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Organizing Legos

Close-up of Legos

Legos are wonderful toys that help kids (and adults) stay busy and use their imagination. They also can create quite a mess. This is a guide about organizing legos in your home or child's room.



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Tip: Organizing Legos with Drawstring Bag

When my son was a little boy, he had a bag to hold his Legos. It was a circular piece of material that had a drawstring. So he was able to spread it out on the floor and play with the pieces, but then pull the drawstring tight and it formed a bag.

Today my son is 40 and has found that men play with Legos. I bought him several cloth laundry bags which serve the same purpose as the one he had years ago. Unfortunately, they don't spread flat on the floor, but they work OK for storage.

Because he likes to be able to sort them by color or type, I find clear plastic shoe boxes from the Dollar Store work well for that. I have purchased several different types of clear plastic vessels of various sizes, but from my point of view the shoe box size is best.

I buy lunch meat in plastic boxes that have lids. I believe they are made by Glad and are intended to be disposable. These make great holders for Legos as well.

So I guess what it comes down to is whether you want, quick clean up or organization, as to which of these two storage methods you prefer. We use both.

By Carol from Wyoming, PA

Tip: Organizing Legos with Drawers

Peg Board Drawers for Organizing LegosI organize my Legos with a set of drawers I found at Home Depot that were designed to be hung on a peg board wall. The little drawers are great! You can remove them easily. I sort them by size and color. It is a great help when putting together a large project.

By Jess from Hillsboro, OR

Tip: Tips For Organizing Legos

If they are Lego sets, then the zipper Ziploc bags really work for this. Keep each Lego model in different Ziploc bags and put them all in one shoebox or big box.

For smaller legos, try the Spacemaker plastic boxes, Get these from the stationary section to keep pencils, office supplies and crayons, available in Walmart for 10 to 99 cents.

Plastic 7 or 9 slim drawer organizer is very convenient to keep different Lego models and easy to clean up for the kids after playing.

By Geetha from Alpharetta, GA

Tip: Recycled Boxes for Sorting Legos

My son loves Legos. We recycle the small vegetable boxes with flaps and lids that we found at the produce department in our grocery store. We brought them home and glued plain paper onto them to cover them up. He then decorated them with his own drawings and stickers. You can also use gift wrap and the comics from the newspaper.

The different sizes worked well for organizing the colours and different shapes. We also have used inexpensive plastic tubs with lids that stack really easily.

By javamom77 from Medicine Hat, AB

Tip: Contain Legos On A Comforter

We had huge Rubbermaid containers full of Legos that all 3 of my kids loved to play with daily. They would dump the containers so they could get pieces that were all the way at the bottom (of course HAHA). So after time we would find Legos all over the floor, under furniture, and were constantly stepping on them.

We came up with the solution to take an unused comforter, lay it out, and dump the Legos all over the comforter. When they were done playing, we would pick it up and bring the ends together and slowly "pour" the Legos back into the containers. It was a life saver. They got to see all the Legos at once, and I knew where all the pieces were afterwards.

By Dawn from Omaha, NE

Tip: Organizing Legos

Use the popcorn tins you get a variety of popcorn in. You can throw items that they created and don't want to tear apart in these. Another thing you can do is use tackle box or divided craft boxes and separate each color or type into each section. Those handy dandy clear shoe boxes work well too. My favorite is the popcorn tins.

You could even use oatmeal containers, old cookie tins, or cereal boxes. Cover the containers with contact paper. or give the kids stickers and have them put stickers on for decorations. Then they can be left out on the shelves or the big tins can be placed in corner with the toys.

By CJ from Minot, ND

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Question: Organizing and Storing Tiny Lego Pieces

My 7 year old son is very big into Legos, the Harry Potter, Atlantis, and other sets with thousands of tiny pieces. I need a way to organize and store them so he can easily find the pieces he is looking for without dumping them all over the floor. Any suggestions?

By Mary Jo

Most Recent Answer

By Jeannie09/22/2011

My son was also a Lego collector, we used small plastic totes to separate by color. He had several tackle boxes that he kept his special pieces in. They have dividers that can be adjusted to the size compartment he needed for the particular pieces. The totes and tackle boxes were stack-able as well and that made me happy because it was easy to keep his room clean and clutter free when he wasn't "creating". Hope this helps. Did I mention that he had over 5000 pieces!