Making a Dalmatian Costume

Cute girl in dalmation costume

With the popularity of 101 Dalmatians and their distinctive spots it's no wonder dressing up as a Dalmatian is a favorite amongst children. This is a guide about making a Dalmatian costume.


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Dalmation Halloween Costume

My son won a prize for this costume. It is very easy to make and costs very little.

Approximate Time: About 30 minutes

Yield: 1 costumechild wearing costume


  • 1 white pillowcase or garbage bag. (Use caution with the garbage bag with young children!) Watch carefully while they are wearing it and dispose of it or store on a high shelf if saving it.
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape, glue, or thread
  • plastic headband


  1. Cut a hole large enough for child's head to go through on the bag or pillowcase. Cut holes on the sides for the arms to go through as well.
  2. Cut spots and ears out of the black paper.
  3. Dalmation Halloween Costume
  4. Glue, tape, or sew the spots onto the pillowcase or garbage bag.
  5. Dalmation Halloween Costume
  6. Tape the ears to the headband. If the child's hair is long enough, you can attach the ears to a barrette and clip to the hair.
  7. Our local firehouse gave my son the hat when they had their annual fair.
  8. Dalmation Halloween Costume
  9. We had the face paint in the house, and I used lipstick on his lips.
  10. Pinterest or the Internet has many ideas for making your own face paint. There is also one on Thriftyfun, click here: Homemade Face Paint Recipes

By Judy Pariser S. [37]

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Making a Homemade Dalmatian Puppy Costume

Child Homemade Dalmatian CostumeHere is a homemade Dalmatian costume that you and your child will love! It's easy to put together and the pattern is provided.

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Halloween: Dalmatian Sleeper

My mom got my son this outfit, I think it's a sleeper, but my son wants to play dress-up and is excited for Halloween so I put it in him one night to try it on.

By Shannon from Lakewood, OH

Boy in Dalmatian Costume

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