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Freezing Mangoes

Mango on white background with leaves.

When mangoes are in season, harvest or buy extra, and freeze them for use later in recipes or smoothies. These beautiful orange fruit not only taste good but they are good for you. This is a guide about freezing mangoes.



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Tip: Freezing Mangoes

If you find them on sale and want to preserve them, freezing is a great option. Just cut them up in either chunks or dice, or you can puree them and freeze them in ice cube trays. If you cube or dice them you can just toss them in a freezer bag and put in the freezer for later use like in smoothies or a sorbet. Also, my 1 year old loves mango diced and added to yogurt too.


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Question: Freezing Mangoes

What is the best method to freeze mangoes?

By Lynda R

Most Recent Answer

By Joyann01/20/2012

Freezing instructions for mangoes...

Question: Freezing Mangoes

I recently got a free box of mangoes with my grocery purchase and have not used them yet. I am wondering if they can be frozen and keep their flavour once frozen?

By Vanessa

Best Answers

By fe07/25/2011

Yes, definitely you can freeze, ripe mangoes. They are so to make smoothies or use to for pies or cakes. Just make sure that they are ripe. not the hard green ones.

Best Answers

By Marsha07/23/2011

Yes, you can freeze them very well. Just peel them, and remove the seed cutting around it to get all the fruit off, (I will then use a spoon to scrape any remaining fruit from around the seed), then puree the fruit and put it in Ziplock freezer bags. Flatten bag to remove all the air and lay it flat in your freezer. It you have more than one bag, flatten each bag and allow them to freeze before stacking them.

Frozen mango will make the best mango smoothie using just plain yogurt or vanilla yogurt or ice-cream. You can mix other fruits in with mango for a wonderful tropical treat.

Enjoy your good fortune. You hit the jackpot in my opinion.