth.

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

Tip: Cleaning Vinyl Records

I wash each vinyl record with Dawn and a soft sponge, then let it dry in the dish rack. After they have dried, I apply a thin coating of fabric softener and let it dry. This reduces the static a lot.

By Lawrence from Grand Rapids, MI

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Question: Removing Candle Wax from Vinyl Records

A couple of years ago, there was a fire at a friend's house where I was temporarily storing my vinyl collection while moving into my new apartment. The fire was caused by someone leaving a candle burning on top of the storage containers the LPs were in. Long story short, I lost about 40 LPs, another 40 had some minor warps due to the heat, and there were many that ended up with candle wax on them. How do I remove the candle wax safely?

By Konan C

Question: Cleaning Record Albums

Does anyone know a good safe way to clean old vinyl/LP albums? Professional cleaner is very expensive and I have about 300 plus albums I need to clean before putting them on my new record player.

Most Recent Answer

By schecky03/23/2010

Do not use any kitchen or bathroom products to clean your records ever! That means Windex, soap, kitchen dish liquid, paper towels, etc etc. This stuff is a record killer. Windex can make a record look clean but give it the "Crackles".

To clean a record you need nothing but distilled water and a fruit cleaning brush. Though a fruit cleaning brush can be used because the bristles won't hurt the record, I highly recommend getting a real record cleaning brush that can be used in water. Try

Now soak the record in distilled water (buy at any drugstore) and clean with brush. Then use a dish drying rack to let dry. I don not recommended using l alcohol, but if you do, mix it 15% alcohol to 85% distilled water. Good luck