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Transplanting a Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine

Transplanting shoots or mature vines allows you to expand or refocus the presence of this flowering vine in your garden. This is a guide about transplanting a trumpet vine.



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Tip: Moving a Yellow Trumpet Vine


I have a yellow trumpet vine that I would like to move. It is about 10 to 14 years old. Is it possible to move it or should I leave it? It grows really well but I would like to move it away from the house.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

Ruth from Springfield, OR



Trumpet vines are pretty resilient. Many people are looking for ways to stop them from growing and spreading, so don't worry too much about transplanting it. If for some reason it doest transplant well, you're likely to see plenty of new suckers growing up in the spot it used to inhabit. I would suggest doing it in the early spring before too much growth occurs. Cut it down to a manageable size for transplanting. Don't cut it all the way down, however, as it's better to leave a few feet of the leafy top-growth. When you dig out the root ball, make it large and try to keep as much of the dirt attached to the roots as possible. Baby your vine this season as it works to re-establish itself.

By Ellen Brown

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Question: Transplanting a Trumpet Vine

What time of year should I transplant a baby shoot from a Trumpet vine? How do I do it?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By kneesh from Bear Lake, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Debby07/06/2009

I have never had a problem with my trumpet vine not growing. It is the most aggressive thing I've ever seen. It flowers profusely. I have mine in mostly shade. I found that it is not easily moved. If you do not completely get all the root, it will grow back. It also sends up shoots all around it. So, just be sure where you plant it is where you want it permanently.

Question: Growing Trumpet Vines from Cuttings

I want to give a friend some baby trumpet vines. How do I get the runners to start?

By Roanna S.

Most Recent Answer

By susan06/11/2012

Seriously!? You cannot kill this plant - it's roots send shoots up everywhere. Just dig a shoot up - the rest of your yard will thank you.

Question: Starting a Trumpet Vine from a Cutting

Can you start another vine from a cutting of the existing vine?

By Cindy

Most Recent Answer

By Lapdogs06/09/2013

You probably can but I have found they don't transplant easily, so I'm guessing they wouldn't be easy to start from cuttings either. Fortunately they grow easily from their seeds. Just pick one of the pods when it gets brown. There are tons of seeds inside. You can hardly stop them. They spring up everywhere in my yard by themselves. You'll have no trouble with these beautiful vines. They are easy to care for too.