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Has anyone ever made a photo quilt? I am thinking about making one for my daughter's graduation. Any suggestions and/or ideas?

Sheila from Chittenango, NY



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By Little Suzy [105] 02/26/2008

Yes, I have made one. You go to a craft store or Joann Fabric's and get transfer paper. You must decide if you are making your photos on a copier or laser jet printer because the paper is different according to which way you go. I took my photos to Office Max and they made the copies for me on a color printer. It worked great! You read the directions and iron the photo (after it has been transfered unto the transfer paper) on the fabric which will be your block for your quilt. I used an off white muslin because I wanted it to look aged. It should be a solid color though Be sure to use larger piece of fabric then what the finished size will be. You can cut it down to the exact size after it's ironed on. Just read the directions thoroughly and practice. Some of my pictures I had to go back and have redone because I removed the backing of the transfer paper too quickly. Have fun!!

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By Pat Jennings [5] 02/27/2008

Hi, I've made a few of these photo quilts which you can check out on webshots at:

[URL=http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/559188047aMvlex][IMG]http://thumb7.webshots.net/t/60/760 ... /33/2335979330034953267osCWHL_th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

You will have to look through the album there to find all of them. The one I like the best and which everyone else also seems to like the best looks like a bookcase with pictures sitting on it. I bought some photo transfer paper which is really kind of expensive and printed my picture frames and the photos separately. I cut out the frames and then they were appliqued over top of the photos. I did not use permanent ink however and these quilts can be ruined easily by washing as I found out. I had to remove all of my photos from the bookcase quilt and do them over again as they faded considerably upon washing. It is my understanding that you should have these photos printed by a printer which uses permanent inks. Most of them don't but certain Cannons and certain Epsoms use the permanent inks. They are great fun and there are many ways to do them. Maybe someone has come up with a less expensive, easier, and more permanent way to do this. Best of luck!

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