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Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

A wasp's nest in the corner of a roof.

Wasps can build a nest surprisingly quick around your home and be difficult to relocate. This is a guide about keeping wasps away from your home.



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Tip: Paint Your Porch Ceiling Blue To Deter Pests

To keep wasps and spiders from building their nests, paint your porch ceiling sky blue or a pale blue. This tricks the insects into thinking it's the sky. They won't build there.

Source: Curb Appeal - The Block, John Gidding on HGTV

By Sherry from Valdosta, GA

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Question: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

Is there anything I can spray my porch with to repel wasps? I have had a hard time since we built it. They treated it with linseed oil if that helps. Sometimes there is a hundred at a time. No pest control people know what to use.

By Greg from Clovis, NM

Most Recent Answer

By Tahloolabelle09/28/2010

I've seen this used at a golf resort and the operators said it was useful! I copied this from the net. Hope it helps you!

Hang a crumpled brown paper bag. A natural wasp repellent to use is by preying on the fact that wasps are territorial so they will not make a nest where one already exists. To give the illusion of a wasp nest, crumple up a small brown grocery bag, attach a string, and hang near your doors. They cannot tell if it's truly a nest, but they seem to trust what they see. Their instincts will kick in and they will go away.


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Archive: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home


Can anyone help? I have a friend who is absolutely terrified of Wasps. I mean - PETRIFIED. She will close all windows in summer- just in case, she won't go out either until the colder months. This phobia is practically disabling this poor lady's life.

Does anyone have any suggestions to at least keep them away from her home? (This lady lives in a small bungalow on the edge of a small wood.)

Thank you in advance if you post a response :D

Monique x

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I would really like to know also. I am terrified of wasps myself. Renee (05/25/2005)

By firemanswife90

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

Hang a slice of watermelon over a pail of water. The wasps will gorge themselves and drop into the water. (05/25/2005)

By Chaz

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

Well, one thing I can think of is not too have a bird bath or standing water. The wasps will come looking for a drink.

Don't plant flowers near the house and use a wasp trap on/in one corner of the yard away from all activity of the house. (05/25/2005)


RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me! To keep ALL flying insects (flies, wasps, etc.) away, take a plastic sandwich bag and place a penny inside it. Fill the bag with water. Use some clothespins to attach the bag to a clothes hanger and hang around your porches, doors, windows and patios. This works for any insects that have "compound eyes". Their eyes trick them into thinking that the bag is a spider's web, and the penny looks like a spider sitting in the web. My husband and I do this every summer, and it is rare that we have flies or other flying insects in or around our house! (05/25/2005)

By Heather

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I've tried brown paper bags filled with air, tied and taped to sides of walls and tree trunks (not branches) as the wasps think they're hornet nests and it works! Wasps will not go near a hornets nest, outdoor cafes tape the bags to their windows. (05/26/2005)

By poopsey

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I just read from another site to take a 2-liter pop/soda bottle and cut the top portion off. Fill it up with sugar water, then place a funnel on top. The wasps/bees will be attracted to it, then go in the funnel and cannot come back out. (04/14/2006)

By Lisa

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

Thank you all for the great ideas. I will have to try these as I am allergic. I was stung as a child and had to be rushed to the ER. There is no other feeling like suffocation and I don't want that to ever happen again. So thanks for the info, I will try to post again and let you know what worked for me (04/19/2006)

By momof15months

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

The paperbag method isn't working! (07/20/2006)

By Natori.

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I have an 81 year old dear friend who told me about this and it does work! I had a problem with wasp in my mail box, so I put 5 or 6 mothballs in a plastic baggie and left the top unsealed and pushed it way in the back. IT WORKED. But, your mail smells a bit! It was worth it to us. (03/21/2007)


RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

First, watch the wasps to find where the nests are. Want until dusk when all wasps are back home for the night. Have your husband or someone brave enough to stand still and firm with a can of wasp stray. The wasps will drop like flies. Then the next morning (or when you're ready to plant or play outside) use a YARD FOGGER. The fogger REALLY works. The "penny in a bag' works too, but you need to get rid of the nests first and place the bag openingly. I use bug stray around my doors to detour flies and spiders. Put all three of these things together and it will give you less dodging of wasps, flies, and spiders for months. Good Luck! (03/23/2007)

By Katy

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I am getting married in the Summer and I am terrified of wasps and bees, I was looking for something small that will repel them away from me, such as a gel in a plastic ball a bit like some of the air fresheners you can buy. Hoping to be able to hide it in my bouquet. The ideas sound great and will give them a try for around the home but anyone have any ideas of how I will not keep running away from wasps and bees on my wedding DVD! (05/02/2007)

By Sarah

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

The penny in the bag of water does work for any flying insect! (08/15/2007)

By JJae

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I know I saw on the program this morning a fake wasp nest you put up in your garden and this keeps the wasps away. I think it was a tenner. I'm going to get one this summer. I believe they will be in most garden centres. (02/12/2008)

By rebecca smith

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as hanging too many fake nests or pennies in a bag? I don't know how smart wasps are, but is it possible that they might 'clue in' if I overdo it? (03/09/2008)

By Tara

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

She can buy something called the Waspinator , it mimics a wasp nest, hang one or several around the outside of the house. It will indicated to other wasps this home is already taken and they will stay away. It is sold at most garden centers. Hope this helps, my sister is also petrified of bees and wasps. (04/20/2008)

By nicole1992jenn

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I am completely petrified of wasps and other stinging insects. I have actually evacuated buildings and locked myself in rooms with no room around the door to hide from them. I will have to try some of these ideas but I have to get people around me to stop leaving doors and windows open without screens! (06/04/2008)

By petrified

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

Use a fan to blow away from nest. At night when sleeping spray with unhealthy amounts of bleach (not you the wasps). (07/30/2008)


Archive: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I live in a very wooded county of Indiana. Wasps are a constant problem. I have found a couple of ways to thwart wasps. I hang a hornets nest from last season or a gallon milk jug painted gray by entrances. This does not stop all activity, but does slow it down. I heard somewhere wasps fear hornets.

Source: Donnie in Brown County, IN - good old boy

By tomuchpignut from Morgantown, IN

RE: Keeping Wasps Away From Your Home

I don't know if the guys deliver outside Europe, but have a look at waspgo, it helped us to reduce the number of wasps in summertime (at home near Maastricht and at our countryhouse in France) by over 90% I think. (09/13/2010)

By petedevries