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This page contains doll making tips, projects and advice.

Making Soft Sculpture Dolls
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Finding a Cabbage Patch Doll Pattern
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Making and Attaching Yarn Hair to a Doll

What is the simplest way to put yarn hair on a doll's head? Also, what is the best way to make the yarn hair?

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Use Found Objects for Dollhouse Furniture

I used to work at a drug store and a customer bought a watch from the case and the box it came in looked just like a trunk, so I asked him if I could have it and put it in my dollhouse. It was the perfect size!

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Making a Soft Sculpture Cupid Doll
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Making a Super Dad Doll
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Making Clothespin Dolls
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Making Male Spool Dolls

Are there any patterns for making male spool dolls?

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Buying Spool for Making Dolls

Where can you get small spools, 1/2 inch long for making tiny spool dolls?

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No Sew Barbie Doll Clothes

I have a little sister, age 5. She is in love with Barbies. I know how to sew, but I am scared that if I try I won't have enough time to finish in time for Christmas. Can I make no sew Barbie clothes?

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Making a Doll Sleeping Bag
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Twig Furniture for Dolls

I would think you could make the really cute twig furniture for the dolls by using green twigs and tying them together with wire or rope then once each piece is dried into the shapes you need. Glue or nail the separate pieces to form the chairs, beds, etc.

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Barbie Doll Clothing Crafts
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Doll Making Tips
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Adding Details on Craft Doll Faces

What is the best and fastest way to define the eyes and mouths on a craft doll, pillow face, etc.?

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Making Furniture for American Girl Dolls
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Making Doll Furniture
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Doll Clothing Made from J Cloths
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Pattern for Ivory Soap Bottle Mr and Mrs Claus

I have been looking for a pattern for Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus on Ivory dish soap bottles and cannot find it. Do you know where I can find this pattern? They have Styrofoam heads and plastic hands, but the bodies are the Ivory soap bottle. Help.

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Realistic Crochet Baby Doll Pattern

I am searching everywhere and hope someone can help me. I am looking for a realistic looking crocheted baby doll pattern. I would like it either preemie or new born size. Thank you.

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Clothes Patterns for 13 Inch Dolls

I have recently given my granddaughter a Dora Links doll and would like to make some clothes for it. The doll is about 13 inches tall so is overall a bit larger than a Barbie doll. Does anyone know of a sewing pattern source?

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Doll Patterns from Before 1960

I am searching for old doll patterns and doll clothes patterns from 1960 and before that time. I would like to make dolls from long ago if I can find existing patterns that are out of print such as Kewpie Doll, Betty Boop, Blondie, and other cartoons, etc.

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Pattern for Cabbage Patch Kid

I'm looking for the original Cabbage Patch dolls pattern. I had it when my daughter's were little, but have since lost it. I want to make them for my three granddaughters. Please can you help me. Thanks.

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Making a Pantyhose Doll

I am looking for patterns to make dolls out of pantyhose.

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Memory Bear Pattern

I am looking for a pattern for a memory bear. Can anyone help?

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Source for Craft Dolls to Make a Solo Cup Doll Lamp

Several years ago there was a very informative post on how to make a Solo cup doll lamp. The dolls in the picture are so pretty and I would like to know if anybody knows where I can buy dolls just like that so I can make a lamp.

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What Can I Use to Weight a Doll?

Does anyone have a suggestion for weighting a doll? I have used plastic pellets, but I'm looking for something with a little more weight because the plastic pellets are just not giving it enough weight.

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How Do I Make Soft Sculpture Dolls?

I would like information on how to make soft sculpted dolls.

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Debbie Ann Doll and Party Dress Patterns

I have some patterns for the Debbie Ann doll clothes, but I am interested in getting the Debbie Ann doll pattern and the party dress. I am willing to share my clothes pattern for the doll pattern.

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Sewing a Speedy Gonzales Stuffed Mouse

I am looking for a mouse pattern which I could easily convert into a Speedy Gonzales mouse. I want to sew the stuffed animal so I need a pattern for a standing mouse. Speedy has a big head, but skinny body so I need a pattern I can make a few changes to in order to make it like Speedy.

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Selling Bed Dolls and Crochet Doll Clothing
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Patterns for Barbie Furniture

I would like to find out how to make furniture for Barbie dolls.

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Making Norwegian Nisse (Elves) Out of Yarn

Does anybody have the directions for making Norwegian Nisse (elves) out of yarn wrapped around cardboard like for making tassels? I used to have this, but have lost them.

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Making Sock Monkeys

How do you make sock monkeys?

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Making Vintage Dolls (Southern Belles)

Does anyone remember the dolls with crocheted dresses, hats, etc.

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Making Doll Furniture From Household Items

I am looking for ideas for making doll's furniture out of items in the home.

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Making Barbie Camping Stuff

How do you make Barbie camping stuff?

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Pattern for Franklin the Turtle Stuffie

My 2 year old granddaughter loves "Franklin". Does anyone have a pattern to make the stuffed turtle? I can't find the stuffed animal or a pattern anywhere. Her dad and I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

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Looking for Bed Doll Pattern

I remember my grandma having bed dolls, where the clothes were made with felt and embroidery thread. The skirts were really full and long and made out of felt cut into circles and then folded some way and sewn with the embroidery thread to make little bows.

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Homemade Marionette Doll
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Crochet Cabbage Patch Clothes

I would like to find crochet patterns for cabbage patch kid's clothing.

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Dried Potato for Making a Dolls Face

Does anyone remember the dolls made out of real potatoes, and if you do, can you tell me how they're made.

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Making a Doll Head Using Hosiery

I want to make a sculpted doll head from polyfill and nylon hosiery. Can someone tell me how?

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Pattern for Dolls Made from Diapers

I would like to find a pattern for dolls made out of diapers.

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Patterns for Crocheted Doll Furniture

I'm looking for patterns for crocheted doll furniture of all kinds. Can anyone help?

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Molds for Plaster Doll House Accessories

I am looking to buy some molds to make things out of plaster for dolls houses. Does anyone know of a supplier that will post to France? I do not want a supplier in France, as I do not speak the language very well. Thanks.

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Clothespin Doll Furniture Ideas

Could all crafters that make doll clothespin furniture submit their wonderful works? I am trying to find more furniture to make, they are so adorable! Directions with real pictures showing assembly would be most helpful.

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Thrifty Doll Outfits

I'm an adult doll hobbyist, and I've learned that there's hundreds of dolls that have never had patterns made for them, whether she's a Timey Tell from the late 60s, or a Disney Little Princess on shelves now. While I love to sew, I also love to find new things for my dolls at second-hand venues - yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets.

Little Sock Monster
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Accessories For 1/24 Scale Doll House

I am looking for things to make and print out for my 1/24 scale doll's house. Any ideas?

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Use Dryer Lint For Stuffing Dolls

When my daughter was younger, she made hundreds of miniature stuffed animals, dolls, personalized pillows, and so forth, using fabric scraps. Even with the fabric free, of course, cotton batting or fiber-fill would have cost money to stuff her creations. So, she stuffed them with dryer lint!

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Topsy-Turvey Doll Pattern

I need a topsy-turvey doll pattern for a swap I am about to do. Thank you.

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Use Plastic Containers for Dollhouse Pools

Take the plastic containers that come ready to eat with chips and salsa and clean it out. These make excellent swimming pools for your miniature house layouts. Usually they come in black but you can paint them to resemble a swimming pool. Great recycle project

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Use X-Rays For Doll Clothing Patterns

As I am a dressmaker, I always make my own patterns for dolls clothing. To have my patterns last forever, I use all my old X-rays. Put on a white sticker to write on so you can easily find it's back.

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Converting a Closet Into a Doll House

I just recently bought a home where my 4 year old daughter's room has two closets. I would like to use one closet to convert it into a 2 to 3 story doll house. Anybody could give me some ideas or pointers on how I could get this started. I have not one ounce of creativity in my pinky so I need some help.

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Doll Cradle From Clorox Jug

I am looking for a pattern. White Clorox gallon jug cut out on top to make a doll cradle. It had a draw string skirt so it could be closed to look like a hand bag? Any help out there?

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Swaddle Doll Pattern

I am trying to find a a pattern to make the swaddle doll? Does any have the directions? Also am trying ti find the directions to make a daddy tool belt.

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Clothes Patterns for a Barbie & Me Doll

Does anyone have a pattern, or know where I can buy a pattern, for making clothes for the soft Barbie and Me doll?

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Miniature Candy Bar Labels

How can I make miniature candy bar labels?

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Barbie Clothing Patterns

Does anyone have any ideas or know of any sites that have barbie clothing patterns?

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Decorating a Styrofoam Ball for a Doll's Face

Somewhere on your web site I came across an old request on how to decorate a vase to look like a doll. Well, I'm having a problem with this same idea. I have a 4" styrofoam ball that I need to make a face on that fits the vase perfectly for the head. My question is, what can I use to cover the ball with?

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15 inch Fashion Doll Clothes Patterns

Last year I got my granddaughters 15 inch fashion dolls at Walgreens for $5.00 each. They are lovely but I can't find any patterns for clothes for this size doll. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Golden Hands Encyclopaedia of Crafts Rag Doll Pattern

Back in the 1970s there was a pattern for a rag doll in the Golden Hands Encyclopaedia of Crafts which was published in weekly parts. Unfortunately, I have lost my copy in a recent house move. Has anyone a copy of the pattern they could forward to me, as I would like to make it for my young grandchildren.

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Pattern for Forever Friends Folk Dolls

I am looking for a crochet pattern for 2 18" dolls called Forever Friends Folk Stuffed Dolls. This pattern was on e-bay but I lost the bid and the seller said it was the only copy she had. Does anyone have or know where I can buy this pattern. Thanks for your help.

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Pouting Doll Pattern

I am wondering if anyone has the pouting doll pattern. I would like to make one for a Christmas gift.

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Assembly Line for Making Dolls

I make and sell Raggedy Ann and Andy, quilts, and various fabric crafts at our local Farmers Market here in Moses Lake, Washington. If you think that's something you'd like to do with your own talents, let me give you a time saving tip.

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Make a Doll from a Dishcloth

I need a "how to" pattern on making a baby doll out of a bath-cloth, or dish towel. I have seen them made, but don't remember the process.

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Life Sized Doll Pattern

I'm looking for instructions to form the body of the life size (3 or 4 yrs old) doll which has one arm hiding its face or standing in a corner like they have been in trouble. They were real popular a couple of years ago at the craft shows.

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Old Fashioned Cloth Doll Patterns

I'm looking for old fashioned cloth doll patterns. I can't seem to find any of the plain kind of "Raggedy Ann" type.

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Looking for Doll Form

I see from Joanne from San Diego that she is looking for Lee Wards company. I also have been looking for them as they really had the best crafts. I am looking for a doll form they had and cannot find elsewhere. If anyone knows about it, help... vegaspat

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Decorate a Vase Like a Doll

If you have extra, empty vases, cover them with cloth of your choice. Place a heavy object in bottom to keep the vase from falling over. Buy Styrofoam craft balls or doll heads to fit in the vase opening. Add facial features to Styrofoam balls.

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Looking for Cloth Angel Wings

I saw some angel Christmas ornaments that had cloth wings. They came in different sizes. I would like to make some other angel items and would like to use these cloth wings for them. I asked the women if she would tell me where she got them and she wouldn't tell me.

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How To Quickly Design Your Own Doll Dress

It doesn't matter what type or size doll you have, you can easily design your own doll dresses following a few simple steps.

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