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Organizing Plastic Bags

Many homes have an assortment of plastic bags, from grocery bags to trash bags. It can be difficult to organize them all, so it may require some creativity. This is a guide about organizing plastic bags.

Organizing Plastic Bags, A blue plastic grocery bag.
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August 26, 2016 Flag

It feels good to let our artistic juices flow. It's stimulating to see just how many different ways we can approach a particular project. But usually, when we've had our fun, we have to admit; there's really just a few, if not just one or two best ways to do anything.Store Plastic Grocery Bags Sensibly

Plastic grocery bags can be stored a countless number of ways. But just how time consuming are those ways? Is the way they are stored aesthetically pleasing and are the bags easily retrievable?

As an experiment, I chose an empty Miracle Gro box for storing the bags. I was able to get forty bags in the box without any effort. With the opening being large, retrieving the bags was easy. As I had put the bags in one at a time, rather than several in a wadded ball, retrieving them was very easy.

Store Plastic Grocery Bags Sensibly

Time is no problem, retrieval is easy. That leaves aesthetics. With the label removed from the box, a white canister is what you have. It would be appropriate for any kitchen counter top. As the box is made of vinyl, it is completely washable. It could easily be covered with washable contact paper to match your kitchen decor.

Store Plastic Grocery Bags Sensibly

If you chose to store the box out of sight when not in use, it's size and shape are ideal. It can be stored upright or laid down on it's side. With it's tight fitting snap on lid, there's no worry about the bags spilling out. Handy? Yes, Ma'am.

Here is where you can use your imagination. There must be dozens of containers that would work just as well as an empty Miracle Gro box. The first to come to my mind is a large oatmeal box, although not as sturdy and not washable unless covered with vinyl paper.

If you come up with some good ideas, please post them here, so we all can consider them. I've run out of fertilizer boxes.

Many young brides chose to wear their hair in an 'updo' for the wedding. May I suggest: If you have enough time on your hands to see how many grocery bags you can cram into a pill bottle, instead, use that time to tat a lovely lace snood for some lucky bride to be. She will be ever so grateful, and you will have created a memorable work of art sure to become an heirloom.

Tatted snoods, those were the days.


February 1, 2016 Flag

I just moved into my first apartment alone in 18 months. And I am a self professed plastic bag hoarder! I use them to ship things, line things, wrap things, and yes, carry things. Corral Those Plastic Bags

But, it's like they breed. Trying to stuff them into a drawer or another plastic bag seems counter productive.

So, my tip is get yourself one of these collapsible laundry hampers and simply hang it up in your closet. The rod is almost always removable from one end. If not, use two hangers hanging side by side. You can get these used or at the Dollar Tree.

I have about 400 bags in this one and I don't have to fold them or anything. I hope this helps!

Source: None. Just using my head for more than a hat rack.

March 30, 2009 Flag
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I use an empty cardboard fridge mate soda case that your sodas come in for storing empty plastic bags. The hole that dispenses the soda is used for both loading your plastic grocery bags and removing.

A pop can box made into a bag organizer.

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November 14, 2011 Flag
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In our frontier area, we are a long way from town. After lining all my garbage cans with them, I hang one bag on the door and stuff the other bags in it. When I make the long trip into town, I grab that bag of bags and take it out the door to recycle.

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December 18, 2010 Flag
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I converted an old garment bag into a plastic bag holder. I put a clothes hanger in the hole of the garment bag and hung it on a hook in my garage. I zipped it up about half way and crammed all my plastic bags in it.

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July 19, 2013 Flag
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I got the idea of cutting the battery box out and removing the stuffing in the body, leaving the head, arms, and legs fully stuffed. I then use the body to stuff full of plastic bags for the waste paper baskets and hang it on a hook on the wall.

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December 6, 2011 Flag
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With I store all my plastic bags in empty tissue boxes. Just tuck them in and pull them out one by one as needed. It's so easy to grab for lining garbage cans, dog walks, or any other fast thing I might need them for.

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June 30, 2012 Flag
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Plastic bag holder made from a shirt sleeve.This is a great way to keep those plastic bags near by but contained. Use a large men's shirt sleeve!

Approximate Time: 1/2 hour



  1. Cut the sleeve off the shirt as high as possible and hem the end, about a 3/4 inch hem. Leave an opening in the hem for inserting the plastic strip.
  2. Cut the whipped topping bowl into about 1/2 inch wide strip. Round the short ends. Now you are ready to feed it through the hem, it should push through easily.
  3. Cut up whipped topping container.

  4. Next you will cut a slit about 1 inch from the end halfway up and on the other end half way down, this way they can intersect with each other and it keeps the plastic in a full circle.
  5. All you need is to complete sewing the hem up and attach a small loop for hanging.
  6. The bags will fall down into the sleeve cuff and you add new ones in at the top. I turned the cuff up after I buttoned it. Mine hangs in my pantry, it's so handy when I need a bag.

    By NoRulesArt from sunny FL

July 12, 2012 Flag
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I found that if I take a plastic bag and smooth it out and fold it up small, I can get several into a large prescription bottle which then goes in my purse or tote. You'll always have a plastic bag when you need one and you're away from home.

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February 5, 2016 Flag

I line my small waste cans with grocery store bags. My DIL gave me a little fabric tube to hang them in my kitchen and several years later when it was too old to use any more I measured it to make another one. A cotton bandana was the perfect size with no raw edges or extra cutting.

green bandana tube

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December 27, 2011 Flag
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When one full bag of garbage is taken out, I replace it with a new one. I make sure there are 6 folded bags under the new one. I always have a full week of garbage bags without hunting for them when they have to be replaced.

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June 9, 2010 Flag
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An easy way to store your plastic grocery bags is in an old, clean plastic milk jug. Most of these milk jugs have an indented circle on one side.

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April 20, 2011 Flag
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Plastic bag clutter? Quickly smooth the bag. Starting on one side, roll into a sausage. Now tie it in a single knot then tuck each end in. This takes up the space of a small baseball and is neat and tidy. A small container with a lid will keep them contained.

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March 3, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about folding plastic grocery bags. Storing plastic grocery bags for reuse can be a challenge. They seem to require a better solution than stuffing them in another grocery bag.

Folding Plastic Grocery Bags

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March 31, 2009 Flag

Ever open the plastic bag cabinet or drawer and have them all "spring" out at you? I was condensing some today when I thought "I wonder how small they can get?" So, I rolled one from the bottom up so the air would leave.

Plastic Bag Storage Tip

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