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Organizing Your Freezer

Freezing food allows you to preserve food for a long time which can save you money. Having an organized freezer is key to avoid having the food go to waste. This is a guide about organizing your freezer.


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May 1, 2016

I was sick of things sliding off each other so I spent about 45 minutes doing this.

Using dollar tree or thrift store shoe boxes, you can label and sort your leftovers, meat by kind, veggies, seafood, and more.


I keep an inventory of what and when I put up there but if you label them, that is often good enough.

NOTE: I eat lima beans a lot. They are only available certain times of the year in my stores, so I buy several bags and just open and pour them into a clean shoe box. I can scoop out as much or as little as I want and the new headband keeps the box closed as it's on a precarious tilt.

Source: Seen things like this on Pinterest and

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Freeze the zip locks laying down with as much air out as you can get. Then, try hanging them vertically from binder clips. It works for crafts so give it a thought? Hope that helps. Sandi

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January 26, 2010 Flag

To save space and make extra room in my freezer, I remove the supermarket packaging. I cut out the label, and place the product and label, into a clear "snap lock" type sealed bag. The label tells me the item and date. The bag replaced the packaging which I have found to take up about 30-40% of the space.

Also I separate bulk items into portion packs, each portion is separately bagged. By using the labeled bag last I always know content details of the separated bags.

By George D. from Melbourne, Australia

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January 4, 20110 found this helpful

It's a great idea to use ziplock bags, as the boxes some foods come in don't do so well in the freezer, plus you get much more space. Organization is the key! From another 'Aussie'.

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December 22, 20114 found this helpful

Organizing Your Freezer

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Do you have stuff in your freezer that's taking up a lot of room, making you unable to get to the things that you need right away? Do you forget what you have in your freezer because you can't see it? If so, then it's time to organize!


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May 26, 2011

I've found a way to keep my freezer organized that saves me both time and money. I have plastic bins that fit on the shelves and are labeled as to contents: chicken, beef, fish. I have 2 other bins labeled "prepared food" and "prepped ingredients".

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February 17, 2010

When you freeze leftovers, keep a notepad by the freezer and write down what you have got in there. When you have a "don't know what to cook" moment, you will have inspiration.

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February 7, 20121 found this helpful

The main thing that I have done for my freezers is go to an office store or dollar store and get paper holders. Then I put each filled with separated plastic bags; hamburger, chicken, pork chops, etc. I have done this for many years.

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August 28, 2012

I use small meal size containers for berries to go with pancakes or deserts. The first trick is to turn over every second container, so that it's lid rim is down. I get one extra container per row that way.

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August 5, 2014

I've used shoe boxes and small basins, three on each shelf, to divide my freezer. This still leaves room above the boxes to slide in frozen dishes and pizza. Ice cream and miscellaneous fit in front.

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April 1, 20092 found this helpful

We hang a cork board by the freezer to organize the meat in our freezer. List each type of meat along one side of the board, such as Beef, Chicken, Pork. Under these categories we list such as chicken, boneless breasts leg quarters and ground.

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December 28, 2010

One great tip I've found very useful is to make a list of what I put in my freezer and place it on the front of my refrigerator with a magnet.

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July 19, 2010

I saw this tip on Thrifty Fun last year and it has really been a big help for me in keeping the food in my chest type freezer separated and organized. I purchased several cloth bags from the grocery store and use them for stacking the vegetables and fruits.

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February 19, 2009

Frugal Freezer Shelf

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I had a freezer with out the shelf inside. The food, all in different sizes and shapes, would pile up and slide everywhere. I put water in four bottles, found an old soda crate, and put it inside.


January 10, 20052 found this helpful

I always try to have frozen veggies on hand, and often use less than a full bag at a time. To keep from losing these partial bags, I keep a plastic crate in the freezer.

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February 23, 2011

Photo of an organized freezer.

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I got really tired of trying to find things in my freezer. I went to Big Lots and bought some plastic boxes. I stood my bags of meat on end like a file drawer.


June 14, 20030 found this helpful

Here are some great food tips for saving money on food by packaging and freezing it:

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October 2, 2013 Flag

I need ideas for organizing the narrow freezer space in a side-by-side fridge. Is there anywhere that I can get wire baskets or whatever to fit on my freezer shelves, to possibly create drawers or? My freezer shelves are 9 x 17. I have one pull-out shelf that sits 15 inches under a stationary shelf. It is very hard to utilize this space because it is so high and stacked foods come flying out in the front or in the back when I'm trying to get to stuff. It seems that some kind of bucket/basket to contain the items would at least allow me to pull it forward to get into it. I have a Whirlpool 21.8 cu ft side-by-side. I haven't found any Whirlpool freezer baskets/bins that I can buy.

By wondernana

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October 3, 20130 found this helpful

Ikea. Container Store.

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October 7, 20130 found this helpful

Yes I have nice baskets for my freezer. I got most of mine at the Container Store where they have 2 sizes. I also found that Wal-Mart carries in 1 size. You could first look at their websites. They really make it nice tho to organize frozen foods and you can slide in and out. Now everything is much neater and easy to get at.

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June 6, 2005 Flag

Ideas for organizing an upright freezer. Post your ideas.

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June 6, 20050 found this helpful

I purchased plastic bins at the dollar store for keeping in different types of food (one for chicken, another for beef, and a third for "other"...since that is all that will fit on one shelf). I have a different shelf for different foods, which sometimes overlap a bit. (top for meats, second for veggies, third for fruits and desserts, and bottom for breads)

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July 3, 20050 found this helpful

A variation is to use shaker-style (or other sturdy weave and design) baskets - I put fruit in these, and it adds a quaint, eye-pleasing touch to the inside of the fridge.

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July 15, 2011 Flag

Is there a certain way to stack food in your upright freezer? For example, should I put meat on top shelf, ice cream on second shelf, etc.?

By Pat M.

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July 15, 20110 found this helpful

Gosh, I have never heard of a specific recommendation; and will watch to see if others do have one. That said, I like to keep meats together, fruits, vegetables, prepared foods, and the like. I prefer it that way because it makes it easier to keep track of what is in there. As to which particular shelf gets what, for me it has more to do with available space. Because prepared foods tend to come in boxes, they take more space; Bagged and boxed vegetables fit in my door shelves. I use topless cardboard boxes and unused dishpans as 'drawers" for smaller items.

What is really important to me is to make the items easy to find so I can minimize the amount of time my door is open, as my freezer is not frostless! Using boxes and bins let me pull out the bin and close the door while I find what I am looking for.

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July 18, 20110 found this helpful

Always put meat on the very bottom. That way, nothing drips on to anything. I like using the plastic drawer units you can get anywhere. I put bagged veggies and fruit in them, as they are hard to keep their shape. Shredded cheese works good in them, too, and you can label the drawers. Plastic see thru' shoe boxes from the dollar stores work well, too, as they can be stacked.

Also, these items keep the freezer burn problem way down!

Compartmentalizing is the key. I hope this helps!

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August 28, 2004 Flag

Here are some food freezing tips. Post your ideas below!

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February 19, 20090 found this helpful

I found out that you can freeze chicken and dressing & the gravy in separate ziplock plastic bags. It's even better than when I first made it,good luck.

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February 23, 2011 Flag

I was rooting around in my freezer the other day and had to throw out some items due to their advanced age. This prompted me to better organize my freezer so items would not get lost under other food items.

The Freezer door: This is the warmest part of the freezer. I use it to store hot dogs, vegetables, butter, juices and the half-gallon milk jugs filled with water for picnic coolers.

Shelves: I used 3 plastic "bins" to sort my meat (purchased in bulk and shrink vac'd). One bin each for chicken, beef and pork. At a glance I can see if I need to purchase more ground beef, pork loin or bacon when is is on sale. Meat is portioned out into meal size servings and wrapped for proper storage.

When wrapping meat, be sure and label with an indelible pen (on the seam or on a label) the date. Use the oldest first.

I purchase items when they are on sale and when I have a coupon. I keep stocked up on frozen meals for "brown bag" lunches - much cheaper and healthier than fast food at work. I ALWAYS purchase butter when it is on sale, sometimes 10 pounds at a time. This especially comes in handy for holiday baking!

For more freezer advice:

By Diana from Prospect, KY


RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I have a small chest type freezer and I keep it very full, basket or bins would not work for me, they would take up too much space. I use colored plastic bags red is for meat, a target bag is for pork, chicken is in yellow, Frozen tomatoes are in pink, I have 3 different shades of green which my vegetables are in the lighter the bag the lighter the vegetable, I have even found a pink plastic bag to keep my fruit in for smoothies.

I make prepared meals and they're all stacked alternating types of dishes in the front right hand corner, I vacuum seal everything so I don't worry about things going bad, I have food which is up to but if not more than 5 years old and is still good as long as the seal is not broken.

Now I do organize my refrigerator with baskets, hot sauce in 1, jellies and jams in another, mustard, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, pickle relish and salad dressings in another, I have several baskets with fresh fruits or vegetables and I keep my rice, popcorn and pasta in the refrigerator also and they have their own basket. There is a catch all basket for the little odd things. (07/09/2008)


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July 9, 2008 Flag

How do you organize a refrigerator freezer in a way that you can find what you want or even find what you have?



RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I have used an open ended box (open end facing toward open door) in the past. I put certain things inside the box, certain things on top, others to the left and right. Meat goes on the left and in the back (there's a mini shelf, bacon, frozen bananas, baking fruit go under it.) Ice cream on the right, bread in the middle, frozen veggies also in the middle, frozen juice, ice packs and herbs in the door. Then, don't let anyone else put stuff in the freezer!

I also pull everything out every few months to ensure something didn't fall too far to the back and get forgotten. (07/17/2005)

By beanygurl

RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I just finished doing this with my freezer last week. I have a small chest freezer and I use small rubbermaid trunk-like containers that just fit in my freezer. Each little trunk has different foods in it, one for chicken, one for fish, one for garden beans, etc. As I defrosted the freezer with warm water, I inventoried each trunk on a sheet of paper and counted the items. I use an "X" for each item. As an example: Chicken pieces XXXXXXXX. As I take things out, I just cross out the number of "X"s so I know exactly what I have. Otherwise, you end up not using food up before it gets freezer burned and you lose all the savings from your freezer. I've been doing this for several years and it works great with very little organization. I always hated searching through a chest freezer and finding once good food that was now too far gone at the very bottom. Now I just lift out the trunks and I know exactly where to find things and exactly how much I have so when a good sale comes along, I know whether or not I should take advantage of it. (07/17/2005)

By Pat

RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I divide my freezer into 4 parts. While looking into the freezer, there is a dividing arm that separates the bottom into 2 parts - one small and one large. There are also 2 hanging baskets. So the small part is number 1, the large part is number 2, the left basket is number 3 and the right basket is number 4. I then have a typed paper showing freezer contents that is saved into my computer. I list what I keep in each section and hang the paper with magnets on a metal cabinet next to the freezer. Magnets would probably work on the freezer side as well. This way I know I have 12 hamburger patties in section 2. If I take two out, I subtract and on the sheet handwrite 10. After a week or so I pull down the list and go to my computer saved program and retype what now shows on the paper. The used paper is then torn up into tiny wedges to use as labels for whenever I put new items into the freezer. Each item going into the freezer is labeled with the contents and date. This has saved me from finding freezer fossils.

If I add items to the freezer, the items are handwritten on the list as well. (07/20/2005)

By Abbytha

RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I bought plastic totes that fit on the shelves, then labeled them, pork, beef etc.. It is so easy to look in the totes before you go to the grocery - and see what you already have, or don't have ! I do not use the lids though, they were kind of a pain to use. (07/25/2005)

By Carol

RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I posted the following to Thrifty Fun sometime back.

We have an upright newer freezer that has several large slide out baskets. This new freezer is much more economical than our old freezer of 33 years!

We have several purchased baskets; I bought a larger wire basket from Wal-Mart and several of the plastic Square (milk carton type) containers & DH cut the top down a bit ... these will slide out easily. I also made tags and heat laminated them ... Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood and Miscellaneous and (punched holes) in the tags and attached to the baskets with zip ties.

Several baskets are easy to take out of the freezer and rearrange by dates ... we do have a tendency of adding new items quickly and not pay attention to the old versus new meats on top!

The top shelf is sort of a hodge podge fruits and stocks and a few tomatoes that we put into plastic containers that we have frozen. A Loaf of bread or a pizza.

The door is for vegetables, margarine/butter, juice, some meats like sausage, bacon, hot dogs, etc.

If you see signs on the baskets, this automatically organizes you. For us, this seems to work very well. Good Luck. (07/27/2005)

By Syd

RE: Organizing Your Freezer

I also make sure that there is a list of everything in the freezer taped right to it. That way I know whats in there how many and OF COURSE where they are (08/25/2005)

By Amanda-Lee

RE: Organizing Your Freezer

A plastic crate added to the freezer is perfect for opened bags or new bags of frozen veggies, and the like. Having these bags all in one place makes it easy to find, and I can keep track of what I have on hand. (09/30/2005)

By Linda

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