Using Old Windows to Build a Greenhouse

old windows greenhouse

A great way to recycle windows is to use them to make a greenhouse or cold frame. This guide is about using old windows to build a greenhouse.


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Garden: Recycled Window Greenhouse

This is our Garden Greenhouse made of old wooden windows. Nail four together for the bottom. Then hinge two together for the top so that one side opens. Use "L" brackets for holding the top windows to the bottom ones. Used a piece of 1x2 foot wood for bracing, then nailed it to an old end table.

Source: Husband's imagination and many different websites.

By dragonflysue from Ludowici, Georgia

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Question: Recycled Windows to Build a Green House

I am looking for free or inexpensive recycled windows to build my own green house. Any ideas where to get the windows?

Erik from Guerneville, CA

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By Iris 08/15/2009

Hey, geting ready within the next 2 weeks to replace my single pane metal windows. I have over 20 of them pretty much standard size and in good shape. Just live in an area where airplane noise is a problem and will be putting in double plane windows. Live in Inglewood, CA email: iris349 AT gmail.com

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