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Transplanting a Trumpet Vine

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What time of year should I transplant a baby shoot from a Trumpet vine? How do I do it?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By kneesh from Bear Lake, MI


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By Debby [21]07/06/2009

I have never had a problem with my trumpet vine not growing. It is the most aggressive thing I've ever seen. It flowers profusely. I have mine in mostly shade. I found that it is not easily moved. If you do not completely get all the root, it will grow back. It also sends up shoots all around it. So, just be sure where you plant it is where you want it permanently.

By Myrna [15]06/26/2009

My mature trumpet vines have never bloomed yet and I think they are in too much shaded area, however, they have lots of offsprings and are rooted in the ground. If you'd like some free starters of yellow trumpet vine, I'd be glad to send any your way. They should take off well if you plant them in a semi moist area and transplant next spring to a more desirable place.

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