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▲︎ Home Improvement: Windows

Home Improvement

Home Improvement: Windows

This page contains tips and information on installing, repairing. covering, and weatherizing windows, and more.

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Back to Back Double Pane Windows

The price of triple pane glazing is almost twice the price of double pane glazing insulated windows. Does anyone have experience putting two double pane ICG's back to back?

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Making Blackout Window Curtains
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Curtain Tie Backs
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Making Functional Window Shutters
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Best Material for Making a Curtain Rod

I has an extra wide sliding glass door for which I'm wanting to make a curtain rod to hang sheers or light weight grommet type curtains. I don't want a traverse rod. The width of the window is 144 inches plus 8 inches (4 on each side).

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Adding Shades to a Skylight
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Saving Money on Windows
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Making Your Own Curtain Rods
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Privacy Window Using Contact Paper
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Unique Curtain Ideas
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Making a Window More Private
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Repairing Leaky Skylights
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Tiling a Windowsill
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Easy Window Coverings
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Easy Window Shades
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Moisture Between Window Panes

How do you get rid of moisture between window panes?

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Removing Label from a New Window

How can I remove a label from new window?

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Moisture Between Window Screen and Glass

We have new double pane windows and every morning wake up to moisture between the screen and glass. What is causing this? What can we do?

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Stop a Window Brace from Rattling
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Use Sheet for Curtains
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Use Kids Tattoos On Windows
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Fixing up a Viewless Window
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Windshield Protector to Insulate Window

Our bedroom gets bright sun. I went to the dollar store and bought some of those shiny silver windshield sun blockers that you unfold and place in your windshield to keep your car from blistering.

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Homemade Solid Valance

I don't care for curtains, so I came up with this solution for a valance above my sliding glass doors. I purchased 2, 5-foot artist canvas stretchers and 2, 1-foot stretchers to form a rectangle.

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Metal Art as Valance

I purchased a long metal wall art piece when a local store was going out of business. It looked like ivy on tree branches and I was looking for a good place for it. When I held it up to the top of the window, I knew I had found it a home.

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Cutting Mini Blinds To Fit New Window

How do I cut mini blinds?

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Baggie To Help Insert Curtain Rod

When running a curtain rod through the top of a curtain, place a plastic baggie over the tip of the rod. This prevents the rod from "catching" on the curtain and allows quick insertion and prevention of tears.

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Hanging Curtain Rod Brackets

I always had a very difficult time measuring for curtain rod brackets, but if you take a big piece of lightweight cardboard approximately 12 x 16 inches and use it to measure for the rods instead, it will come out perfectly.

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Installing a Glass Block Window

How many glass blocks size 8x8 do I need for a 29x30 size window?

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Use Tinted Car Window Film For Home

I have seen many hints on here about using black plastic bags over windows and glass doors to block the sun from coming in. I agree that this should work, but it makes it impossible to see outside and that's what I like.

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Use Vintage Knobs as Curtain Finials

To save money on curtain finials, re-use old vintage knobs. If you can' find a curtain rod long enough for your needs, a piece of thin PVC pipe works! Just cut to size and sand the ends and attach your finials.

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Use Hair Ties to Hold Back Curtains

When you want to tie back your curtains to let air in, but their not usually tied back, use a ponytail holder/hair tie. Gather the curtain panel and pull the holder/hair tie up from the bottom.

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Covering a Bathroom Window

We are remodeling a bathroom that is in a house built in 1954. It is a very small bathroom with no shower. We are installing a shower and keeping the tub and putting up the bath surround kit.

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Getting Rid of Condensation Between Glass Windows

How do you remove condensation between two windows?

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Use Shower Curtains for Drapery

I use some of the pretty shower curtains on my windows as my curtains. I have a white lacy type on the bathroom window and looks great. Long ago when I got my first home, we used a nice double layered shower curtain in my dining room.

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Rain Water Draining Into Window Well

How do I prevent rain water from draining into a window well?

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Make Your Own Custom Curtain Rods

I was searching everywhere for short (15 inch) curtain rods to use on either side of a large window (instead of having a large rod that would remain bare in the middle).

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Drafty Window Tips

We live in a modular home and are having problems with wind forcing cold air into the house around the window frames. Caulking would seem to be one answer. How about using an insulating foam bead? Any other ideas? I am lazy and cheap.

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Making Functional Window Shutters

For years now, I've been around homes that have pretty, decorative, ornamental window shutters that don't do anything except accent the windows. I can't help but think that long ago, window shutters were actually functional.

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Condensation On Windows

Why would my new double pane windows sweat only along the bottom two inches?

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Make Your Own Thermal Drapes

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">Make your own "thermal draperies". I did this: I lined my regular pinch pleated drapes with see through plastic (the kind you put on your windows to keep out drafts) or you can substitute any other kind you may have just lying around.

Stuffing Balloon Valances

When hanging curtain valances and balloon shades, try stuffing them with tissue paper or plastic grocery bags to give them body and make them more fluffy.

Repairing Broken Window Sash Cords

How do I repair a broken sash window? The cables have broken.

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Use Plastic Bag to Help Put Lace Curtain on Rod

A simple plastic bag can make hanging lace curtains much less of a hassle. Before sliding a curtain rod through the rod pocket in lace curtains, cover the end of the rod with a small plastic bag.

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Storing Window Blind Cords

Does anyone have a clever way to store pull cords on window blinds? They are driving me nuts.

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Ideas for Covering Windows

Solve a privacy issue in windows using bubble wrap. You will still get the light but the visibility is greatly reduced! You can get it at an office supply store. It comes in several sizes.

Static Window Film Instead of Curtains

If you have a window that for some reason you cannot put a curtain on (e.g., you can't mar the wall or door to put up a curtain rod, you are a renter, it doesn't fit your design aesthetic, etc.), consider using adhesive-free static cling window film.

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Covering Glass on Doors

My sister's home has a double front door with glass in the upper halves, leading into the great room. The back of the great room is all windows and french doors. Therefore, at night you can see through the whole house.

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Wax Your Curtain Rods

We have fancy metal curtain rods but the tabbed drapes did not slide easily across them. I put a coat of car wax on them. The curtains slide really easily now!

Use Fleece Throws for Warm Curtains

For really frugal and warm curtains, I purchased two of those fleece throws that are on sale for under $5 and used the inexpensive gold clips. The two throws fit a 76 inch picture window nicely, and they come in dark colors also nice for wintertime. Mine came with a nice cloth bow tied around it which I used for tiebacks.

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Using Flannel As A Winter Drape Lining

Has anyone ever made flannel drape liners? I want to make mine out of white flannel. It sells for 1.99 a yard here. How well does it insulate from the cold? I put plastic on the windows every year, but they are still cold. I thought if I made a flannel liner with the insulated drapes this would help with the cold one feels from the windows.

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Covering a Glassed Paned Door

I have a glass pane front door in my new house and I was wondering what would be a cheap and easy way to cover it at night and when we're gone?

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Darkening Room for Day Sleeper

The size shade I need runs in the hundreds. Block out drapes won't work because the hardware sticks out from the wall letting in streams of light from both sides. I now have a blanket covering the window with a black sheet behind it and it's still not dark enough. Does anyone have any inexpensive solutions? Outside appearance is not an issue.

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Use Cardboard Tubes as a Window Brace

My old windows are not in the budget for replacement as of yet, so sometimes when I want to open them, they slide down and will not stay up. To solve this problem, I brace the window up with a cardboard tube from wrapping paper.

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Inexpensive Window Covering

I need to find an attractive, inexpensive way to cover a small vertical window next to my front door. The window is 35" long and 7" wide. Any suggestions would be appreciated! =)

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Measuring for New Windows

My daughter wants to fix up her house before she sells it. She wants to do some of the work herself. She needs new windows but does not know how to measure for them.

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Window Treatment For Victorian Bathroom

How do I decorate a window in the bathroom that does not need to be screened off for privacy? Just an idea of how to drape some voile or net curtaining on a rod or hook? Any suggestions would be appreciated. My bathroom is Victorian in style.

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Suggestions For Easy Window Treaments

I have a window in desperate need of window treatments. Can anyone suggest something easy to do that 2 rambunctious boys won't tear down? Both windows are approx. 6' x 4'.

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Frugal Ways To Hang Curtains

I need some ideas for thrifty curtain rods.

Window Treatment Ideas For French Doors

I am looking for a window treatment for French Doors. Currently, I am using sheers and I am tired of them, in addition, they look bulky. Can anyone help?

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Staining Window Frames

I have 4 large windows on the front of my house that take a beating from the afternoon sun. The part of the window frame closest to the window, about 1" has all the finish gone and needs to be re-stained.

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Moisture In Double Glazed Windows

Can you get the moisture out of leaking double glazed windows?

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Discounts for Installing Windows

If you need to replace the windows in your house, check to see if your electric company offers any rebates or coupons for new window installation. You can usually find significant savings if you replace them at the right time.

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Creating Shades for Skylights

I have two skylights in my living room that let in way too much heat this time of year. Since I don't have an air conditioner, I would love inexpensive ideas for covering my skylights to make it cooler in here.

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Removing a Broken Window

Apply pieces of masking tape to the window in a crisscross pattern on both sides of the window. Then gently tap around the outer edge of the window with a hammer until the glass breaks out. The tape should help keep the window from shattering but be sure to wear protective gloves.

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Making a Window More Private While Still Letting Light In

I have a window that I would like to have some light come through but I want some privacy as well. It is a garage window. It gets full sun so any curtains I hang up look bleached and awful after about a month. I'm thinking some kind of stained glass look or etched look. Any ideas to give privacy but lots of light?

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Taking Down Blinds

I was pleased to see the items on cleaning blinds. However, what I want to know is how to take them down!

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Wooden Window Shutters

I would like to make or purchase wooden window shutters that will bi-fold when opening or closing. I would love any input that someone could give me, I'm stumped on this one. I'd like to make them.

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Looking for Storm Window Instructions

My request deals in the building of wood storm windows. The idea of using plexiglass is wonderful! What I need is a drawing or plans to build the wooden frames. I have access to the wood and have tools, I just need the instructions to build them.

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Sticking Drawers, Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Rub the runners of drawers and windows with paraffin wax or an old candle and they will slide more easily. This also works with sliding doors that are hard to open and shut or squeaky.

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Wood Stripped by Double Sided Tape

I have removed some of the plastic from windows and the 2 sided taped that holds the plastic is removing the seal and stain of the wood.

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Frosty Contact Paper

Looking for frosty contact paper to cover a window without blocking the light. I have used it before, it's not just plain frosted, it had a pattern. Ana from Florida

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Repair Ripped Window Shades

Here's a quick tip on how to repair your ripped window shades. Take down the shades and put them on a table where you can work with them. As you hold the sides of the tear together, apply several thin coats of clear nail polish to cement the ends back together! By Robin

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Glue on New Windows

I just got new windows installed in my house. They have left plastic stickers and small plastic bags glued to the windows. I have tried the antibacterial lotion but it didn't work. This is really strong adhesive. Please help. My beautiful windows look horrible with these plastic bags glued to them.

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Preventing Birds From Hitting Your Windows

I use those little glow in the dark star stickers, I put them on the outside of my windows. You can place as many as you like. It doesn't obscure our view and the birds can see them. Since I have done that, just the odd bird hits the window compared to the many that did before. It really is a life saver. By Sue Anson

Make Your Own Awnings

Instead of an old fashioned, pulley-operated awning, install a single piece of canvas attached to a wood pole at the top and at the bottom. Secure the top above your window with hooks.

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Weatherproofing Windows

We just bought a house and the windows are all needing to be replaced. Does anyone know of a way to help save energy on these low grade windows until we can afford to replace them? Thank you. By Christine

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Repairing Small Holes in Window Screen

Repair a small hole in a window screen with a dab of clear nail polish. By June S.

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Filling Holes in Old Screens

I learned this tip or hint out of desperation. We live in an old house and it has old screens that have developed holes. I tried cotton balls and duct tape but they didn't stay on for long.

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Switching the Screen for the Storm Window on Halloween

When Halloween is here it's just about time to switch from a screen in the front door and a storm window. On Halloween I take the screen out - pass the candy through it and the next morning put the storm window in. I did this when I had a dog so that she wouldn't bother the goblins - now it's just an easy way to get the job done. By Barbara

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