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Using Dawn Dish Soap for Fleas

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dawn for fleas

Many pet owners use or consider using Dawn dishsoap as an inexpensive shampoo for fleas. This is a guide about using Dawn dish soap for fleas.

Solutions: Using Dawn Dish Soap for Fleas

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Tip: Baby Shampoo For Fleas

Why buy expensive dog shampoos at PetSmart to bathe your dog? My vet suggested I use any baby shampoo, so now I buy $1.00 generic baby shampoos at the Dollar Store and I have a dog that smells as good as a freshly bathed baby for a fraction of the cost.

By cipi2000 from Miami, FL

Tip: Use Joy for Fleas

Tip on ridding your pets of fleas! My daughter is a professional dog/cat groomer. When fleas are a problem at her shop, they use a dilution of lemon Joy dishwashing liquid. Take about 1 and 1/2 inches in the bottom of the original bottle and then dilute it with water to fill to top again. Shampoo your pet, using care not to get it in their eyes. Lather them well! You may bath them with your favorite shampoo after the initial Joy bath and thorough rinse! Works like a charm!

By Shirley from Kingston, PA

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Here are questions related to Using Dawn Dish Soap for Fleas.

Question: Using Dawn Soap for Fleas in Carpet

How much Dawn soap do I use to put on my carpets? And does it work and how often can I use it?

By Joyce M. from Pittsburgh

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [403]08/29/2014

Linda is right. Salt is the best. Now, here is where any dish washing liquid comes in handy.

Fleas love warm climates so they will hop into a pie plate of water sitting under a night light or desk lamp. With a few drops of DWL to break up the surface adhesion they will jump in and drown.

I hope this helps too!

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

In order to kill the fleas in a room do you use both Dawn and apple cider vinegar in a dish and put it under a light, or is it just Dawn in the dish with water?

By Catherine L.

Question: Using Dawn in Steam Cleaner for Flea Infestation

Doesn't putting Dawn in your carpet cleaner to help get rid of fleas make the carpet very "soapy" and sticky? Do you have to re-clean the carpet to rinse it?

By Catherine L.

Most Recent Answer

By kbatch0406/12/2013

I to tried dawn in the steam cleaner only to find I had soapy carpet. I had to rinse it after I was done.
Try just putting a little flea soap like you would use on the animal in your steam cleaner. There is no need to rinse and it kills all the fleas and eggs.
We were so over run with fleas that I would have tried anything and my friend said that's how she got rid of the fleas that had invaded her carpet. So I tried it and it worked like magic.

Question: Dawn Dish Soap for Washing Dog

Does it matter which Dawn I use to bathe my dog? Blue, scented, etc.?

By Bev from MA

Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]10/02/2012

I'd use the plain blue, but put a few drops in a large plastic glass or container and dissolve it before putting in on dog. It's very concentrated and hard to rinse out and left over soap could make dog itch. Or use a cheap $Tree shampoo, also diluting first.

Question: Using Dawn for Fleas on Cats

I have two cats. One cat is 2 years old and the other is 4 years old. How much Dawn should I use and how much water?

By Janet H

Question: Using Dawn Dish Soap to Treat Roses

What ratio do I use to mix Dawn dishwashing liquid and water to spray rosebushes?

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By B Mattke from Fort Worth, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Elaine [129]03/19/2011

What is the reason you want to use Dawn? Is it to control aphids? Or other bugs? I think you use about a tsp. to a gallon of water if it is bugs you want to control. If it is blackspot, you are better off using skim milk.