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Treating Ear Mites

Treating Ear Mites

Our pets sometimes become infested with ear mites. This is a guide about treating ear mites.



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Tip: Oil for Ear Mites

To eliminate ear mites, all it takes is a few drops of Wesson corn oil in your cat's ear. Massage it in, then clean with a cotton ball. Repeat daily for 3 days. The oil soothes the cat's skin, smothers the mites, and accelerates healing.

Source: From my daughter's vet

By JodiT from Aurora, CO

Tip: Home Recipe for Ear Mites


  • 1/4 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. boric acid
  • 2 drops tea tree oil
  • 2 drops dish detergent


Put ingredients into a glass jar and shake to mix well. Using a couple of cotton balls, dip them into the solution and place the cotton ball(s) into your pets ear, one ear at a time. Quickly close the ear flap over the opening and using your fingers rub the ear in a circular motion. Do this for about ten seconds so the solution has a chance to penetrate the ear.

Take the cotton balls out and stand back a bit because your pet will shake their head immediately! I use another clean cotton ball to dry around the opening to the ear. It will be yucky! Do the same for the second ear.

Follow this routine once a day for a week and then once a week from then on to prevent mites from invading your pet's ears again. Works wonderful!

A note: Boric acid is available from your pharmacist. No prescription needed, by law they have to keep it behind the counter, just ask. It runs under $3 for a container that would last forever. Share with a friend!

Source: Our Vet gave us this recipe.

By Pattie from Bridgton, ME

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Here are questions related to Treating Ear Mites.

Question: Dog With Ear Mites

My dog has had ear mites for a while and we have tried many remedies and in store products to get rid of them. Now she has bumps on top of her head under her skin; is it mites? If so, how is it gonna effect her?


Most Recent Answer

By Sherri04/19/2013

I have been a Veterinary Technician for over 20 years. Over the counter ear mite medication DOES NOT work. Please take your fur baby to the Veterinarian. Your Vet will prescribe the correct medication to rid your poor baby of ear mites. Please have this done ASAP, as there could be an underlying problem with the "bumps".... good luck

Question: Treating Ear Mites

In your home recipe for ear mites one of the ingredients is tea tree oil. Where can I buy it?

By Nadine R

Most Recent Answer

By Tess Vowels04/05/2013

Even Walmart carries Tea Tree Oil, and most pharmacies, too.

Question: Treating a Dog for Ear Mites

How do I get rid of dog ear mites?

By Marilyn

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL11/26/2012

The answer to your question is simple. The only person with qualifications to diagnose this problem correctly is your Veterinarian. Good luck.

Question: Removing Dog's Ear Mites from Home

My dog has ear mites that the vet diagnosed. I'm treating him with drops. I have two questions; first, how and what do I clean to make sure they are all gone from the house? Second, is it wise to for him to be in bed with me at all ever again? I love my little guy and he cries now that I put him on the floor.

By Cameo

Question: Treating Cats for Ear Mites

I have 2 cats that have been suffering from ear mites for quite sometime now, because the vet doesn't seem to know how to cure ear mites in a cat! So for all you that say, take the cat to the vet, I did already, twice, to 2 different doctors. Neither of them could kill the ear mites. My cats don't go outside, so there is no reason for them to have ear mites after getting them treated and paying around $200.00 each time for an office call, ear mite medicine, and then secondary infection medicine.

I feel very ripped off and then I call the vet and he wants me to bring both of my cats in before he will treat them for ear mites, even knowing that is what they have. I'm so mad that I spent all this money that I don't have to begin with only to be in the same situation months later!

Now I will have to start from square 1 again and try to get rid of them on my own. I shouldn't have to be doing this. I don't want to hurt my cats in any way by putting the wrong thing in their ears. I'm so frustrated from cleaning their ears with mineral oil, then my 1 cat cries while I'm massaging it into his ears and I feel so bad and hopeless! Any ideas? Please don't tell me to take them to another vet. How many vets does it take to get rid of ear mites? I've lost all faith in vets.

By Patricia w from Milwaukee, WI

Most Recent Answer

By jaylene10/23/2013

Our cat had ear mites, the vet said to use revolution it is a flea and tick liquid med that you use on them it also helps with a number of worms, keeps them from getting them. It seemed to help our cat you might give it a try. Hope this helps some.

Question: Home Remedy for Ear Mites

I know of a dog who is being treated (home remedy) for ear mites because the family cannot afford a vet appointment. What home remedies have worked? This is a German Shepherd stray that was found in a northern state.

By Connie E.

Most Recent Answer

By Lana Kutynsky10/28/2011

Equal portions of Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil mixed. Dip the Q-tip/Cotton ball in mixture and clean the animals ears. Once completed put one drop of mixture into each ear every 3 days until mites are gone. Make sure to clean his ears every 3 days as well.
Lana B. Des Plaines, IL

Question: Home Remedies for Ear Mites

Is there any way to clean ear mites at home? My dog is allergic to the meds I got from the vet. Help!

By sbobo from Tacoma, WA

Most Recent Answer

By sbobo08/27/2011

Thanks Gasjarvi-
Vet called and said that he doesn't have ear mites, but a nasty fungal infection. And thanks for the olive oil tip, been using for 2 days and I cant believe how well it works!

Question: Kitten Has Ear Mites

How can I treat ear mites in kitten? He is only 5 weeks old. What is OK to do at home?

By Aubrey L.

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL08/29/2011

With no disrespect the answer to your question is called a Veterinarian.

Question: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

My cat has mites in its ears. What can I do?

By Dorothy from SA

Most Recent Answer

By 1stTimer06/09/2010

I know that everyone is saying take your kitty to the vet and I do agree with that! It is the best and safest option if you have the means. However personally when my kitty had ear mites I used "Lambert Kay EAR-RITE MITICIDE" for cats and kittens. I got it @ Petco for about $8. I'm sure your local petstore has something similar. It worked great! My kitty hasnt had mites since! I used damp gauze to clean out my cats ears. Obviously never EVER use Q-tips. You can also check out some videos on youtube or on how to clean your cats ears. I found those very helpful. Hope that helps!

Question: Does My Dog Have Ear Mites?

How will I know if my dog has ear mites, or a yeast infection, or just very dirty waxy ears? I clean his ears with Ear Cleanse at least twice a week, but the wax build-up is still very bad.

He shakes his head all the time, but scratches his ears only a very small amount. The wax is black/brown, very sticky, and very thick. Some parts are very dry, and some parts are very oily.

By David from Mooresville, NC

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL08/29/2011

You never stated what your Veterinarian's diagnosis was.

Question: Alcohol for Ear Mites?

Can an alcohol swab kill ear mites on a dog?

By harleygirl1211 from Red Bay, AL

Most Recent Answer

By Paula Jo C.07/13/2009

No it will not work and will harm the animals ears. Order some "Happy Jack" ear mite medicine and use it. It is not costly if it was then I wouldn't have been able to buy it myself. You can also purchase it at a Farm Supply if you have one (we don't). Keep us informed on what you do!

Question: Can I Use Peroxide To Get Rid Of Ear Mites?

Can I poor peroxide in my dogs ear to get rid of ear mites?

Kali from Panama City, FL

Most Recent Answer

By jeannette11/28/2009

No! Go to a local vet and purchase an ear mite solution. You squeeze some in the ears , hold it closed, let your dog shake is head around, then gently use a few q-tips and cotton swabs to remove the mites and the dirt they create. If you use peroxide, you will burn the tender area within the dog's ear. After one week, repeat process just in case any eggs that you didn't get the first time will die. Many dogs and cats are born with ear mites. If left untreated, the animal can go deaf and cause permanent hearing loss.

RE: Can I Use Peroxide To Get Rid Of Ear Mites?

Question: What Causes Ear Mites?

I have found several 'cures' for ear mites - but what causes them in the first place? Contagion, air borne, outside like ticks, etc.? My furry friend is normally extremely affectionate, but it took me almost a week to figure out what was bothering him because he was keeping to himself and didn't want anyone anywhere near his head/ears. I got OTC meds, and his relief was immediate! I want to avoid ever having him suffer like that again.

doodles from Jersey

Most Recent Answer

By Chris Ellyson03/21/2008

Discusses more of the causes and environmental treatment.

Google answers sooooo many questions !!


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Archive: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

I need tips/home remedies to treat ear mites in cats. Thanks.

By momof4Ks from MO

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

Ivemectin sold for horses at the feed and seed stores will kill mites. Also tea tree oil sold in drugstores will kill them. (09/06/2009)

By nlmn

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

Tea Tree Oil is very toxic to cats, if he gets it in his mouth it could kill him. I love Tea Tree Oil, but cats do not. I would go to the vet for a bottle of drops to put in the ears, it is much simpler. Robyn (09/07/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

As odd as it sounds, I accidentally discovered that Purell works. When I found my cat, she had them to the extent her ears and head were bald. The medications from the vet's did nothing, and one day I accidentally gooshed some Purell on her while sanitizing my hands after handling her.

The next day a lot of the symptoms were gone, so I started placing a small bit on my finger and massaging it inside of her ears. After a few days they were gone and her hair had started growing back. You must be careful that they cannot lick this, but since it was in her ears I did not expect her to.

I also can confirm that a friend of mine tried this after I persuaded her to, and her cat's mites were cleared after a few days. (09/09/2009)

By Jron7667

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

I make up our own "medicine" and use it regularly to clean the 6 kittycats' ears that we have now. We have one, our son has 5. They are completely indoor kitties, so once the ear mites are gone, we only have to use this solution to keep the ears clean about once or twice a month. If your cat goes outside, you'll have to watch it carefully and do a repeat when necessary. Just keeping the oil in the ears will help deter the mites from coming back. They do not like it. Our medication is completely harmless, but do keep it in the ears and not on the face and eyes.

Mix equal parts of olive oil or sweet oil with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol (70% only). 1 oz. oil, 1 oz. hydrogen peroxide, 1 oz. alcohol. Use a cotton ball to do the cleaning, but if the cat has ear mites, you might need to apply it with a dropper, and massage it deep into the ears. Don't try to put anything sharp down into the ears. That would hurt and possibly injure the cat. Apply this medication at least twice a day for a week or more. Afterward, keep a close watch on the ears to make sure the mites are no longer there, leaving their black "dirt" around.

Ear Mites can be one of the most painful and irritating things that can happen to our pets, and we can help. I never got anything from a vet that helped at all. An old lady told me about it, and I've been using it now for about 40 years. It works and works without doing any damage.

Just plain old olive oil helps keep the ears nice and clean when rubbed on and into the ears with a cotton ball. Good luck. You are a good person to care about the poor cat and be willing to help her/him. One day people are going to be very sorry at the way we are allowing our animals to be treated. What goes around, comes around. All the best to you.

Julia in Coconut Creek, FL (09/09/2009)

By PookaRina

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

Just take your baby to a vet, get a prescription and follow the doctor's orders religiously and they'll be gone. You don't want to mess around with home remedies because you're risking precious time cause those mites will eventually enter the inner ear and can cause deafness. (09/09/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

Hello, I have worked for a veterinarian for over 27 years. Please take your cat to his /her Dr. Your vet will take a sample and put it on a slide and check it for mites. There is not any over the counter product that will help your fur baby. He or she needs medication from a veterinarian to be rid of this problem. Good luck. (09/09/2009)

By K9cats

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

Go to your local Ace Hardware Store and tell them what you are looking for. They will take you straight to a medicine called Happy Jack mitex pesticidal is written below in smaller letters. We save stray cats from death row and find them new homes here in western NC mountain area. I do not recall what it costs, but I am sure with me and the Mr. both being on Social Security as our only source of income it was no more then $10.00. Instructions on how to use it are on the bottle.

We used it on 5 of the strays (and had some left in the bottle) and their ear mites were taken care of. I heard about this from our local vet. I am sure that if you do not have local ACE Hardware store there, you could buy it on line. Goggle it (Happy Jack mitex pesticidal) you may be surprised. Good luck and keep us in the know on the ear mite situation and what you do do. (09/09/2009)

By Paula Jo

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

I would never "self-treat" this. Go to your Vet, they will do a swab and give you the correct medicine.

Jennifer from Northern VA (09/16/2009)

By ILuvDobes

Archive: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

Is there a home treatment for ear mites in kittens (11 weeks old)? I recently adopted a kitten and just checked her ears and noticed they are very black with ear wax.

I cleaned them as good as I could, but they still need more cleaning. Is there any kind of home remedy for ear mites?

By Cricket from Parkton, NC

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

An excellent homemade ear mite treatment is to get some olive oil (maybe a 1/3 cup) and chop up some garlic cloves (maybe 3,4, or 5 cloves). Let the chopped up garlic cloves sit in the olive oil for a few hours so the garlic saturates the olive oil. (It's the garlic that kills the ear mites). Get an eye dropper and suck up the olive oil only. Put a few drops in each ear. Massage the ear from the outside.

After a few hours wash out the kitten's ears with ear cleaner solution or warm water. Do not use a Q-tip, but wrap your pinkie finger with a Kleenex to clean our the ears. A lot of junk will come up. I use the garlic olive oil all the time on my dogs whenever they start scratching their ears or shaking their head. It works great and saves me money. (11/28/2009)

By sabrinadog

RE: Treating Cat with Ear Mites

I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. There is not a home remedy for ear mites. Please take your fur baby to his Vet for an exam and if it is ear mites, your Dr. will prescribe the proper medication. Good luck. (11/30/2009)

By K9cats