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Shopping at Discount Grocery Stores

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Discount Grocery Store

Finding the best deals at a bargain or salvage store can save money on your food purchases. This guide is about shopping at discount grocery stores.


Solutions: Shopping at Discount Grocery Stores

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Tip: Grocery Shopping at Salvage Stores

Shopping at salvage stores can save you big bucks on groceries. But when you're there, take note of the environment. Are there small bugs or tan colored moths flying around? If so, pick the items to purchase carefully. Check each item around the part of the can where you open it or where a jar's lid fits. Look for moth eggs or larvae.

If a product you were planning on buying has one or more on it, do not purchase it. Just leave it at the store. Also beware of cereals, flours, rice, as they can be inside the package already and you won't know until you get home.

If you've never had a moth infestation in your home, and had to toss out all kinds of foods, you're very lucky. Mine even got in unopened bags of dried fruit, nothing keeps the little critters out but canisters. We had to "bomb" (bug foggers) our whole house twice before getting rid of all the moths!

I had to totally re-do my whole kitchen, and pantry. But not until after having to toss out at least a couple of hundred dollars in packaged foods! Now, I keep a bay leaf on every shelf in my kitchen and pantry. I replace them 1-2 times a year.

By Terri

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Question: Scratch and Dent Stores Near Greensboro, NC

Are there still any Scratch and Dent grocery stores in existence? I live in NC, near Burlington in the Greensboro area.

Julie from Liberty, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Chris Shylor W.03/15/2014

We have a few on our map. We are trying to find some more if you know of any.

Question: Listing of Discount Grocery Stores

Where do I find a list of discount grocery stores?

By Marty


Most Recent Answer

By brittan01/31/2013

Bargain Depot Discount Grocery
8035 Vincent Rd
Denham springs, LA 70726

Question: Locating Salvage Stores

I am interested in opening a bent can food store, plus health and beauty aids. How can I find these salvage suppliers?

Stan from Montgomery, AL

Most Recent Answer

By carolyn [8]05/13/2009

source: AARP Bulletin May 2009, page 22

Question: Salvage Grocery Stores in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Where are discount grocery stores in the Dallas area?

By Linda from Dallas, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Ann Bartholomew10/06/2010

The Grocery Clearance Center, 3107 S. Cockrell Hill Road (at Kiest Blvd), Phone 214-330-3663
Fort Worth
Town Talk Foods, 121 N Beach St., Ph 817-831-6136
Grand Prairie
Topline Warehouse Store, 433 E Church St., Ph 972-262-5326
Most of the listings for Topline seem to indicate it's an appliance place rather than food...
The places in Dallas & FW have websites.

Question: Discount Food Stores in Northern VA

Does anyone know of any discount type food stores around Northern VA?

By SAPHO99 from Leesburg, VA

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Blackmon [2]10/05/2009

I found one location in Woodbridge Va called
Global Warehouse Foods, But that is a bit of a hike to save money. I do thank you for the information and wish you the best.

Question: Bent and Dent Stores Near Falkner, MS

How can I find Dent and Bent stores near Falkner, Mississippi?

By Dareion from Falkner, MS

Most Recent Answer

By that penguin11/27/2009

Type Bent and Dent Faulkner MS in a search engine, I recommend because its a metasearch and compiles from all the big names plus others.

Question: Nationwide Listing of Discount Grocery Stores

Where can I find a nationwide listing of discount grocery stores or dented can stores?

By Garth

Question: Discount Grocery Stores in Illinois

Where can I find a list of dented can or discount grocery stores in Illinois?

By Garth