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Crafts Using Old Windows

Painted Window Panes

Old windows can be reused for a variety of craft projects. This guide is about crafts using old windows.



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Article: Using Old Multi-Pane Windows

old windowsCreative used for reusing old multi-pane windows.

Mirrors or Picture Frames

I found several old multi-pane windows in our barn when we moved. I cleaned them up and added mirrors and a cardboard backing for inserting pictures into the "frames"! They are great and friends and family all want them for Christmas! My second try, I used colored tissue paper as backgrounds for my pictures and cut-to-size scenes from wallpaper border to create a western theme! These are great and easy!

By Joybug

Create Artwork With Old Books

Another idea, I found an old Alice in Wonderland book and took it apart. The illustrations were beautiful. I picked out six of them and put one in each section of the window panes. I backed each with a piece of foam board, then stapled a piece of floral fabric to the window so no one could see the "stuff" underneath. It came out really nicely. I sold the piece at a consignment shop in my town. I'm on the look out now for more old books that have pretty illustrations, maps, or floral prints. The books are harder to find than the windows!

By Sarah G.


My stepfather made greenhouses out of the raised beds in his garden with recycled multipane windows. I've also seen plans in Sunset for a garden workshop using recycled windows.

By Jess

Home Decor

I have painted a 8 pane window frame, removed glass too, it's chocolate brown to go with my living room color and hung it behind my couch. Another 3 pane window, I left the glass in, painted it, used eye hooks and chain and hung it on a wall going down a stairway from my bedroom loft. The last one was an old stained glass window, cleaned it up and using eye hooks and chains hung it on the one side of a two large window that doesn't open on the one side, they all look great, can't wait to get at the others in the garage when it is warmer out

By Kim

Article: Decorating Old Wooden Windows

Ideas for decorating old wooden windows, for inside and outside use. Advice as suggested by the ThriftyFun community.

Two Creative Ideas In Photos

Here are a couple of ideas for old windows. The cards are all from my children.

By Gintoddy37 old window table kids_card_window_art

Add A "Window" to a Windowless Space

I had a kitchen down in the basement that had no windows. I found an old barn window, enlarged photos I had taken of my flowers, and taped them to the glass so that when the window was hung over the sink I could "look" outside and see my garden! You could also have one photo enlarged at a copy shop and use just one scene, maybe frame a calender.

By Glenn'sMom

Make a Mirror

You could have mirrors cut the size of window panes to use instead of glass. Decorate the frame with silk green garlands. Maybe add a few silk flowers depending on the season of the year.

By Jewellz

Picture Frame

Do you have any posters or blown up pictures to frame? Depending the size, they would make an interesting border. You could also let ivy, plants or vegetables climb them in the garden.

By Rh0286

Make A Blackboard

I bought blackboard paint (you can find it at craft stores or Home Depot) and painted the glass. I use it as a blackboard by my back door. I attached a wooden scrabble letter holder for the chalk.

By RealtorRose

Alternative to Stained Glass

I saw this at a local recycled art fair a few years ago. Broken colored and textured glass arranged in the form of bearded irises and adhered to the glass of an old window. A beautiful alternative to stained glass.

By Gardener

old window painting

Tip: Recycled Window Table

I saw a "window table" while I was driving by a yard sale. I found it to be interesting. I don't know how useful it would be other than for decoration. The flat part of the table was an old window with multiple panes in it. The legs were four patio columns which were affixed to the window.

I have some windows I am going to do this with, but I might just use regular lumber for the four legs. I looked at the prices at Lowes for these wooden patio columns, and I would not pay over $100 for four patio columns to do this project, but I am going to tweak it and use something else for the legs of the table.

By Robin F. from TN

Tip: Crafts Using Old Windows

Keep an eye out for old windows with wood frames at yard sales. They can be made into rustic looking picture frames. Find pictures that are a little smaller than the window and use a matte, which can be found at any craft store, to give it a finished look. Use tape or staples (put in sideways) to hold the pictures and mattes in place. Multi-pane windows can be used to frame multiple pictures. An inexpensive way to find artwork or pictures to frame is to use old calendar pages.

Tip: Painting Old Windows

I got this old window at a salvage store. $5.00. Used clear Elmer's glue mixed with a small amount of acrylic paint to create faux stained glass paint. Outlined my pattern with black paint that comes with a tip. Added embellishments and presto, trash to treasure. painting old windows outline Filling in your outline. painting old windows

By Bruzier from Omaha, Ne

Tip: Using an Old Window Frame

Waterfall Window FrameI was given this old frame, and decided to make it look realistic. I put a cut up poster behind the places where the panes were, and it looks like I am gazing out into a serene waterfall in the woods.

Some of my snail collections are on it, and for the photo, I would have taken them off. However, I have cats, and everything in this house is glued down! But, this may inspire some of you just the same.

Tip: Crafts Using Old Windows

window craftReclaim an old window by adhering broken glass, old hardware or shells (use your imagination) using a strong bonding compound. This window can be put outside or in. For this window I used all recycled materials: broken glass, wire, grass, and the flowers are bullet shells.

By Kate from Abington MA

Window Picture Frame

Photo of a recycled window craft.Upcycle an old wood window into a wonderful outdoor picture frame.

Approximate Time: 2 days


  • screwdriver
  • saw or jigsaw
  • paint scraper
  • sand paper
  • paper towel
  • window cleaner
  • masking tape
  • paint
  • printer and ink
  • laminate pouches
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • tape
  • lag bolts
  • caulk (all weather)


  1. Remove the hardware if any on your window.
  2. Next you'll need to remove some of the frame in the back. So the window will rest firmly against the wall with no gaps for water to get in.
  3. Sand where you just cut, to remove any splinters and rough edges.
  4. Sand the whole frame to remove loss paint.
  5. Tape the window glass.
  6. Paint your desired color.
  7. Put hardware back on if you want to.
  8. Either create your own, or print off the computer like I did, I had 6 window panes so I choose to do separate warning signs.
  9. Carefully place each picture in a laminate pouch and seal it closed. I had to cut the pouch to size of the window so carefully measure it. Our glass inserts were 10 x 10 inches.
  10. Tape the picture in place.
  11. Using a level and a pencil to mark a line across the top of the frame on the wall, measure down a few inches, I did 12 inches in each side for the holes.
  12. Drill 2 pilot holes, one on the left and on the right, then drill your frame.
  13. Screw in and it should hang straight. Recycled Window Craft
Good luck and have fun.

By Lisa from Auburn Hills

Recycled Painted Window

Painted Window PanesInstead of turning an old window into a decorative mirror, I decided to smudge up the glass with grey acrylic paint. I then finger painted "milk" bottles in each pane. This went well with my country kitchen/vintage decor.

By Tracy from Matheson, Ontario

Tip: Window Coffee Table

Old Window Table

Here is a photo of a coffee table I made out of a window. I left the panes in, put in some old items, then bought a piece of plastic for the top. I bought some legs at a Menard's store.

By Gintoddy37 from IL

Tip: Cards from the Kids - Old Window Pane

decorated old window

Here is an old window pane I decorated. The cards are from our children.

By Mary Palmer from LeRoy

Seasonal Decorated Window

Window frame without glass featuring craft items for each season or holiday.

Approximate Time: 1/2 hour or more depending on how many items added

Yield: 1Window decorated for Christmas.

Use handmade or store bought craft items.


  • 1 window frame of choice
  • 4 - 9 crafts or decorations
  • hot glue

Prices vary depending on what is on hand, found used, or bought new.


  1. Arrange crafts or decorations according to your design taste. It is suggested that smaller items be placed on top and larger items on the bottom.
  2. Once satisfied, hot glue items in place, some may need to be tied or hung depending on the item.


This project can depict one holiday or season or several.

Tip: Old Window Panes as Frames

I have been using old window panes to put photos in. I'm attaching some for the bathroom and general grandkid pics. Everyone loves them and they were so easy :-)

Old Window Panes as FramesOld Window Panes as Frames


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Question: Crafts Ideas for Old Window Panes

I have found several old glass window panes. They are clean and without frames. I just cannot think of what to do with them. I would love to create something crafty with them; perhaps to sell. Any ideas?

By Karen from WV

Most Recent Answer

By dmp04/27/2011

I made a mirror with and old window pane. I scuffed up the side so different colors of paint would come through and placed a mirror behind it.


Painted Window Welcome Sign

I'm always looking for old windows to paint. As you see here they make great welcome signs, and much loved gifts!

By Laurie from MI

Nice painting on an old window.