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Making Your Own Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are as fun to make as they are to receive. The choice of the basket or similar container can also help define the sentiment and theme. You can customize the contents for the person and the occasion. This is a guide about making your own gift baskets.

Gift basket with green ribbon.
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This is a guide about making filler for gift baskets. Rather than buying filler for your homemade gift baskets you can use materials that you already have.

Gift Basket in cellophane against a blue background

December 7, 2007 Flag
Filled gift basket.


  • tea for one teapot
  • Earl Grey tea bags (24)
  • passion fruit tea bags (24)
  • peppermint tea bags (24)
  • tea bag wallet with 4 tea bags
  • cappuccino mix in a bag
  • clover honey
  • Morello cherry fruit spread
  • honey in 5# jars from a local beekeeper*


  1. *I poured some honey in a clean jar which was sterilized in my dishwasher. I put some Saran Wrap over the top, screwed the lid on tightly. Finally I taped the neck of the jar closed and sewed a jar topper out of scrap fabric.
  2. Some time ago I purchased a package of new chef's aprons which I always keep on hand for whenever I'm baking or cooking. So I added one in the gift basket.
  3. I purchased a new tea for one teapot from a website and attached the following label:
    Warm your teapot:
    While the water is heating, fill your teapot with hot tap water to preheat it. This prevents cracking that can occur when boiling water is placed in a room temperature teapot, and it helps the brewed tea maintain the proper temperature. Discard the water once the pot is warm.

My husband and I buy foods in bulk to keep on hand for emergencies, so we don't have go grocery shopping every week.

I bought the basket from a garage sale this summer and added a ribbon. The only items that I had to buy was the teapot, and the tea bags. Total cost for making the basket was about $20.00 or less.

By Marge W. from Sanborn, NY


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Gift baskets are a great way to make a personal gift for family or friends. This article includes many ideas of containers and themes to help you get started on a gift basket for everyone on your list. Gift baskets can be a lot of fun for you and the recipient and don't have to cost a lot of money.

The Recipient

The first thing to consider is who you are giving the basket to:


The container or "basket" doesn't have to be expensive. Pick a theme (some are listed below) and find a container that goes with the theme that can hold some items or have items attached to it. You want the container and the items to go together and for everything to be usable and practical. (This is not to say that a few fun things can't be thrown in too.) Below are some of my ideas for containers but there certainly are many more possibilities.

Ideas for Themes

The items that go within the gift basket should be tied together by a common theme. The themes below are gift basket recipes that can be modified to fit your needs or to get you started on developing your own themed gift basket.

College Student Gift Basket

Use a basket or usable container with some or all of the following:

Bath Gift Basket

Use a nice basket with some or all of the following:

Kids Coloring Gift Basket

Use a rubber/plastic storage box with some or all of the following:

Photographer's Gift Basket

Use a basket or a camera bag with some or all of the following:

Letter Writer's Gift Basket

Use a square basket or plastic box with some or all of the following:

Crafters Gift Basket

Use a rubber storage container with some or all of the following:

Pasta Lover Gift Basket

Use a colander or bowl with some or all of the following:

Gardener's Gift Basket

Use a clay plant pot, bucket or watering can with some or all of the following:

Cat Lover Gift Basket

Use a cat bowl or pet bed with some or all of the following:

Dog Lover Gift Basket

Use a dog bowl or pet bed with some or all of the following:

Dogs come in all sizes so make sure you are buying for the right size dog. Also if it is for a puppy, chewy stuff is the best.

New Home Owner's Gift Basket

Use a tool box or tool tray with some or all of the following:

Guitar Player's Gift Basket

Use a basket or gig bag with some or all of the following:

Skier or Snowboarder's Gift Basket

Use a small pack or canvas bag with some or all of the following:

Grandparent Gift Basket

Use a basket or reusable container with some or all of the following:

Wine Lover's Basket

Use a wine cooling bucket with some or all of the following:

Holiday Entertainment Basket

Use a nice holiday basket with some or all of the following:

Fillers for Your Basket

Once you have obtained your items here are some fillers to put around them.

Extra Items To Consider

For Christmas Baskets add:

For any occasion add:

Finishing Your Basket

If you buy colored cellophane you can cover the entire container with it disguising what is inside. Tie a ribbon around the whole thing or paste a ribbon on top. Have fun!


September 7, 2010 Flag

bear gift basketThis is an amazingly inexpensive gift, party favor, etc. You will want to make several and keep one for yourself!



  1. Arrange flowers in basket placing dots of glue at the bottom of basket to secure.
  2. Tuck in embellishments, and add a dot of glue to hold.
  3. Wrap ribbon around basket, gluing as you go.
  4. Finally tuck in your teddy!

These can be made for showers, weddings, and other gifts. Don't forget to check out thrift stores and the scrapbook department, button/embellishment department, and your own stash. The possibilities for what you can tuck in are endless. This craft takes just a few minutes to make :)

By joynchocolate from Landisville, PA

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I use pinking sheers to cut up all old magazines, candy wrappers, colored paper of any kind and keep it to use as basket stuffing when giving a gift or making baskets for friends.

By Denise from McRae, GA

January 22, 2009 Flag

Reading all of these tips made me remember what I packaged up last year. Sorry, no photos, so you will have to use your imagination!

I hate Easter basket type gifts! This might sound harsh but what I really hate is the basket that these gifts come in. What do you do with them after the gift is gone? The real answer is that unless it is not a true wicker Easter basket, one usually tosses them or donates them to get rid of them. So with this in mind, I did not want to subject others to my strong aversion to wicker Easter baskets when (as a mother of 3) I am giving out thank you/acknowledgment gifts during the holidays to: teachers, neighbors, principals, best friends and casual friends, managers and the like. I created gift baskets in storage containers with the thought in mind, who would not want a (new not used) food storage container?

During the holidays, our local drugstore was selling food storage jars. Some had a plastic over the mouth seal as a bonus food sealer and some did not. I bought one selling for about $2 each that was a square shape and the size was about 6 inches tall, I believe it was measured in ounces. I got the 32 oz. one. Some things were bought in bulk or multi-serve packaging, keeping the cost low


This is the list that I compiled to create a jar that cost about $10 each:

  1. small flower magnet picture frame
  2. single serve apple sauce
  3. single serve package of nuts
  4. a small box of raisins
  5. a small pack of post-its
  6. a pen
  7. single serve coffee packet
  8. single serve hot coco packet
  9. single serve tea packet
  10. single serve drink mix packet
There might have been more things but as you can see from the list and by using your imagination, my goal was to create a small food snack jar so that the person I was giving it to would have something besides Christmas candy to snack on while sitting at their desk.


Stuff the jar, putting a scattering of M&M's to fill in the cracks of the other items.

Place seal over mouth of jar with the self sticking plastic seal for the mouth of the jar. A lot of the people I gave them to thought that they were bought at a store that way and some even came to me asking what store I bought them from.

Place stickers around jar. After stuffing the jar, the next step was to get some festive Christmas stickers (not the tacky ones but the ones that looked more classy) and put a few on the lid and some around the jar.

Wrap ribbon with name card and candy cane around jar and hand out to people for Christmas.

I suggest keeping a list of all that was stuffed in jar because this year I did the same type of packaging but I had forgotten what I had put in the jar last year so I might have duplicated some items.

Several of the people that I had given these type of gift baskets to were very thankful to have something other than Christmas calorie punching food to snack on and a jar to keep all the goodies in while taking the time to snack on them (Hawaii has a terrible bug problem).

It also made me feel good not to inflict others with my aversion to wicker Easter/gift baskets.

By Soyzick from Hawaii

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I save money on gifts by giving baskets with handmade items. Example: Cookie making basket, including, cookie mix, sprinkles, cutters, couple of hot pads, wooden spoon.

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You can make baskets for gifts and holidays, by buying the shrink wrap paper to put over it and then blow dry it. You can use anything to load the items in you want to cover.

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I have an old tobacco basket hanging on an out building and I would like to add some life to it. Any ideas on how to jazz it up? I would love to see some pics. Thanks.

Heather Southern Ohio

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I have one that belonged to my father-in-law. I'm planning to use it to post family pictures in the family room. Hope to get to it soon. Other ideas are appreciated.

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I had the same idea for the same object "an old tobacco basket"/the one I am talking about is flat.

Depending on the size of your dining room table - I thought of shellacing one (to help perserve it) and useing it as our dining room table's Lazy Susan.

All of the bowls would then move in unison, as the basket would be the only item moving under them.

SO instead of having to pass the bowls of food to you, the person would "spin" the basket to the bowl they desired to get food out of.

Good Luck and let us know what you ended up doing with it

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Everyone can use a "Basket of Sunshine" now and again to brighten their day. This is a guide about making a "Basket of Sunshine".

Basket of Sunshine

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Making Your Own Gift Baskets. When you have a large family, creating gift baskets is a wonderful way to give everyone a gift without breaking the bank. Making your own gift baskets is easy and economical.

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For gift baskets, find something that goes with the theme. The "basket" does not have to be an actual basket but can be anything that will hold the contents, i.e. a watering can for a gardening basket or a bowl for a kitchen basket.

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