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▲︎ Grooming Cats


Grooming Cats

This page contains information and tips about cat grooming.

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Removing Tear Stains on White Cats
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Cleaning Stains on White Cat's Face

My white cat has stains on his face which I have never succeeded in cleaning successfully. If you have any suggestions I thank you.

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Cleaning the Face of a Short Hair Cat

I have used many solutions to clean my white, exotic, short hair's face. His eyes always water. My vet said to use only water, but it does not clear his eyes from watering and the stains they cause. I have even seen mites. I do use Revolution, but the problem is endless. Thanks.

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Tree Sap in Cat Fur

I built a cat run under pine trees that ooze sap after pruning. How can I get the sap out of the fur without having to shave the cats? Will the sap stop after a time?

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Giving a Cat a Bath

It is hard to bathe my cat, so now what?

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Tips For Grooming Cats

Start grooming as soon as you get your cat. Start slowly to see how kitty responds. If he or she is skittish, do it frequently in short time periods until kitty responds better.

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Trimming A Cat's Claws

I have a beautiful calico cat that just showed up last summer at my door. After extensive advertising for the owner, and not finding an owner, she became my cat. My problem is that she comes in the house for a couple of hours every day, but she loves to be outside.

Read 4 Answers
Giving a Cat a Bath
Read 3 Solutions
Removing Mats From a Cat or Dog

Take a comb and put it teeth down between the mat and the animal's skin, then cut the mat away. Then brush the remaining hair out. This keeps you from clipping the skin on your pet.

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Trimming Your Cat's Nails
Read 2 Solutions
Removing Mats from a Cat
Read 3 Solutions
Giving a Cat a Bath

I just wondered what people's opinions were on giving cats baths. My cat, Destiny, is an inside short-hair and when I first got her, I gave her some baths, which she hated, of course.

Read 9 Answers
Dematting a Cat

Does anyone have any good ideas for dematting a cat? Is my only option getting her shaved? Thanks in advance for the help!

Read 8 Answers