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Freezing Meatballs

A pile of frozen meatballs.

Sometimes it is easier to make meatballs in a large batch and then freeze some. If they are properly frozen they will maintain their quality and be ready for another meal. This is a guide about freezing meatballs.



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Tip: Freezing Meatballs

To freeze meatballs, place them on a cookie sheet until frozen. Place in plastic bags. They will stay separated so that you may remove as many as you want.

By Peggy

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Here are questions related to Freezing Meatballs.

Question: Making Meatballs for the Freezer

I would like to obtain a recipe and instructions for meatballs that you can prepare and freeze to be used in multiple ways, like spaghetti, sandwiches, etc. I was told about a preparation method involving pressing the meat in a pan, cutting into smaller squares, and rolling each smaller square into a meatball. Anyone have any idea of what I am talking about here? Sounds like a very timesaving idea for busy families!

Thank you!
Pam from Columbus, NE

Most Recent Answer

By christi05/18/2006

meatball recipe

3 lbs ground beef
3 eggs
1 cup milk
1 package of stuffing mix, crushed fine

mix the above. flatten out evenly and cut into equal
parts for size of meatballs wanted. roll each seperate
part and put onto 2 sheetcake pans,(cookie sheets,
with sides) so that they are not touching.

Question: Making Meatballs to Freeze

When I make meatballs I use ground beef, veal, and pork plus I use eggs, Italian bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, a splash of olive oil and garlic. I would like to know if I can freeze this mixture with the raw eggs. It would surely save me time if I could make the meatballs at one time and freeze for future meals. Basically, my question is, "Can you freeze raw eggs into a meat mixture?"

By Nita

Most Recent Answer

By susan08/28/2012

Yes you can, but you must be very careful to defrost them in the fridge and not out on the counter.