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Storing Green Onions

storing green onions

Green onions can be difficult to keep nice and fresh for later use. This is a guide about storing green onions.



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Tip: Keeping Green Onions (Scallions) Fresh

I cut the whole bunch of green onions (scallions) when I bring them home from the store. In a plastic bag or plastic container with a paper towel, they last so much longer than uncut in the crisper-where they always get slimy too quickly. Then they are ready to use when I need them.

By Linda

Tip: Storing Green Onions

I love green onions in my omelets and saimin noodles. The trouble is that it goes rather quickly. We found quite by accident how to store green onions.

My Mother loves to make things simple for cooking. She'd buy vegetables, clean them, and store them in paper towels in Ziploc bags in the refrigerator, so you can quickly add them to your cooking. She did that with green onions one day.

We didn't get to the green onions until two weeks later. This time when she stored the green onions she cut them up and just put them in double paper towel lengths, so it won't tear, and capped it with a rubber band, so it wouldn't come apart when you picked it up.

We found that the refrigerator had dehydrated the green onions. It tasted like the parsley herbs we buy in the plastic bottles. Though it didn't have the taste of fresh green onions, it still was edible and had some of its original taste. It stores nicely and nothing goes to waste, when you use this little tip we found by accident.

By Krissttina I. from Honolulu, HI

Tip: Storing Green Onions

Put them in a tall ceramic vase with a little water and cover with a plastic bag and put in fridge, much like florists protect their blooms. Any tender green with stems or roots will benefit. My Pennsylvania-Dutch great-grandmother always had a bowl of these greens in the center of the table at each meal.

By Hdwbob from Derby, NY

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Question: Storing Green Onions

Thanks for all the responses about cilantro. How does one keep purchased fresh green onions fresh AND for as long as possible? I have tried wrapping them in paper towel, putting them in a plastic bag and storing in a cool (not cold) part of refrigerator but it doesn't seem to work. The green part goes first followed by the white part if I keep them long enough.

YT in London

Most Recent Answer

By cjjflash06/15/2011

I just pop them in a glass of water, they keep at (normal) room temperatures for up to a week and if they were fresh when you bought them, they grow some more! (in length not quantity), So more for your money. Chris