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Growing Plants in Rock Walls

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growing plants in rock walls

Adding plants to your rock wall can create a beautiful, cascading effect. This is a guide about growing plants in rock walls.



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Question: Growing Plants on Rock Walls

I have some rock walls that I would like to have sedum and vinca grow in the wall. I've tried adding some dirt and in some places that was easy. But the vinca died, which I thought was supposed to be a hardy plant. I've been transplanting stuff for years so this isn't a new thing. Any ideas why it died? My neighbor has it all over her walls and it is beautiful.

Also, and suggestions on how to anchor some other plants to the walls?

By Mindy from Terrebonne, OR


Most Recent Answer

By Coreen Hart [78]07/15/2011

You don't say how much soil was there for the vinca roots. With insufficient soil, the roots die off very quickly. I have hen and chicks in my rock wall, and they do well there. I put them in as I built the wall, so they can root into the soil behind them. I've tried adding plants after the wall was built, but didn't have any luck. Hope this helps.

Solutions: Growing Plants in Rock Walls

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