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Getting Rid of Wasps

Wasp on Vespiary

If wasps infest your home they can be a real nuisance. There are several varieties of wasps and many different ways to get them out of your house. This is a guide about getting rid of wasps.



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Tip: Getting Rid of Wasps

A solitary wasp or two is not really a problem. In fact wasps can actually be beneficial, as they are predators on other insects. But if you see lots of wasps you have a problem.

You can make or buy wasp traps, these can be very effective in eliminating your wasp problems. If this does not work well, you may have to locate and kill the nest.

Look for wasp activity in your yard and around your house. Wasps can build paper nests under the eaves of your home, hanging in trees, and inside of trees with visible holes. Some wasps, such as yellowjackets, live in nests underground.

Once you locate the nest you have two options. You can, of course, call an exterminator. They will come prepared with the appropriate pesticide and protective clothing to safely rid you home or yard of the nest.

The other option is to get rid of them yourself. You will need to kill the nest. This is best done at night when most of the wasps are inside. Be sure to wear protective clothing. For the do it yourselfer, that would mean multiple layers of clothing and gloves at the very least. A net type face covering is also recommended. Protective eyewear is also a good addition.

There are various types of wasp sprays available in the garden department of home improvement stores or your local garden center may also carry them. You will need a projectile type spray for the nests that are out of reach. Be sure to saturate the nest, for optimal results. If the nest is underground you will need a different type of spray. You may have to repeat the application several times to ensure that all of the wasps are dead. This can be done over a couple of days to include any individuals that might have not returned to the nest in the evening.
Note: Even using a good pesticide in this killing process will not guarantee that you will not be stung.

Once you see no more wasp activity, you should be able to remove the nest safely. You may wish to wear your protective clothing and gloves just to be safe.

Once you have killed the wasps you might want to take preventative action in the future to discourage their return. Put traps out early in the summer. In the fall you might add a bit of hot dog, as the wasps are seeking protein later in the year. Maintenance your traps for cobwebs around the entry holes as the wasps will ignore the trap if there are webs. Paper nests in the eaves can be knocked down before they become too large. Unfortunately, the underground nests of yellowjackets are not as readily noticeable in the early stages.

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Question: Wasp Nests

A nest of wasps or hornets has taken up residence under the wooden terracing/steps in my yard. I've sprayed the area as much as I could with commercial products, at night when they are in the nest, but since it is under the wood I can't get them all. Any suggestions?


Most Recent Answer

By Jim - Connecticut (Guest Post)09/01/2005

The Dawn detergent sounds like a great idea but could someone be a little more forthcoming? What are the mixing ratios? How does one apply it so that it is sure to be lethal to the wasps (bees?)? Thank you.

Question: Keeping Wasps Away from a Pool

How do I deter wasps from drinking pool water?

By Rick

Most Recent Answer

By Vicki06/25/2012

I don't know how you can specificially keep wasps away from a pool, but there are little plastic "wasp catchers" that you can hang around your patio or close by the pool to attract and catch wasps. They have holes in them and you add fruit or juice to the bottom of the container. They go in the holes and aren't smart enough :) to figure out how to get back out. They usually drown in the juice.

Question: Getting Rid of Wasps

Wasps are making hives on everything in my yard. How can I get rid of them? They're really a nuisance!

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By Sheri from Provo, UT

Most Recent Answer

By carla08/12/2010

For daytime and individual hornets, I learned that when you squish wasps/hornets, they release a pheromone (scent) that calls for others to come to their defense. Yikes. Put out a deep jar with honey in the bottom. The leftover wasps/hornets will catch in the bottom.

Spraying insecticide at night in their nests is a good idea.

Question: Repelling Wasps and Ticks

Is there any way to repel wasps and ticks? I live on the east coast and it tis the season.

By Kathleen S

Question: Getting Rid of Wasps

How do I kill the wasps that are ruining my hostas, year after year? The only relief I have found is Sevin dust, which then takes away from their looks.


Question: Wasps in My Bedroom

How the heck did wasps get into my room? The window to be exact, my room window, doesn't have any holes or none that I can see and i never leave my room door open. I don't want to kill it because if you kill it, it will leave a chemical behind telling the others that it is in danger and they will come instantly.

By Victoria .T from San Martin, CA

Most Recent Answer

By dollie03/18/2013

Grab the hair spray and spray it it cannot send a message at this point it will stiffen and drop to the floor and cannot bite you that will give you time to track thier entrance.I am allergic to thier venom and this works great