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Freezing Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes lying on a towel.

You can shop of sweet potatoes when they are in season at the farmer's market or on sale at the super market. Now that you have a good number of this tasty tuberous root crop, consider freezing some for later use. This is a guide about freezing sweet potatoes.



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Tip: Cook Sweet Potatoes Before Freezing

I bake them and mash them prior to freezing. I can use them in a casserole or to make pies. For pies I measure the amount needed and freeze in a Ziploc bag.

By Beverly from Carslbad, CA

Tip: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

We raise sweet potatoes in our garden. The smaller ones and the ones we cut while digging, I scrub and drop into a large pot and cover with water and boil until they are done.

The others, I keep them on large table in my basement to keep an eye on them and use them for baking or whatever. If any begin to look like they are starting to spoil, I immediately scrub and boil them.

I dump them immediately after cooking to keep them from absorbing any more water. I allow them to cool and then peel and press them into a Ziploc freezer bag. I use quart size bags and freeze. I use them in sweet potato casseroles and puddings for the remainder of the year.

By Marie G W. from Hardy, VA

Tip: Freeze Baked Sweet Potatoes in Foil

Sweet potatoes actually freeze well. I prick them a few times with a fork, then put them in a baking pan and cover it with foil. I roast them at 350 degrees F until they are fully cooked. When they are completely cooled, I wrap each one in foil and freeze them as is, still in their jackets. When I want sweet potatoes I just take them out, thaw them, and use them the way I want.

For things like pie or muffins, just slice open and scoop the flesh out and mash it. For a side dish, I warm them in the microwave or oven, and serve. They reheat really well, and are really nice to have on hand for meals and baking.

By Copasetic 1 from North Royalton, OH

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Here are questions related to Freezing Sweet Potatoes.

Question: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

I need to freeze some sweet potatoes I'm going to be feeding the to pigs so they're not going to be cooked after freezing. What is the best way to freeze them?

By Logan

Most Recent Answer

By scott E.01/28/2013

Freezing them will bust the cell walls just like a raw potato uncooked. So there will be a lot of liquid when they are thawed out. Feed the liquid too, it will have a lot of good stuff.
Personally I would cook them first then freeze in a bag. They will discolor but no problem with the value. If uncooked a lot of the cell wall well be intact when they exit the animal so some of the nutrients will be lost.

Question: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

How do I freeze sweet potatoes?

By MarcyC

Most Recent Answer

By Pat09/22/2011

I bake my sweet potatoes, cool, then peel. Slice on cookie-sheet and freeze until
hard. I then take the sweet potato slices & put them in a large zip-lock bag and lay it flat. It is then ready to fry, or put in a pan with butter, brown sugar & bake. I then put on mini marshmallow on them until they turn brown. Very good. It you want to mash them, they are easy to do when they are thawed out.

Question: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

Can someone tell me how to freeze sweet potatoes?

By Tricia from Walesuk

Most Recent Answer

By Pat09/23/2010

Hey, Here is how I freeze sweet potatoes. I bake them in the microwave until they start to get soft.
I let them cool, then peel & slice them in round disk.
I place them on a plastic lined cookie sheet then freeze. When they are frozen, you can then put them in a bag, laying them flat. This way you have them ready to make candied or fried sweet potatoes. I always freeze sweet potatoes when they are on sale, so I can have them ready to re-bake or fry in butter. I make candied sweet potatoes by laying them in a buttered pan, (how ever many you need), putting butter on each slice, them sprinkling brown sugar on them. Bake about 20 mins, then place mini marshmallows on the sweet potatoes & bake until the marshmallows are brown, (about 10 more mins.) Hope you will enjoy these.
Pat in GA
P.S. You can always mashed these if you want them that way.

Question: Making Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

I want to freeze the sweet potatoes for french fries in the oven later. Do I need to blanch them or just cut them and freeze them in slices?

By Maietta L

Most Recent Answer

By Anonymous12/05/2011

Cut them, blanch for two minutes only, give an immediate ice/cold water bath until they cool, drain, place on towels to drain off excess water, place evenly on a baking sheet to freeze and once frozen place in freezer bags with as much air removed as possible. They will be good to go in the freezer for up to two months.

There's also a fry blanching technique but, personally, it doesn't sound appetizing to me ;-)

Question: Cooking Frozen Sweet Potatoes

I chopped some sweet potatoes for oven fries and I froze the ones I didn't use without cooking them at all. The next time will I have to defrost them before putting them in the oven or just cook them frozen?

By Smaragda


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Archive: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

Can I freeze sweet potatoes?

By Avis from PA

RE: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

Yes. I freeze cooked sweet potatoes all the time. When they are on sale at a really good price I buy quite a few. Use them as is for a while, but when they start to look like they may go bad I peel, dice, and cook them in the microwave. I add a few tablespoons of water in the dish as they cook and stir as they cook once in a while to keep them moist. Cook till tender. Then let them cool and put them in the 1# recycled plastic butter containers. They are just as good to eat after defrosting. (12/21/2009)

By suzin

RE: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

I always buy sweet potatoes in bulk. What I usually do is wash and dry them. I then rub some oil on them, wrap them in aluminum foil and bake them until they're soft. When they cool off, I freeze them. When you want them, let them thaw out. I use them for souffles, or just mashed as a side dish. I also use them for cakes. I hardly ever run out of them. (12/22/2009)

By kris414

RE: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

Go to and you'll find anything you would ever want to freeze or can on this site. I use it during garden harvesting all the time. (12/22/2009)

By maggie3956

Archive: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

Can I freeze home grown sweet potatoes?

By Bobbie from OH

RE: Freezing Sweet Potatoes

You can't freeze them raw, you must cook them first. (08/18/2010)

By Fortunately