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Uses for Egg Cartons

Rather and throw away your empty egg cartons get creative, there are a lot of new uses for them. This is a guide about uses for egg cartons.

Seedlings in a egg carton.
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August 3, 2012 Flag
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I'm always amazed at new things I read, watch on TV, or find on this site. I would never have thought to use empty egg cartons for ice trays. You can make ice using an egg carton, same way as you use your trays. The ice forms in a neat shape, larger then usual trays. They are especially great when, like me, you add cucumber, lemon, and other flavors to your water. I just did this with my watermelon juice I told you about beginning of summer. It worked great!


I made what I had ahead of time marked on the container what flavor each contained. I saw this on TV decided to try it and loved the fact I could just use one section per serving. Add a raspberry, lemon, orange slices, strawberries, or blueberries. Since egg sections are larger I got a larger, more satisfying taste to my ice.

I just threw these away before, now I'm going to play with different ideas. Since it doesn't cost a penny these would be great for showers or parties anywhere you are making cold drinks away from home. There are no worries about leaving the "trays" behind.

My ice came out easily. The cartons can be reused for freezing ice or flavors to add to your water. I have a large bottle that I use over and over again. Now I can put these cubes into my reusable bottle and then when melting the flavors spread throughout.

The same things you do with trays try with egg cartons. Put a stick or spoon into a frozen treat for on the go Popsicles. They are heavy, better then some I have seen at discount stores. The best part is you can throw them away so take your idea anywhere. Being able to enjoy the outing, party, barbecue, or church get together is what is important.

If you make your own soap this would be good for that, too. You can use these for separating vitamins and medications in advance. 12-18 separated sections for dividing daily doses. No extra cost is the part I love. I'm sure everyone can think of a different use for these equally separated cartons most of us have. Let me know what you come up with.

Source: I saw them used for ice cubes on RR repeat. I tried and it worked.

By Luana M. from San Diego, CA

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July 27, 2013 Flag
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Use egg crates as a base for vegetables. If a veggie becomes "weepy" before you can use it, it won't drip onto the others. Cut the crates to fit your basket or shelf.

Extra: Because you can ripen tomatoes in a brown paper bag, the cardboard crates are great for green tomatoes.

Egg Crates for Veggie Storage
    Egg Crates for Veggie StorageEgg Crates for Veggie Storage
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    April 22, 2010 Flag

    I saw the best tip on TV the other day; use your styrofoam egg cartons to make ice cubes. I usually buy eggs in the cardboard cartons, but occasionally I end up with the 18 pack styrofoam cartons (like now, I have 2 in my fridge). I'm making yogurt today and will strain it tonight. I'm thinking the egg cartons will be perfect to freeze the whey for later!

    Not only that, they will make great ice packs to have on hand for picnics. I'll get more than using a regular ice cube tray and they also stack, taking up less room in the freezer. Now I won't feel so guilty over the styrofoam.

    Source: TV show, can't remember which one

    By lyonpridej from Tulsa, OK

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    March 17, 2012 Flag

    We all have them! Styrofoam, cardboard, etc., they are fabu for storage! Fill each cup half full with poster paint, let it dry, and bam! Water color paint for the kiddies to use!

    An egg carton being used for storing jewelry

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    April 23, 2010 Flag
    Kelly Ann Butterbaugh3 found this helpful

    You've changed your light bulbs, and you've added an extra recycling bin to your trash lineup. But are you being as creative as possible with your recycling? Remember, recycling items not only saves the planet but it also saves your budget. One particularly useful household item normally finds itself in the garbage can, but it can be put to better use elsewhere. Before they find their ways into the garbage or recycling bin, catch those egg cartons and put them to one more better uses.

    Egg-stra Savings

    Paper egg cartons are already environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled materials, and they're processed minimally to have an even better impact on the planet (thus their grainy gray appearance.) But before you recycle them once again after the eggs are gone, try some other uses.


    Use your egg cartons for crafts. Those who enjoy bead crafts know that multiple products are sold for bead organization during stringing. Instead of these products that cost $10 and upwards, try an egg carton. Sort the beads in order in each compartment of the egg container and close the lid. The cartons can be stacked with multiple projects easier than the bead trays that are sold in stores, and these are free. Kids can even paint the containers to make them look prettier or coat them with glue and roll them over seed beads to create a glitzy craft storage container.

    Small Pet Feeders

    Small pets like hamsters, mice, hermit crabs, and land turtles all require small food bowls. It's nice to have two bowls to offer a variety of foods. Yet, these pet bowls sell for several dollars each at pet stores. By cutting the individual egg holders from the cartons, you can create a small food container that can safely be chewed and quickly replaced. For pet hamsters, you can also try to offer the individual "cups" as beds, filling them with shredded paper or straw. The little guys will enjoy nesting in the space.

    Seed Starters

    Why purchase peat cups to start seeds when egg cartons work the same way. Remove the lid and fill the egg holders with potting soil. Then, as the seedlings mature, you can easily separate the cups and plant them directly into the ground. They will compost themselves just as the peat cups do, and you've saved money on your plantings. You can also stretch Saran Wrap across the top to keep the seeds extra moist and to generate additional heat until they sprout. Pop a few holes in the plastic with a toothpick for air circulation. If you'd like to separate the cups before planting, use the lid of the egg carton as a carrier and place the separated cups on the lid once they're planted.


    Instead of purchasing expensive packing peanuts and bubble wrap, try placing egg cartons around your items as you box them. Whether you're sending items across the country or packing them for long term storage, egg cartons were made for this. Very few items in your attic are more delicate than an egg.

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    April 17, 2009 Flag
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    Use egg cartons to prop your vegetables up out of the dirt in your garden when they get too heavy.

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    August 24, 2009 Flag

    I use Styrofoam egg cartons for mailing in place of packing peanuts. I never throw an egg carton away. They are far less messy than the peanuts and cost nothing.

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    September 2, 2010 Flag
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    Use cardboard or foam egg carton as buffers for packaging (you can easily cut them to size). You'll never waste money on bubble-wrap or padded envelopes again.

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    November 9, 2009 Flag
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    Does anyone have any suggestions on using empty Styrofoam egg cartons?


    By Carla from Huntington, WV

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    March 10, 20100 found this helpful

    When I was a kid my mother had planted a green bush on either side of the driveway down by the street. They were the type that stay green all year. Along about early March or so every year she'd take some different colored egg cartons and cut off the cups making zigzag shapes around the edges.

    It never failed, we would have dozens of strangers stop by and many people would even come to the door to ask what type of bushes those were to produce such strange and pretty flowers! She'd just smile and say they were her own creation.

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    May 21, 20100 found this helpful

    I remember making small trash cans out of used egg cartons.

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    January 28, 2008 Flag
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    When making meatballs, I always make extra and freeze them in washed egg cartons. It recycles the cartons and keeps the meatballs well.

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    November 24, 2009 Flag

    I keep all the containers eggs come packaged in. You can use them to place eggs in from your local farmer's market. If you don't buy your eggs there, you can take your containers, and donate them to the vendors.

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    August 4, 2009 Flag
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    I save egg cartons of both kinds cardboard and Styrofoam. I use the bottom of all sizes in the Styrofoam to use when I do watercolor painting. They can be used for any painting medium and also for crafting.

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    April 10, 2012 Flag

    Baby's little socks fit perfectly into the bottom of an egg carton. When they are rolled up, they fit like little eggs!

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    January 5, 2011 Flag

    Still trying to come up with a foolproof way to store those fragile Christmas ornaments? Try using egg cartons. The larger-count cartons should work best, but it shouldn't matter whether you use paper or styrofoam.

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    November 9, 2009 Flag
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    I'm looking for interesting uses for everyday objects like egg cartons.

    Gloria from California


    Uses for Egg Cartons

    This I haven't done, but I've heard egg cartons make good packing material when shipping packages. (10/12/2005)

    By suzq

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    Cardboard egg cartons can be used for almost anything. I use them for:

    1) Kids' crafts, snakes, caterpillars and butterflies, robots look great.
    2) Planters for seedlings where you just remove a section and plant it carton and all. The carton will break down and the roots just keep on growing.
    3) Bulb keepers, store your bulbs until ready to plant.
    4) Make fire lighters, many methods found on the net.

    For plastic egg cartons:

    1) Put squirts of paint for kids as a paint palette.
    2) Sort beads, seeds, or punch art shapes. Kids love this activity.
    3) Fill each section with a plaster of paris mix. When set, paint and add a magnet for interesting fridge magnets.
    4) Use as mini jelly molds. These are great for kids' parties. Yum yum!


    By Guest

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    Dear Gloria,
    When my kids were little, I used to make little toys from these egg cartons. Cut each egg container and glue them rim to rim. Then paint funny faces on the top part, glue a hat or scarf, and paint clothes on the bottom part. (10/13/2005)

    By sabita

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    I use the paper egg cartons to make little fire starters. I keep one in the laundry room and when I clean out the lint tray, I wad it up and put into a section. Then when it is full, I use my old candle stubs, and drip wax onto the lint. After the wax is set up, I cut the carton apart and store them in a coffee can by the wood stove. (10/13/2005)

    By dazyclover

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    I just got that "light bulb" moment and began storing those decorative plastic Easter eggs in them! Much easier to store a dozen in an egg carton instead of a plastic bag. They don't get dirty or cracked and can be stacked, boxed and identified easily. If you have many plastic eggs they could be tossed loose into one cardboard box, but I still like the egg cartons. (10/13/2005)

    By kidsNclutter

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    I have used the big egg cartons to make compartments for a jewelry box. I wrap a shoebox with decorative paper and then place the cartons inside the shoebox. (10/13/2005)

    By Varsha

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    A couple of uses are:

    1) Seedling starters. The carton (assuming that it is made of compressed cardboard) will also decompose when the seedling is transplanted to a larger pot or into the garden.

    2) Line the walls of your home music studio or baby's nursery. Helps absorb echos. If used in a baby's room, you can still hear the youngster quite clearly, but without the high pitch. Any parent will be alert to the child's call, but it is nice not to have your teeth set on edge.

    3) Start to keep your own chickens. An interesting hobby and you get eggs, plus a great way to get rid of kitchen scraps. They will eat meat scraps too. Use the empty egg cartons to help store the eggs that these guys lay. The waste that the chickens produce is also a wonderful fertilizer for the garden.

    If you are worried about the latest flu that can infect chickens, don't be. Keep them isolated from other animals. Ensure that you are clean, including your footwear. Ensure that your chicken coop has a fine mesh enclosure. If you have free range chickens (fowl, chooks, etc), consider letting them out in the afternoon to scratch around, while you watch over them. The current flu problem won't last long. Just be vigilant. (11/16/2005)

    By Ian Dempsey

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    My aunt, who was a senior citizen in the 1970's, made waste baskets out of the colored Styrofoam egg cartons. I do not have instructions or a picture to offer. I am sorry. (02/23/2006)

    By oredwine

    Uses for Egg Cartons

    Egg cartons make cute centerpieces for Cub Scout banquets. Cut the bottom half of a cardboard egg carton in half crosswise and paint each half blue, like 6 Cub Scout caps. Glue on little cardboard hat brims. Paint each boy's name on the cap and stand two candles in the spaces between caps. It's probably not a good idea to light the candles. (12/28/2007)

    By bj

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