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Goldfish make great pets, they are beautiful and fun to watch. Whether you're planning on getting a goldfish or you already have one, it is important to understand the proper way to care for them. This is a guide about caring for goldfish.


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Tip: Keeping Track of Fish Feeding

I have grandkids that love to feed my fish, and a husband that does too. The problem is that the fish will eat as many times as you feed them! The water dirties very quickly too from non eaten food. What I came up with is a piece of paper with two circles on it.

Fish food label

If you feed the fish in the morning, you cover that up exposing the feed me at night time circle.

Fish food in the morning

At night, you do the same re-exposing the morning circle. See no more wasted food and the fish get fed twice a day instead of four or five times.

Fish food at night.

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    Tip: Fish and Plants Go Together

    Fish and Plants Go Together

    I keep an old turkey baster next to my little fish bowl. Every few days I will use it to suck out some water and the dirts accumulated on the bottom of the tank and feed my plants. Then I can replace a cup or two of clean, aerated water into the bowl, reducing my need to change the whole fishbowl and feeding my houseplants at the same time!

    Great for kids with a 'first time pet fish' too!

      By Donna [288]

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      Tip: Swimming Belly-up Goldfish Remedy

      Recently a friend gave me two large gold fish they didn't want anymore. The one kept swimming belly-up (upside down). I was told it was a sign she was going to die soon. I couldn't take it watching her struggle! What it is, is a sign of infection and it affects their balance and buoyancy. It can't be cured.

      But, I remembered an old, old remedy! I did it and it worked! I gave her early sweet peas. I smushed them between my fingers and put them in the tank. She ate them and after 1 hour she was swimming right side up like nothing. So, each day I feed her the smushed peas towards evening. In the morning she gets her regular fish food. Now, she swims with grace and beauty!

      Remember it is not a cure, because there is no known cure for this.

      By LilHoneyBrat

      Response to Question:

      I used sweet peas from a can. You have to mush them up. But, you can't use a lot maybe 7-8 peas only. But, I did forget to mention this also means you have to clean your tank more often. JJ

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      Tip: Buy Matching Goldfish

      My 2 year old loves fish so we set up a 10 gallon tank that we had found on the street and went to the pet store. We only buy the goldfish that are on sale (3 for $3), because then if they die, I can replace one no problem, and my son has no idea that one has died. They all look the same and do the same job as fish that cost so much more! He loves them, that is all that matters.

      By Carol

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      Question: Goldfish Keeps Having Babies

      Glass fishbowl with blue rocks and one adult goldfish. I bought my grandson "a" as in one, goldfish from Walmart the day before Easter (as in end of April). Now it has had its 2nd load of babies. 4wks ago it had 10 and now on July 4th we found 16 new ones. My grandson is now in love with his 26 babies. How is she doing this on her own? Will she keep doing it? The fish's name is Easter Fish. Thanks.

      By Barb

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      By Aurelia 2 09/08/2011

      Just make sure this is a goldfish because this picture does not look like a goldfish it looks like a molly check it out! Then look for a new aquarium for the big family.....

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      Question: Caring For Goldfish

      Tips for caring for goldfish. Post your tips.

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      By sweatting (Guest Post) 08/31/2008

      Do goldfish eat their young? How long do they stay pregnant?

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