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Keeping Flies Off Your Dog

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Puppy scratching.

Dogs that spend time outside are often bothered by biting flies. Are you looking for ways to protect your pet from these annoying insects? This is a guide about keeping flies off your dog.


Solutions: Keeping Flies Off Your Dog

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Tip: Lavender Scented Oil For Flies

I heard a lot of home remedies about how to keep flies from biting your dogs ears. I put on lavender scented baby oil and the flies are not bothering them.

    By jdeloach2012 [1]

    Tip: Keeping Flies Off Pets

    To keep flies off my outside pets, I spray non-chemical mosquito repellent on them, if I need to. Also, Skin-So-Soft, can be applied to your hands, then rub them together and apply to pets. Don't use a lot. Double check with your vet about this, since cats can be more sensitive to things.

    By julrobs from North Augusta, SC

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    Here are questions related to Keeping Flies Off Your Dog.

    Question: Flies Biting Dog's Ears

    What can I do about flies biting my dogs ears?

    By Antranette


    Most Recent Answer

    By NEWFIEGIRL [8]07/14/2013

    Ask a veterinarian to show you how to put Flea ointment on the Dog's ears.

    Question: Getting Flies Off My Dog

    One of my friends told me about a green gel to get flies off my baby's ears. My boyfriend can't find a solution!

    By Sara from Valencia


    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]07/12/2013

    A great solution to keep flies off your dog is original Skin So Soft bath oil from Avon. I mix one part Skin So Soft and five parts water. Put it in a spray bottle. You can spray your hands then rub the solution into the dogs ears and body. Do not get it into his face and protect the eyes. Your dog will smell great and no more flies. It kills fleas too.

    Question: Keeping Flies Off My Dog

    I have an outside dog and I have tried everything going, all the essential oils, Listerine, and baby oil and still they keep at him. Please help.

    By Kevin R

    Most Recent Answer

    By queen2481212/06/2014

    Make him an indoor dog.

    Question: Keeping Flies Off a Puppy

    My puppy is a 1 mouth old. I gave him a bath, but he still have flies on the back of his ears and head. Please help me with my puppy.

    By Jessica from Philadelphia

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]09/26/2013

    The flies on your puppies ears can be stopped by putting Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on his ears. The ears will become inflamed and infected unless you protect them.

    Question: Keeping Flies Off Dog

    There are flies on my dog and they are biting him. I don't know what to do?

    By Eric

    Question: Flies Biting Dogs Ears

    Flies are biting my dogs, they have a few scabs and sores. Skin So Soft seems to help some, but they rub it off. The outside of their ears are the worst. Any help will be great. Thank you.

    By Tamara from Joshua, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By HallT08/26/2012

    I never heard of vick's for flies on dogs ears. I'll have to try it, thanks.

    Question: Flies Biting Dog's Ears and Back

    How do I stop flies from eating at my dog's ears and back?

    By Krystle EB

    Most Recent Answer

    By Debbie [1]10/04/2011

    If the vet says there's no underlying cause for the attraction, score the rind of an unpeeled lemon with a sharp knife, slice, & then simmer on medium heat for at least an hour. After it cools, put it in a spray bottle & spritz the dog, lifting the coat as you go. I never met a fly or flea that enjoyed lemon oil.

    Question: Keeping Flies Away from Outside Dogs

    How can I keep flies away from my outside dogs? As soon as I think I have them under control, they come back with a vengeance. Help?

    By Amy

    Most Recent Answer

    By amy [5]06/21/2011

    Thanks so much for the input! My six mountain cur loves thank y'all too. I was afraid to spray them with actual bug spray. I bought some ointment over the weekend at a local farm supply store. I'm hopeful. I love the planter pot idea as well.

    Question: Flies and Gnats Attacking Dogs

    Lab in wading pool.I have 3 pure bred Labs and they are outside dogs year round. Since we have had this horrid heat wave, they have a small kid pool that they play in. This month the flies are biting and gnats are starting to get bad on our oldest dog's face to the point she nearly claws herself in the eye. I know gnats hate vanilla, but will coco butter shampoo for humans repel both the flies and gnats? Two Labs.

    By Haley B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]07/25/2013

    I use Avon's original bath oil Skin So Soft. You have to mix it with 5 parts water to one part SSS. Its a great insect repellent for your pet (as recommended in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream).

    Question: Keeping Flies and Gnats Off My Outside Dogs

    My dogs are being eaten up with flies and gnats, They are outside dogs. Any suggestions?

    By Gail from Lyman, SC

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]09/10/2012

    You do need to talk with your Vet to prevent pests. If the flies chew along the dogs ears, vaseline applied to the edges of the ears can help it to heal. But if you dont prevent the pests you will never get ahead.

    Question: Keeping Flies Off of Dog's Ears

    My dogs are being pestered by flies biting their ears. Will my dog get sick from the fly bites? How do I keep the flies off my dogs?

    By Tahlia

    Most Recent Answer

    By Maya Lee [9]08/16/2011

    I read that putting vaseline on the dog's ears can help protect them. I have had that problem with my dachshunds and that's what I did. I also picked up the poop more frequently which drew the flies.

    Question: Fly Repellent for Dogs

    How do I make a fly repellent for my dogs?

    By MWorth from Bellflower, CA

    Most Recent Answer


    I am a vet in Australia. In regards to advice I've seen about using garlic to keep away flies and fleas, garlic is toxic to dogs. It is also a complete myth that it keeps away fleas, flies and vampires! This is very dangerous advice as both garlic and onion can cause haemolytic anaemia in dogs and cats.

    Dr. Eloise Bright BVSc. (Hons.)

    Question: Keeping Flies Off Dogs

    How do I keep flies off my dog?

    By Claudia from Philadelphia, PA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ce [4]07/21/2013

    Skin So Soft works as the previous post mentions BUT you have to mix it with 5 parts water to one part Skin So Soft.
    It works great to for killing fleas. Rub it into the fur and down to the skin. Do not let your pet lick it or apply it around his face.