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Freezing Onions

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Can you freeze onion?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Franco from Fayetteville, AR


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By Patty [5]02/02/2011

This is great information! I'm glad you asked the question! I'll start freezing my onions from now on! Thanks everyone!

By Cindy [3]02/02/2011

Hello Franco, I often chop up a bag of onions, freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet in the freezer (helps draw out some of the excess moisture) and then divide them up into freezer bags to store in the freezer. They work great for most crock pot recipes, soups, stews, gravies, and some casseroles, but not for fresh salads or burgers.

I really don't notice the difference in flavor as much as the difference in texture. I don't use them as a "fresh" ingredient in potato salads (as Kathryen said) or any kind of salad, sandwich spread, etc. It's a great time saver if using them in dishes that need the flavor and not necessarily the crunch. Chop up a fresh one when needed!

By Kathryen [8]02/01/2011

We buy bags of onions and cut up and freeze them in zip lock bags ready to use for cooking The only time we use freshly chopped onions is in potato salad.

By beverly Conner [6]02/01/2011

I freeze onions all the time, chopped up and ready to use.

By Joan [13]01/31/2011

I dice the onions up and put them in baggies in the approximate amount that I think I will be needing for certain things.

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