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Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Paint chips on a kitchen blueprint.

It can be difficult to select the right paint colors for your kitchen. You need to consider the colors of items such as appliances, countertops, and floors when picking paint colors. This page contains kitchen paint color advice.



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Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a small kitchen that has two walls with pictures that have bright blue, some bright yellow, and a little bright green in them. I have a dark green counter, not too much of a counter and a light green and white back splash. I have a window and then white cabinets. I have a white round table with black chairs and a black and silver ceiling fan. My floor is white with some black and gray in it. Any suggestions on a new paint color for my walls would be greatly appreciated!

By Glenda from Philadelphia, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link03/28/2011

If the room is small, I would suggest using a matching green to the splash. You have a lot of color for a small room. A black and bright green border around the ceiling would coordinate and tie things together. A large amount of one color might make the room seem larger.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have black granite counter tops and maple cabinets. The dining room is going to be codwell green. What will be the best color to do in the kitchen and also an accent wall in there?

By Wanda from Tampa, FL

Question: Kitchen Wall, Counter, and Backsplash Color Advice

I have a fairly large kitchen with lots of golden oak cabinets. My flooring is one year old and is brown and beige. It is linoleum, but has the look of ceramic tiles. My appliances are stainless steel. I am looking for suggestions for countertop and backsplash colors, as well as, paint colors.

By Michelle F.

Most Recent Answer

By nonniebeth10/20/2011

Brown with gold counter top and chocolate walls.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have canyon black counters, dark cabinets, and white appliances. What color should I paint my walls?

By Tammy

Most Recent Answer

By Tanya11/11/2011

Dark colored walls would be too uninviting since the counters are already dark. You could use a light brown or any light color. Personally I would choose an off white. With white, you can put up a nice paper boarder that has some color matches with your dark counters. For example, a boarder of ducks with a dark background. Hope this helps. God bless.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have all white kitchen appliances, white cabinets, beige and white ceramic tile floors, and a green hutch. I have no idea what color to paint my kitchen walls. Please help. My kitchen is open to our living area which has light coffee colored walls with blue accents in furnishings.

By Ellen

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie10/10/2011

You could use a green to pick up the hutch, or you could go with a beige to go with the floor and the light coffee colour in the LR, and then use pot holders and canisters, etc, in complimentary colours to accent.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I need advise on a wall paint color for my kitchen. I have mocha glazed maple cabinets, black Galaxy granite counter tops, and a beige porcelain floor.

By Linda from Leonia, NJ

Most Recent Answer

By Pixie10/10/2011

I painted my kitchen a deep brick red and I love it!

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a long kitchen, galley style. The sink, dishwasher, stove, and microwave are on one side and the laundry closet and refrigerator are on the opposite wall. The ceilings are 8 feet. The cabinets are natural oak and the counters are black and dark blue fleck. The floor is vinyl and has dark blue, grays, tans flecks in the pattern.

The dinning room is attached, well it's really an eat in, I guess. There is no dividing wall for the space, it's open to the kitchen. Right now the kitchen is a blue/white, more blue than a cool white, but not much, called Day spa. We are thinking of making the kitchen a chocolate, mocha brown. I am trying to decide it that is a good idea. We are thinking warm, inviting, etc., but we don't want it to feel small either.


Most Recent Answer

By Sandi11/30/2011

Brown and blue are complimentary colors, but you don't want to go dark as it sounds like you have enough of that.

I would go with a muted blue. If you like denim, for instance, you can take some samples of blues you like, then go to HDepot or Lowes and do a computerized look in the paint department. It's fun and you get to see a room done with your colors before they become your colors.

I hope this helps. PBP

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a medium-dark stained kitchen cabinets, black marble countertop, and stainless steel and black appliances. The kitchen is about 14 feet long x 5 foot wide (very narrow) with moderate light. Any suggestions for the color? (Can anybody suggest a particular color name and brand?) Thanks!

By Anna from Johnstown, PA

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have white cupboards with navy counter top. What colour should I paint the walls?

By Susan

Most Recent Answer

By Felicity H.01/10/2013

A pale yellow would go well with navy and brighten up your kitchen. Bright white to match the cabinets would also brighten everything up and keep your kitchen from looking too busy.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen cupboards are stained cabernet (dark reddish stain), my counter tops are black, my window drapes are navy blue, and the flooring is off white with flecks and swirls of beigey tan going thru. My question is what color would you paint the walls?

By Ann from Saskatchewan, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Shannon08/24/2011

I would try to match the tan color swirled in your floor then accent it with Navy trim to tie in the curtains. To tie in the counters and cupboards, hang some coordinating picture frames with pictures of fruits and vegatables in them or some other "kitchen" item you like. Hope this helps!

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have lighter, but not light, blue-grey kitchen ceramic floor tiles. They are reasonably attractive, but difficult to match a wall colour to without changing the newish medium warm wood stain on the cupboards. My house is 110 years old, with 9.5 foot ceilings and wainscoting in that kitchen. Any suggestions?

By Victoria

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B.11/17/2011

Nothing the matter with white. Goes with everything.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have brown and mauve, granite counter tops, maple cabinets, black appliances, and hardwood floors. What color should I paint the walls?

By Clem from Amherst, VA

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie12/29/2011

I had to really think about the colours you already have in your kitchen. Have you thought about painting the walls a cream shade that compliments the brown in the counter, and the hardwood floor?

See if you can get sample tins in several shades of cream, and paint a 3'x4' rectangle in each of the shades of cream; prop the rectangles on the counter leaning against the area you would paint, and you should be able to get a good idea of which shade will look best in your kitchen with those colours.

Then move the rectangle to the floor to ceiling wall area, and see how that looks. Make sure to lean the rectangle long way so you get more coverage for a better idea of how the shade will look on your wall next to the floor/appliances/cabinetry.

The one colour I wouldn't paint the walls is mauve. That really is more of an accent colour and painting an entire wall or backsplash area even is just too much mauve.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Ideas

I have hickory cabinets, my appliances are black, the floor is light maple, and the counter top is green (dark). Above a 5 burner cook top (black) there is a tile wall with black fan and light over it.

The kitchen is a galley kitchen with a window at one end and a stainless sink below the window. At the other end is a large pass thru opening into living room and den.
Any ideas what to paint walls to brighten up kitchen?

By Marilyn

Most Recent Answer

By Linda03/12/2012

Have you seen the Sherwin Williams 'Chip It'? It is an easy web app that you use to find paint colors you like. Simply find the colors in a picture that you like and roll over the picture with the chip it app and it breaks it all down into colors.

To find pictures, I do an image search for 'fat quarters" that is chunks of material set in coordinating colors. Or do a search for 'galley kitchen design" and 'hickory" and use the chip it app for color suggestions. It really makes color choices easy. Just a suggestion.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What color should I paint my kitchen? I have black and gray granite countertops. A white and gray floor, black appliances, and light wood cabinets?

By pk

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie11/09/2011

Nice list, Cryan! Looking at the list, it's plain to see that the accent colours best suited for this kitchen would be red and green to go with the black, grey, white, and blond wood:) Every kitchen hopes to create harmony through the cooking, which as every cook knows, takes energy:)

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a small kitchen with light wood cupboard doors and a grey and black mock granite work surface, with black slate floor tiles. What colour should I paint the walls ? I am trying to sell my house.

By Paul

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What color should I paint my kitchen? I have white tile with red tile trim, white cabinets and appliances. the countertop is terra cotta speckled with red.

By Jane

Most Recent Answer

By Luann D.12/29/2012

I love the look of red in a kitchen! Since the red you have now is only used as a slight accent color, you could go the whole nine yards and stick with the red [brick red not fire engine] for two of the walls that abut each. Leave the other two walls white. Avoid painting opposing walls red, as the kitchen would then resemble a checkerboard. Another charming idea, if you are into the "country" look, would be paint in a fairly dark blue - stay away from anything pale [such as sky blue], as your kitchen will end up looking like a bathroom. Hope this gives you two ideas to work with!

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen has a beautiful dark blue counter top and oak cupboards. The ceramic tile floor has greyish tones with a tan grout. I would like to repaint the walls. Any suggestions? I have a window above sink and one in door.

By Jo-Ann from Ontario, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link05/07/2012

To play up the counter color, I would suggest a true light yellow. Pick up the blue and yellow in curtains. I saw some beautiful one that were made of quilting material sewn in squares. The light coming through the blue and yellow was so cheerful.

You could also use the tan as you already have four colors - blue, tan, oak, gray. It would look best is you used tints (color plus white) or shades (color plus black) of colors you already have. Perhaps curtains the colors of the cabinets or a light tan with ribbon the same or nearly the same as the counters. Hope this helps.

Question: Paint Color Advice for My Kitchen

Please help with kitchen colour for walls. The units are white. There's currently a kind of pale yellow on the walls and it's very cold. I need something to warm the place up a bit. I am hoping you can help me and many thanks.

By Gwen

Most Recent Answer

By Shawty11/21/2012

I think white units might look best with a dark yellow or maybe even a brown. It depends on the color of you're cabinets.

Question: Paint Color Advice for Burgundy, Black, and Cream Kitchen

We recently installed a new kitchen with red/burgundy top cabinets, cream bottom cabinets, and a black granite work top. What colour would you recommend for the walls?

By Deborah

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie11/03/2011

What a lovely colour combination! I'd go for a cream on the walls to match the bottom cabinets, and I think I'd probably use a green for accent pops. Post a picture for us. I'd love to see what you end up with it.

Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Green Floor and White Cabinets

What color can I paint my walls in the kitchen so as to not draw attention to the outdated green laminate flooring? It has white painted cabinets.

By Shannon B.

Most Recent Answer

By dph5410/12/2011

I would go with a beige color with warm fall colors.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a U shaped, dated kitchen with almond colored cupboards and imitation butcher block counters. I do not get a lot of natural light in it as it does not have a direct window to the outside, but a pass through to another room. What would be a good color to paint the walls?

By HA from Sebring, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy12/07/2012

Bright Yellow!

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have white kitchen cabinets with blue counter tops. What colour do I paint the walls? It is currently very drab.

By Barb

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link04/18/2012

Some shade of yellow will brighten up the kitchen. You might also find a tan that might work. What color is the floor? You already have two colors: white and blue which are rather cool so you need a warm color. Light orange might be an answer or even some variation of red. Get the sample chips from the paint store and set them around to look at for several days and at different times of the day and under different lighting. This should be lots of fun because there are many colors you can use.

Question: Paint Color Advice for Maple and Black Kitchen

I have maple cabinets, a brushed, flat black granite counter, walnut floors, and lots of windows. What color should I use for the walls?


Most Recent Answer

By Joan B.10/28/2011

Any color works with the neutral colors that you mentioned.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Ideas

I just bought a 1956 slab ranch. The kitchen has new white cabinets, a black marble countertop, and a burnt orange ceramic tile backsplash.

I am at a loss for paint colors as the kitchen flows into the dining room which flows into the living room. I'm really not into the orange color scheme. I like light and bright, kind of a cottage feel. Any suggestions?

By Bobbi C.

Most Recent Answer

By cdoss10/22/2012

I love a pale yellow kitchen. I think you should be able to find one that doesn't clash with the orange and I personally like yellow against a black counter.

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

Counter top and partial cabinet front.I have a decrepit (1850) farm house. In my 18x18 kitchen I have a black and white checkerboard floor, bead board walls, and wood cabinets. I painted the cabinets a very pale yellow. The counter top needs to be replaced, I can only afford the pressed wood counter tops they have at Lowe's. The black faux granite color is the one I am thinking of getting. I have white appliances and a light colored planked wood ceiling. I wanted to go with a grey? (blue) color wall. I'm trying to match the cabinet color since it was the biggest pain to paint them I don't relish doing it again. I am not sure why I picked yellow instead of white. I guess I buck convention.

My question is the wall color. What color would go best? Right now it's white and boring. I want to introduce a new color that will match the cabinets (pale yellow) and the rest of the room which is basically black and white. I'm thinking a grey color? Any suggestions please? Below is the only on hand picture I have showing the cabinet color. And don't ask why I took a picture of a bag of cherries. The counter top in picture is going to be be replaced with I believe, a black counter top.

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By Lisa04/01/2012

Why not keep the yellow theme going and paint your walls a shade or two darker than the yellow on your cabinets?

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Photo of Curtains and coutertop samplesI need some help with what color to paint my kitchen walls and what to put on the floor. I have honey pine kitchen cabinets, tans and dark brown Formica countertop, antique brass knobs on cabinets and light fixtures. My curtains are a see thru tan.

I want to go with all neutral colors for accents including greens, peaches, coral, etc. I have a really light beige (eggshell) color for walls thru rest of house, and I don't know whether to put tan on walls in kitchen or go with some color of soft green. Any suggestions?

Also my kitchen is very small and I am tossing between wood floors or vinyl squares with some color. My first thought is too much wood, with cabinets, table, hutch and thought maybe vinyl would break it up. Would love to get your suggestions on wall color and flooring. Thanks everyone :)

By Barb L. from PA

Photo of Curtains and coutertop samples

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner05/24/2011

Consider a peach paint for the walls, and a brown/tan/peach print vinyl for the floor. If you decide to go with the wood floor, condider coral rugs and paint.

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

My kitchen cabinets and appliances are white, countertops are maroon, and I have laminate Bershire cherry flooring. What color do I paint my kitchen?

By Sharon

Most Recent Answer

By Judy12/31/2012

A deep gold would look very pretty and warm.

Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

My kitchen is ugly and it needs something. My cupboards are white, my wall is yellow, my appliances don't match (the fridge is white, oven is black and cream). The counters are whitish and my flooring is old, white and gray linoleum. Please help me. Anything will be better then what I have going on. I just want a better paint job on the walls and cupboards.

By Shantell R.

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link12/23/2011

First, you need fewer colors, and paint and throw rugs are the most inexpensive ways. I would suggest using the cream color of the stove as your main color as refrigerators can be painted. A warm dark gray for the cupboards will give a contrast to the counters and a richer cream for the walls will reduce the number of colors. A throw rug or two could be used on the floor and add more unity to the room. I hope this helps as this was a challenge to come up with a suggestion. Good luck.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What color should I paint my kitchen walls? We have a dark blue/gray counter top and light wood cabinets and flooring.

By Stephanie G.

Most Recent Answer

By Sharon Stone Gibson12/15/2011

I would go with a light pewter color. I don't know what color your appliances are and this will make a difference. Are they stainless steel? If so, pewter would be nice. If your appliances are white, I would go with a light blue/grey color in the same hue as the counter top only go with the lightest shade. I am thinking kind of a "stone crab" color....light. This shade of blue will coordinate with your cabinets and give your kitchen a designer feel. Send me a photo when your project is complete. I would love that?

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I am having a terrible time figuring out what color to paint our kitchen. It is a 100% remodel for us. I had thought I wanted to use yellow, but can't find one that works and at this point don't even know if that is the right choice to begin with.

Cabinets: maple stained chestnut
Floor: DuPont Real Touch Tuscan Sand laminate tile flooring
Appliances: stainless
Counters: Will be Formica-like probably on the light side with tan/beige coloring.

We are planning to paint the adjoining room "toasted coconut" by Glidden. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

By BD323

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy Gerber07/21/2011

I think a warm golden color (an Italian/Mediterranean shade) would look nice. I would go for either a golden yellow or a brick red or avocado green or soft orange.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

We need help choosing a paint color for our kitchen. We do not want to remodel right now, just want to spruce it up with some paint. We removed the existing wallpaper. We have almond countertops and refrigerator. We have a black stove. The cabinets are maple. Please help.

By Diane G.

Most Recent Answer

By Elaine S.10/18/2011

I agree with Redhat. You could choose about any color and it would look good because you have all neutrals. If you are just painting to spruce up, maybe you would like to go with a bolder color. I like a teal blue with both almond and black. Or you could go red. You really have a lot of choices. You didn't say what your floor is so that might make a difference too.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My countertops are granite with black, taupe, and rust specks, the appliances are stainless steel and black, and my cabinets are red mahogany. What color should I paint my walls?

By Debbie C.

Most Recent Answer

By Shirley Sackman08/10/2011

Try the color "cream in my coffee" it should look lovely. The paint name belongs to Sherman Williams - but you could get a paint chip and have it mixed by the paint brand of your choice. Hope you like this choice. We love it!


Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

View of the kitchen from table along one wall.I have a long and narrow kitchen with just one window so it doesn't get much light. I need suggestions for a new paint color for my walls. I do not wish to change the maple color of the cabinets, I just want to add some color and light to the room.

By Ana P from Albany, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie01/14/2012

The picture is fantastic because it shows what us you have to work with. Looking at the pic I'd say if you use the wrong colours you'll end up with a tunnel that is unpleasant to look at and work in.

If that were my kitchen I think I would go with a white or very pale cream colour (homey, warm, makes people think happy thoughts about food:) on the walls and backsplash, install a shelf across the space between the two wall units over the cooker and use the shelf to display flea market finds in bright colours-I love the 'pop' those orange placemats give the dining area, for example. If there is a similar pair of wall units on the other side, I would install another shelf there as well.

I would use a window shade or blinds under a sheer curtain, with a bright valance and maybe a swag (depends on how narrow the room is, a swag might make it seem even more narrow) to give the same sort of pop across the window. Doing that would give interest and colour without darkening the light from the window.

I like the suggestion to visually divide the working kitchen from the dining area with a frame and different paint-that wall next to the table looks huge and could do with something. But remember to use a shade only slightly darker than the shade you end up using in the working kitchen area if you decide to use the division suggestion. Too startling a difference will make people uncomfortable. Lol, there is a whole psychology to kitchen and dining room paint!

If you decide to keep it all one colour, you can use groupings of family photos, nature scenes, or maybe wall art in a kitchen-dining theme to keep the room unified but break up some of that expanse.

Question: Paint Color Advice for Dark Oak, Green, and Gray Kitchen

My kitchen has dark oak cabinets (kinda orangy), a dark green countertop, and a light gray floor. I can't seem to find a color for the that would go with this combination. Any suggestions?

By Carmen

Most Recent Answer

By Vivian P.10/31/2011

Apricot and peach shades spring to mind.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have white cabinets and royal blueish countertops. I also have a black stove and refrigerator. I want to change my kitchen from white walls, but do not want anything too dark. I kind of was leaning to light gray, but am not sure. I have a peanut-goldish color with burgundy in my dining room, which is adjacent to the kitchen. I have an open floor plan, so I don't want it to look like one room, but also don't want it to look like a bunch of crazy colors either. Any ideas?

By shecia

Most Recent Answer

By Elgie08/01/2011

The RIGHT shade of grey would/could work, but I would also look for a wallpaper (they come in ALL styles and patterns that possibly has a white or grey background, but includes all your colors. Just keep the ones that match your blue and black in kitchen dominant in the pattern. I also find that there are awesome borders that can add so much to a kitchen without doing a major change. They also come in an incredible amount of different styles and designs, lots more than fruit or flowers.

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

I have a 1443 sf home and am painting all the walls except my kitchen a soft sage from Glidden paints. What color do you suggest I paint my kitchen walls?

By S.M. from San Antonio, TX

Question: Painting Kitchen With Orangish Oak Cabinets

What color paint would go with orange oak cabinets and a countertop that is St. Lawrence Bedrock color? This a beige color and my flooring is beige mix, also.

By C R from Newfoundland, Canada

Question: Painting a Kitchen With Mahogany Cabinets and Green Granite Countertops

Please help. I recently bought a condo. The kitchen is very small, but very nice. The cabinets are mahogany and the counter top is green granite, a beautiful light green with dark green waves of color and some rust or brown spots in it.

I am having such a difficult time choosing a color for the walls. There are places the paint will be next to the cabinets and on top of the granite. Can you please help me? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

By Pesh from FL

Most Recent Answer

By regor403/19/2010

Don't go dark & blend your appliances also. google Valspar color charts

Question: Kitchen Paint Color or Technique Advice

What color or different type of painting should I paint my kitchen? My kitchen cabinets are light oak, counter tops are blue speckled, appliances are stainless, and the floor is ceramic gray with hints of light beige. The ceilings are pine as well as the wall by the refrigerator.

By Susan S from Rockwood, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Swanson04/01/2013

If you use a lighter shade than one of the colors in the floor, you will make the room appear larger. The other choice that would accomplish this would be to paint the walls slightly lighter than the cabinets to make it appear as all one. I'd like to see you paint the ceiling a lighter color. White that has 50% of your wall color added to it.

Question: Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

Kitchen with oak cabinets.I have light sky blue countertops, honey oak cabinets, and light beige colored tile. I have a neutral/beigey colored wallpaper, it's textured and is very decent. There had been fruity paper below it and I took it off, so I was thinking of doing a coco colored wall with a chair rail.

I also have a color block rug under my table with different colors in it. But I am wondering if I take down the paper, what color to paint the walls. I also am looking to purchase a new kitchen table, what color would look best with each decor? Would a black one be OK, or one with a oak top and black legs? Help.

By Laura from B Branch, AR

Most Recent Answer

By tnphoenixrising03/25/2010

I have basically the same cabinets. I went with it instead of against it. I bought a "peanut butter like" color for the walls, and 2 shades lighter for the trim. Wal-Mart brand "Harvest Spice" #94191 for the walls and "Praline" # 93191 for the trim. I used a "forest" theme for my decorating items. Since you have a blue counter top you could use blue decorating items.
I think that would look nice in your kitchen, plus these colors hide dirt better than white. Good Luck!

Question: Kitchen Wall Color Advice

I have a black granite countertop with birch color cabinets and a tan ceramic floor. What paint wall color should I consider to bring the kitchen together?

By Carol Q.

Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie04/10/2013

I have maple cabinets and floors with a grey tile countertop and we went with a heavy green. I love having green in the kitchen because it is an uplifting color. I would recommend it highly, looks great with my black dinette set in the eat in area as well. Get some samples, or find a color in a magazine or some piece you love and have it copied. I would stay away from red or yellow in the kitchen because it promotes hunger. That's why all those fast food restaurants use those colors.

RE: Kitchen Wall Color Advice

Question: Painting Walls with Dark Oak Cabinets

What color paint will go in a kitchen/dining addition with darker oak cabinets and harvest gold Formica counters?

By Patti from Detroit, MI

Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams03/28/2010

White will go with any color, good luck.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen cupboards are dusty rose, what color should I paint my walls? My dinette set is oak wood.

By Shawnlee

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi04/22/2013

In the 80's Dusty Rose and Muted Blue, like denim, were all the rage. Not so much anymore. If you like that combo, by all means keep it going.

Question: Painting a Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

I want to paint my kitchen walls that are currently white. The white shows all the cooking grease and my son's finger tips on the ceiling from him jumping up in the air and touching the ceiling. My cabinets are a oak wood, I also don't know if the paint should be flat or semi-gloss. Please help.

By Delicia from Chicago, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Janet Bisacre04/10/2010

Red wallpaper is nice!

Question: What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen Walls?

We have black granite countertops, orange tile backsplash and chestnut cabinets with stainless steel handles. I want to paint our walls a sage/putty green or a light gray. Would this look OK? Thank you!

By Alex from Houston, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Allison11/05/2010

It could work, but you're adding some contrast. I would also consider a tan/cream in the same tones as the cabinets, but lighter, as long as it matches the back splash, though. That's the tricky part. Get a few samples and paint them on a poster board and live with it for a few days to see.

Question: What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen Walls?

My cabinets are a honey pine, my countertop has brown, grey, black, a rusty color, with light tan granite edging. My backsplash is in tannish tile with some grey/black going thru some of the tiles. My floor is a nice light warm tan color of wood plank flooring. I have for accents in decorations, med to darker green in mats, in pictures and flower arrangements, with touches of plum and mauvey pinkish flowers. I now have wallpaper that I want to replace with paint. I have new kitchen curtains that are a see thru tan with lace. I can replace curtains depending on wall paint. I keep going back and forth between tan and greens. I did do a poster board of a tan color in my floor, but it was way too bland. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

By Barb L.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie04/26/2013

Keep trying with the poster boards-try some of the greens but especially try with the grey in your work-top.

Grey is an amazing colour! I learned in a 1970s photography class that colours really 'pop' against a grey background.

The instructor sent us out with the assignment to take pictures of landscapes during an overcast day. The more grey the sky, the more the colours in the landscape seemed to come alive in the resulting photos.

Over the year-long course we photographed a local park through all four seasons on overcast and sunny days; the pics of overcast days showed colours that were much more vibrant and 'there' than the ones taken on bright, sunny days. The colours in the pics taken on the brighter days actually seemed to be washed out, it was a very interesting lesson in the affect of lighting and colours. I have spent the last 40 years applying those lessons to my home decorating and have never been disappointed.

You may find after putting up the grey poster board that the grey makes all of the colours you're using in that kitchen seem more 'pulled together' whilst making each individual colour brighter and more 'there'.

Your colours sound lovely, please post a picture if you can after you paint no matter what colour you chose for the walls:)

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a black fridge, white stove, and grayish blue countertops. What color should I paint the walls and cabinets?

By Kim B.

Most Recent Answer

By Monique05/10/2013

Lemon! :D

Best wishes.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have green and beige granite counters, cream distressed cabinets, terra cotta tile floor, and need a suggestion for paint color for the walls.

By Darlene

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have browns in countertop, gray backsplash, and light oak cabinets. I am wondering what color to paint my kitchen.

By Chris from OH

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi06/17/2013

Browns complimentary colors are blues. Google brown and blue kitchens and when you click on images, you will get lots. Now, for some reason, aqua is so popular right now you might get way too many of those. But keep will see some lovely shots.

Question: Paint Color Suggestion for Navy and White Kitchen

I am buying a house that has navy blue countertops and white cabinets. I need some ideas on color and decor. Not yellow in any shade.

By Andrea from Seymour, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi03/03/2010

If you love Americana colors, mix in some burgundy. It's not exact, the white should be tan, but you can get some tan accents, too. Good Luck!

Question: Kitchen Paint Ideas

Kitchen with oak cabinets.My son has oak cabinets, white appliances, and white tile counter tops with grey grouting. The flooring is linoleum that is white with light blue square accents. He hopes to upgrade to bamboo flooring. What color should he paint the walls? White is so boring.

By Lisa

Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen with Chestnut Cabinets and Black Counter Tops

My kitchen units are chestnut with black counter tops. What colour paint would you recommend for the walls?

By Frances

Most Recent Answer

By Pam Griffis12/08/2010

With such dark cabinets and counter tops I would go with a light or muted color, such as tan, sage, golden brown, etc.

Question: Wall Colour Advice

I have medium grey cabinets, dark countertops, and light grey/white ceramic tile. Our house has an open concept main floor. What wall colour would work best?

By Laura

Question: Suitable Kitchen Paint Colour

I'm in need of help choosing a colour or couple of colours for my kitchen to freshen it up.
I have black marble work tops and splash backs with sort of beech cabinets, dark grey tiling to floor. I've gone for red appliances which work really well, just not too keen on the magnolia paint. Help please!

By Amanda

Question: Painting a Kitchen with Orange Cupboards

Kitchen with orange cupboards.I have orange kitchen cupboards and need to redecorate. What colours should I use? It is a L shaped kitchen. I can't afford to change cupboards, so I need to change the walls and maybe the floor. They are just a bit brighter than burnt orange.

By Maria W from Kent, England

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi07/21/2013

I will not be unbiased here as I hate the color orange. That said, I would paint or contact paper over them. If you can't afford the floor work, then paint the cupboards something that will bring them together. And the Retro poster was spot on. Find an era you like...the 40's is my fav...and get things that will bring it all together.

You are lucky in that you have some extra counter space but if you want to pretty it all up, build a shelf above the counters and put smaller things on it, out of the way but visible. You can build very cool shelves by filling a glass jars with everything from 16 bean soup to cookie cutters, pasta (esp. the multicolored kind), or anything decorative that you don't need to use, then placing boards on top. I covered mine with wall paper and used veggie cans and will send you a sample of what I did in my kitchen.

I have orange counters, and I can't fix them. You are very lucky. We all sent you some "nifty thrifty" ideas so please let us know what you came up with?

RE: Painting a Kitchen with Orange Cupboards

Question: Kitchen Paint and Backsplash Color Advice

I have bleached maple cabinets in my kitchen with a brown counter top and beige tile. I need help on picking a colour of paint and backsplash.

By T

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a tan, sand colors in my back splash in the kitchen with a roughness. There is multi colored granite and maple cabinets. I went bold with a Spanish orange tone; I hate it. What is your suggestion on my kitchen walls? Also my floor is dark tan ceramic. Help!

By Alesia H

Most Recent Answer

By Sally Pifer07/25/2013

How about a very light, pastel mint green. I am planning on using this color in my kitchen. I think this would make the kitchen look "refreshing". Good luck!

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

I have removed the wallpaper from my kitchen walls and now I want to paint. My appliances are black with oak cabinets, beige countertops, and a dark blue floor. Can you give me colors?

By Carla D.

Most Recent Answer

By PRISCILLA07/27/2013


Question: Paint Color Advice

My kitchen countertops are dark brown, with black and white flecks; cabinets are cherry wood color; floor is cream ceramic tile, and the appliances are cream. Would some kind of light blue/aqua go as a new paint? I am taking down old wallpaper.

By Susan

Most Recent Answer


A color wheel is a valuable tool for choosing wall paint colors to coordinate with your cabinetry. Coordinate wall paint and cabinetry by selecting paint colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Because most cabinetry is made from brown or golden wood varieties, select paint colors that are opposite browns and golds on the color wheel. These include medium blue, soft gray, light blue, turquoise, teal, gray-green and aquamarine.

Question: Painting Kitchen With Pink and Grey Countertops

We are purchasing a home with Corian kitchen countertops in a mauve pink with gray flecks and a pink and gray tile backsplash. I want to paint the kitchen cabinets white. What color should I paint the walls? Maybe gray?

I don't want it to be too dark, that's why I'm painting the cabinets white. The living room and dining room kind of flow into the kitchen and I'm not sure I want those rooms gray, but I want it to flow nicely. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

By Jacklin30 from Glendale, CA

Most Recent Answer

By DEBY01/13/2010

Pink like the back splash, it with really bring out the mauve and grey in your counter top.

Question: Cabinet and Wall Colors

I have blue/gray ceramic tile flooring and want to repaint my cabinets and walls. I currently have navy blue counter tops, but intend to eventually change those, too. What cabinet and wall colors would work with a blue/gray floor? It is a long, narrow kitchen with lots of light.

By Cindy C

Most Recent Answer

By jm.interiorplace12/09/2013

It might depend on the shade of gray and blue in the floor, but I would recommend a navy blue cabinet with white counters and walls and possibly a light green trim, such as window dressings, moldings or accessories. All of these colors complement blues and grays and like I mentioned you will have to determine exact colors based on the shades that exist in the floor. Good luck!

Question: Advice For Painting Kitchen With White Tile Countertops

My kitchen is all white--white tile countertops, cabinets, frig, oven and walls. There is a cobalt blue stripe in the white tiles. I am tired of all white, so, what color could I use for the walls or cabinets that would look good with the cobalt blue?

Marge from Colfax

Question: Paint and Floor Color Advice for Kitchen

I am looking for suggestions of what colour I could paint my kitchen and dining room walls, if I have high gloss cream and aubergine (dark purple) cupboards and oak worktops. I would also like ideas of what floor tiles to put down.

By Emma from Wales

Most Recent Answer

By Allison10/26/2010

The main thing is to figure out where you want the emphasis to be. If it's the purple color, then go with paint colors that are a shade or two lighter or darker than the cream. For the floor tiles, go with a lighter shade of the cream or a coordinating color if the room looks a little dark with the purple. If not, lean toward a few shades away from the purple.

Question: Paint Color Suggestions for Grey, White, and Stainless Kitchen

My kitchen cabinets are maple wood painted alabaster white. My floors are slate in charcoal grey. My counter tops are Carara marble (white with grey veins). I have stainless steel appliances and chrome faucets and knobs and crystal chandeliers over my island. There is also stacked stone (ledgestone) in black/charcoal grey on the back of my island, the side where the stools are. What color for the walls?

By Lily from Haddon Heights, NJ

Most Recent Answer


I vote red or a dreamy creamy steel blue! Sounds nice!

Question: Choosing Colors for Kitchen Walls

I have yellow kitchen walls on top of walls, chair railing, then beige walls on bottom of walls. The decor in kitchen is bird houses and sunflowers. The counter tops are beige Corian with a beige back splash. There is a bird house border in middle of chair railing. I have light wood floors and light wood cabinets. I would like to change the color in the kitchen. I just painted the top walls yellow. What would go with yellow?


Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Hayes08/28/2009

What is the predominant color other than yellow in the wallpaper and border?probably dark brown, like the center of the sunflower.Choose one of these darker colors to play off of,since it sounds as if your kitchen is VERY light, neutral colors already,anything light will just make it look even more washed out and boring.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have golden oak floors and cabinets and lots of windows trimmed in golden oak. I have black countertops with a black backsplash. Should I do warm yellow walls or will they disappear against the golden oak? Otherwise I want to do a deep garnet color.

By Lori

Most Recent Answer

By Wanda 09/12/2013

Hi, please do NOT paint yellow. Paint it a darker color! Darker paints will be stunning with the black accents!

Question: Kitchen Wall Colour and Table Choices

I have a small squarish kitchen with medium maple cupboards and a blue beige counter top. Two of the cupboards have a rainbow non see through glass in them.The flooring is a light beige linoleum that looks like tiles. I want to repaint the kitchen which is currently a pale orangy colour and get a new table set which is currently an oval oak set. I like anything contemporary. Can I buy a dark wood table set? Our dining room has an espresso table with maple floors and is next to the kitchen though not an open concept. Thanks.

By Cynthia

Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

I have oak cabinets and really hate the grain pattern. I don't mind the tone of the cabinets. I am going to paint the walls and ceiling and would like to take the eye away from the cabinets toward other features in the room. Suggestions for colors? Thanks.


Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen has hickory cabinets. It also has hardwood flooring darker than cabinets. I have white appliances and am trying to decide if a shade of red would complement or be disaster? Help please :)

By Laura

Most Recent Answer

By darmarkin10/04/2013

Are the cabinets new? If not, now would be a good time to brighten up the whole room and paint them with an oil based paint, something neutral and light. If you were to do that I think red would be fabulous!

Question: Kitchen Paint and Curtain Color Advice

Counter and cabinet view.I just painted my ugly cabinets white and the tiles a gray color with epoxy paint. What color should I paint the walls and what color curtains? I am still in the process of painting and soon will apply stainless steel liquid paint to the fridge. The doors are off to the cabinets. I have a small kitchen with a patio door. View of kitchen with appliances.

By Brenda E. from Bronx, NY

Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen Walls

We have a galley sized half bath off the kitchen and painted the walls a buttery yellow. We do not have much wall space in our kitchen because there is a dining room door, hallway door, basement door, back door, and bathroom door, and not much light. They will be painted all white including the trim around the doors. The flooring is a gray green tile look and the cabinets are off white. I thought bringing in the same yellow would brighten up the kitchen and the countertop would blend in.

By Gerri

Question: Kitchen Paint Colour Advice

Example of the cabinet color.I have a light coloured blue kitchen about to be installed, with a grey splash back and black granite work tops. I am struggling to figure out what colour the wall should be. I would appreciate any help. Please?

By Helen H from Norwich

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

I painted my kitchen cabinets a tan color and my husband thinks that it looks peach. I need to paint the walls still, what color should I paint the walls to make the cabinets look more brown?

By Kay Kay

Question: Wall and Floor Tile Colour Advice

I want my kitchen cabinets to be in two colours orange and lemon gloss boards. It's a U shaped kitchen. The countertop would be a black galaxy marble. But I want you to guide me on what colour I should paint the kitchen walls, I want to use brown for the wall tiles, but please advise me which colour could I use for the wall and floor tiles.

By Olusogo

Question: Kitchen Wall Color Advice

I have a very large kitchen and an eat in area with lots of windows, measuring about 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide. The ceiling is 12 feet high. The floor is cream colored tile, counter top is cream colored, back splash is several colors of light gray and cream tumbled marble, and the appliances are black. The cabinets are alder wood, stained dark. The windows are trimmed in white. There's about 400 square feet of wall that needs to be painted. I'm also considering an accent wall. What color or colors should I use?

By Donna C.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a small kitchen, square in shape. The counter is a medium green which is also the main color of the tile on the floor. The backsplash is white tile with black tile border. The cabinets (only along the one wall with the counter) are painted a cream/white color. The walls currently look similar in shade to the cabinets. I would like to paint the walls to refresh the kitchen, however, I am stuck on what color to paint. I would prefer not to paint it white, however, with the backsplash being white and black along with the green I have a feeling I am stuck with that. I am open to stripping and repainting the cabinets.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

By Nicole I

Question: Paint Color Advice

Which color for wall will be suitable for room with pink color cupboard?

By Mohan

Question: Wall Paint Color Advice

I have antique cream kitchen cabinets, black work tops, and dark blue floor tiles. It's also a dinner/lounge area with cream and red curtains and has a blue sofa in it. What colour should I paint the walls? Please help!

By Mary M from Armagh, N. Ireland

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

View of kitchen.My living and dining rooms are painted shades of grey, with white trim. What should I paint my kitchen? I have one brick accent wall in the kitchen and black appliances and only have two small windows. Dining area with accent wall in the background.

By K. Smith

Most Recent Answer

By jm.interiorplace12/02/2013

Well, it sounds like the grays and white trim probably give a clean, modern look to the house. This kitchen screams for cozy, but that might not work with the rest of the decor. To keep the clean, modern look I would suggest some bright white walls, but you can add a splash of color by bringing that brick wall back to its original red. That would make a great accent wall and bring a bit of old fashioned style into your modern home!

Question: Kitchen Diner Wall Color Advice

I have a solid oak fitted kitchen diner, with black mock granite work surface and black slate floor tiles. The dining area has a solid oak dining table with dark brown leather chairs. I need some help with colours or papers for the walls. Please help.

By Pauline

Most Recent Answer

By jm.interiorplace12/02/2013

Hi Pauline,

It sounds like you have a lot of dark, rich colors in the room. This is a great look, in my humble opinion. The best part about what you have set up already is that by carefully selecting the color for the walls and accents you will be able to make the added colors 'pop,' which will really give the room that professional look. You can select the color and style you want for the wallpaper and the accents, but my recommendation is that you go with something light and neutral. A beige or a cream color wallpaper would be great. For accents, such as lamps, pillows or rugs, I would choose a bright solid color, like a red or a green, the brighter the better. It sounds like you have a great setup already and these new colors will really add to the atmosphere you've already created. Good luck with it!

RE: Kitchen Diner Wall Color Advice

Question: Kitchen Wall and Cupboard Paint Color Advice

Corner of kitchen.I want to paint my walls and cupboards. The cupboards are from the 50s and I have light blue counter-tops and the floor is a light oak Pergo. Please help on colors for the walls and cupboards.

By Sue

Most Recent Answer

By Carol W.12/10/2013

You can't go wrong with a white base for your cupboards. That will brighten everything up. The wooden scalloped piece over the window could go as it ages the kitchen badly. You could then highlight the louvres with a dark colour or two that co-ordinates with the new backboard colour. It will look dynamic and trendy. New hardware of course. Why not go step by step. First do the cupboards and then decide a nice wall colour that ties in with your favourite kitchen accessories. You have lots of nice wood there and it should look exceptional when painted or even whitewashed. All the best.

Question: Kitchen Colour Advice

We have a lot of gray in the house, and in the living room I have black and white. I don't know what colour to do my kitchen in. I was thinking a nice yellow, but would that go with the rest of the house?

By S.F

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B.12/15/2013

Yellow will be a nice warm color to go with the rest of your house. Black, white, and grey are neutrals, and just about anything will go with them. If the yellow and the grey will be next to each other, you might want to try out the yellow to see if it "goes". Some greys can make a yellow look kind of sickly green; the right yellow will look warm and inviting.

Question: Kitchen Paint Colour Advice

My kitchen cupboards are pine. My appliances are black and the tiles are black and cream. I have no idea what colour to paint my kitchen. Please help.

By Julie M.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

We have white appliances, light wood cabinets, and a tan vinyl floor. We are getting new countertops. If you could also advise on what color they should be, would be very helpful.

By Tammie

Question: Wall Color for Kitchen

Our 1980's kitchen (small 5x9 kitchen w/6x7 combined dining area) has fairly good natural lighting. The countertop is a rosy grayish/darkish granite which goes nicely with the flooring which is sort of a rosy tan ceramic tile floor. We also have honey oak cabinets and white appliances. The walls are eggshell white (through out whole house). I am so tired of white walls, but my husband seems to be afraid of color! Perhaps you could suggest a color or two (I'd like a darker color lower and lighter color mid way up the walls). Maybe if he'd see how pretty the kitchen/dining area could be then he might even be open for more color through out the house.

By Jane G.

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Ideas

I have white ceramic tile floor and a white refrigerator. My stove and dishwasher are both black and the cabinets and countertops are black, with my back splash being fire engine red. Currently the walls in the kitchen are painted a platinum gray. What color would you suggest as a compliment other than gray?

By Heather K

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a dark blue laminate countertops with oak cabinets. My floors are white. What color should I paint my kitchen walls? I have only two walls to paint, that are behind the cabinets. Right now they have a fruit wallpaper.

By Ashley

Most Recent Answer

By garnet912/22/2013

A light, compatible shade of blue, a soft yellow, peach, sage green, rust or red.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Color of countertopI am planing to paint my kitchen. I am not sure what colors will work with my butternut squash colored counter top. I have been at this for 4 days now, and I am hoping to have it done for new year.

By Kay S.

Question: What Color Should I Paint my Kitchen Walls?

My cabinets are medium shade of oak with black and chrome appliances. The flooring is a woodgrain pattern. My countertops have black and brown with some cream colors in it.

By Patty Mae from Nelsonville, OH

Most Recent Answer

By melinda01/05/2014

I think a very light beige/tan would look great with the other colors in the room. Very light though so the kitchen isn't too dark.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

We have green counters and white cabinets. The floor is a green laminate tile and we have recently gotten new black appliances. What color should we paint the walls (they are white now)? We were thinking a muted gray.

By Madie

Most Recent Answer

By Katie01/03/2014

I was wondering the same thing about my room too. But stumbled on this site
You can snap a picture of the room u want to paint and upload it to that site and actually virtually paint it. It is pretty easy to use and you don't need to download any program to do it.
Hope this helps!!

Question: Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

I have a really small apartment size kitchen with no windows. My appliances are all white. The counter tops are a beige color. What color should I paint my walls?

By Denise P

Question: Painting Kitchen with Tan Tile and Brown Cabinets

What would be a good color to paint your kitchen wall, when your cabinets are brown and your tile floor is a tan color?

By Allona from Baytown, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi01/22/2010

You can't go wrong with blue when you are working with browns. Good luck!

Question: Painting a Kitchen With Avocado Appliances and Yellow Countertops

i was wondering if anyone knew what paint color might go good with avacado green appliances and pale yellow vinyl countertops? Or maybe some kind of faux paint technique. i don't want to re-wallpaper! Thanks,


Most Recent Answer

By teshe100 (Guest Post)12/29/2005

You know, I am changing my harvest gold appliances and covering them in a brushed stainless steel application that can be bought at a few different renovation places. It is kind of like applying wallpaper, but I already painted my countertops. All tips I got from Debbie Travis.

Question: Painting Skylight Frames

I have an all white kitchen, white walls, ceiling, ceramic wall tiles, except a few scattered wall tiles with painted flowers and a small bird hand painted on the upper corner of one wall. Everything is white. I also have white Corian counters and white ceramic floor tiles.

I would like to paint the inside frames of the two large rectangular sky lights on the ceiling to pop a little color and make the room more contemporary. I have a 15 foot ceiling and a wall of beautiful windows, lots of natural light. Would that look silly? I could choose from the colors of the flowers or the green of the dining room next to the kitchen or yellow from my living room. Please help, the painter is coming to give me an estimate and I have no idea if I should leave the sky lights alone. Thanks so much.

By Robbi

Most Recent Answer

By Stacy01/24/2014

Personally, I would keep it white. Your pop of color in the one corner is special & attracts one's eye (gives it a place to "rest", if you will).

The same is true for the view of the sky. I feel that painting it would "take away" from the view.

Just my two-cents. Let us know what you decide though! :-)

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What would be a good wall paint colour for a gloss white kitchen with dark brown work surfaces? My kitchen is a fairly good size and square in shape and gets good light.

Our kitchen units are gloss white, the worktops are dark brown, and we have an aubergine glass splashback behind the hob. Need ideas for kitchen paint colours, please?


Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie01/27/2014

I painted my kitchen green and it looks really good with the dark brown cabinets and white appliances. I use aubergine (eggplant) and gold as accent colors. So, I bet green would look pretty with your backsplash. You do need to be careful with green though. I started with a shade that had two much yellow and had to repaint. Make sure to pick up several paint sample cards at your home improvement store and check the shades you're looking at in different parts of the kitchen at different times of day to see which you think looks best.

Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have been trying to think of a paint color for my kitchen for days! I need a punch of color. My condo kitchen has all the original materials from when it was built over 35 years ago. The stove, microwave, and dishwasher are all black and stainless steel. The fridge is white, but will be replaced with a stainless steel one. The freezer chest is white.

The kitchen is long and narrow and has two doors (one for the living room and one for the dining room - which is an L shape living/dining room. There are no windows in the kitchen, but the living room/dining room as a window the whole length of the room from floor to ceiling.

The cabinets are being painted polar bear white. The backsplash will have an accent center line that is 12inches in height that is white, black, and chrome small pieces for under the cupboards to the counter that will then have white subway tiles over and under the trim behind and beside the stove.

The floor ceramic tiles is white/grey marble. The counter is black zirconium with chrome, grey, and white specks quartz.

The living room and dining room are a tan beige. I like earthy colors (master room is sunset colors, guest room is ocean blue).

There is the whole wall across from the counter where the freezer chest is and then a small wall next to fridge and then a vent (12inches) above the cupboards that will need to be painted.

Currently it is painted butter yellow.

By Kim


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Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I am building a new kitchen and I need some advice on what color to use for the walls and floor tiles. My counter top is black granite and most of my appliances are white. I like to use blue but not particular on what kind of shade.

Arvi from Philippines

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

How about a light blue grey on the walls and a light grey/white marbled tile on the floor? (12/03/2007)

By perfumed fan

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I like Robin's egg blue. It is a light blue-green. good luck (12/05/2007)

By Carol in PA

Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What color should I paint my kitchen/den area? The counters have sage green, rust, grey, and an olive/beige tone. Cabinets are a dark mahogany. Living area is connected to my kitchen, so very open floor plan. Sectional sofa is light beige color. I don't want a cave, but don't want it too light either. Please help!

Shawna from Surprise, Arizona

Kitchen Paint Color Advice

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I think a greenish sage color would work well. (04/18/2008)

By Andjerm

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What about a light taupe? It is a neutral color, the dark cabinets would still stand out, and it will blend with the counter tops and living room. I've seen dark wood with a light taupe and it was very classy. (04/18/2008)

By franciemr

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I think a light sage color would work. You should go to the HGTV website, they can give you some ideas. I watch it all the time to get tips for my future home, lol. (04/23/2008)

By micksgirl

Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What would be a good color to paint my kitchen. I have oak cabinets and floor and granite counter tops with specks of browns.

Sue from Virginia

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Well your cupboard's are way to dark. You may want to paint them first. Now white seems to be the in color, as well as blue and green. I can give you all kinds of advise. I am going to tell you to go Better Home's and Garden' Also you can visit places on the internet to help when it comes to colors. Lowe's and Home Depot just being a couple.

You can do so many things any more it's unreal.You can buy stencils that rub off and put them any where your little heart desires. If you are artistic there is no end to the thing's you can do. There's stenciling, different types of painting such as marbling or using sponges to make your kitchen look great with 2 or 3 color's mixed in and can be quite beautiful. Also keep in mind, they also use 3 color's instead of the 2 colors when doing any room! I have to paint my living room. I am going with beige. My kitchen will be a Gun Metal blue.

When the house was being built I did not have enough time to take off and visit Home Depot which is a great place to visit as well as Lowe's. I had so much going on at the time I had to go to the place I was told to and pick out what they needed for in the house at the time. I needed my counter top's at this particular time, since I had no idea what color I wanted in my kitchen.

I chose a counter top with a mixture of slate blue,some gray, and a wine as well as a lighter almost pink color. It sounds strange but I have quite a lot of colors for the not boring look and boy is this going to be one beautiful kitchen (I am doing a lot of praying over this). I can't wait.Do you know you can paint counter top also? Well I hope I helped even just a little if you do not paint the cupboard's then think of your favorite color but brighten it up as the kitchen needs to be a little bit brighter. (04/29/2008)

By Darlene

Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I need help picking a color to paint my kitchen. The cabinets are bleached oak, with black granite counter top. The floor is an off white marble. Any suggestions?

Merle from Broomall, PA

Kitchen Paint Color Advice

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

To the lady with the bleached oak cabinets, and the black granite counter top, with the off white floor. If you are the traditional type, I would go with a light teal colored wall. I also think a light peach would blend well. Change your lighting and the whole room will look different when you paint. Also, have you thought of a theme to go with your color? I have a love for the Italian theme, and that goes well with the earth tones, and red. Look at theme for your pictures and things you will be using, then decide on a color. (07/30/2008)

By glinda

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Almost any pastel color would look lovely but leave the ceiling white :-) Hint: What is your favorite color and what is your color scheme in adjacent rooms? ;-) (07/30/2008)

By Deeli

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I too have bleached oak cabinets and a small amount of wall above and on top and around them. I painted my kitchen walls cobalt blue and I love it! It really accented the light oak cabinets and made a big difference. My family thought I was crazy but they love it now! (07/30/2008)

By Kreatvmuzk1111

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

We recently remodeled our kitchen. We painted the walls above the chair rail with a color called "haystack". Always paint your ceiling a color one to two shades lighter than the wall. (07/30/2008)

By Charlotte

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What I would do is use a dark color paint anything light will still look washed out and sterile, lol. I think you should go to a paint store and pick out a few paint chips of dark colors you like and bring them home and put them against the cabinets to see which colors you like better. If it were me, I would go with a deep rose color. (07/30/2008)

By candleglows

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My mom and I say a rust color. (07/31/2008)

By Lisa, from Pa.

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Have you thought about changing your lighting? Many couples update their cabinets but don't consider their lighting. This style is so 70's. Gives you the light but that is about it. I know I sound awful but believe me, update that light, there are many styles out there. The bulbs this light uses are energy saving but there are others out there that will accent your new cabinets, plus add money to the bottom line when reselling. I really don't like dark colors in kitchens but that is my feelings. Everyone had their own ideas. Make sure that if this is an open space that the colors should flow. Like myself with the lighting. Take your picture to Home Depot if you have one near by. They can help you with lighting and color. Show them pictures you have found in magazines. Lowe's sell many design magazines where I live. You have beautiful cabinets. Sincerely, Judith Walker (08/01/2008)

By Judith Walker

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

Get LOTS of paint samples from wherever you will buy your paint and tape them to the walls. As the days go by you will begin to eliminate some you thought you would love, and see others in a whole new way. I did this and after about two weeks I knew exactly what I wanted AS WELL as what would look good in my space. (08/01/2008)

By Lynn Beth

RE: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

With bleach oak counters and black granite counters, and off white marble the answer would seem simple to me. White and black are always considered elegant colors. The bleach oak cabinets blend well enough with the white marble floors. By using a medium gray for the walls you are accenting the black and blending in everything. You may wish to include some type of black hardware for the cabinet handle and hinges to add another little touch of class. Also look for picture frame you can use for wall decor to put black and white prints in. The back and white prints can have a touch ot a bright color such as red, orange, etc. This is a real contemporay style (08/02/2008)

By Teri M.

Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What color walls should I have with black appliances and wood cabinets? My adjoining living room is a peachy color which I don't like too much.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I want to paint my dining/kitchen area. The area is small with a bay window. I have oak cabinets with a vintage maple stain.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I need some help deciding what colors to paint the kitchen and dining room. Adjacent rooms are Sherwin Williams Flower Pot (a terra cotta red) and another room is in Windsor Greige (a light tan).


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen has white cabinets, a light sand colored counter top, and white vinyl floor with a small blue diamond pattern. What color should I paint the walls?


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I would like to remodel my kitchen. The walls are red, the countertop is a light brown, and the cabinets are a darker brown.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My home is all primitive country look. All the walls are off white. In my kitchen I have a lot of barn red color and black browns. My refrigerator is almond, my microwave is black, the coffee pot is black, the stove is almond and has black oven door.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

What color should I paint my kitchen walls? I want something to go with black counter tops with white cabinets. Thanks.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have off white ceilings and skirtings. What colour can I paint my walls? I have a kitchen with black countertops and white cupboards. The floor is light timber.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

We are remodeling and I need help! I want to paint our kitchen. Now it is all dark stained wood including the wood walls. I have a country style.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I would like kitchen wall paint advice to complement white cabinets.


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen has black countertops and light beige cabinets. I like orange and greens. Oh, and the floor is a medium brown wood color. I need a wall color. What would be your idea?


Archive: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

I have a kitchen with dark mahogany cabinets and wainscoting with a busy, cream and burgundy colored laminate. What color should I paint the walls and ceiling?